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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 79b Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 79b Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 79b and we are talking about your vacuum filters. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber so give us a call today at 918-494-7093 and find out what we can do for you. Maybe you want to connect with us on Facebook at or you are looking for more episodes just like this one on our website at Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to add carpet repair, carpet patching, carpet stretching, tile cleaning and more to the services that we offer you.

Talking about when to clean or replace the air filters in your vacuum. If you vacuum and you can smell the vacuum or the air smells like what you are cleaning up then it’s time to clean it. Most evident way of this is, if you got pets and you’ve been sucking up pet hair you’re sucking up stuff. So every time you vacuum, it now smells like warm pet hair, warm Petco throughout the whole house. That means that your vacuum filter is clogged every Dawkins, a little different, but most back in the most traditional standard back in today, or are the bag list types that got a plastic container that holds all of the dirt and debris will psych phone to buy? Something? Has got a little pre filter and most of it has a big filter that will just stop the big clumps from flowing right to the back. Until I was little cone mashed. I thinking most people know when they empty it. They pull that off and they all the hair off of it that if that’s accumulated and that’s your first stage filter, that’s the filter that just get the big chunky stuff, I’m going out there once you pull that container out, sometimes over-the-top, sometimes on the bottom. But I’ll always be the way that hair is blowing out of the machines after it goes into that container.

That container collect all the big, the breeder and the air blows out of it to create the suction, whatever blows out of the back in there going to be typically, a circle disc, on it’ll be behind a little quick 10 things that stays in place, but you’ll Turn it click it out and I’ll be this bad. Sometimes it’s a 1-inch foam Circle, pad kind of reminds me of a makeup pad that my wife would use to put on makeup, or sometimes it’s more of a iPad is so it’s got like a stitching on it and got some extra filters, or maybe it’s even A pleated air filter, whatever it is typically, it needs to be replaced or cleaned. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 I’ve many times helped a customer it’s a washable one, you can just put some soap on it and clean it, and your wash do you need to sync other times you can just go on Amazon and order in a quick, 3 pack or 10 pack of those filters that way, once a Month, once every 3 months with every 6 months – and you pull it out – you look at it, it looks nice and clean or smells nice and clean the thought of that. Can you pull it out? Look at it. I got one side got a blanket of of Dustin Breeding lent all the way across it, and you peel off of that. All that lint and debris that collecting this next to it and then wash it to that filter is what keeps the air that comes out of the vacuum from smelling like the air that comes into the vacuum. That way, if you vacuum up say a bunch of sawdust, it just doesn’t blow up, but big dust of sawdust out the back of the vacuum. Is it sucks it through that filter, wifey, stop all those Park letter and it keeps it inside the vacuum and keep it from shooting out, so the that also can do one major thing as a big detriment, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding me Since 1998,

I’ve seen it so many times where a good vacuum, all the new vacuum, that sucked up a lot of pet hair or duster debris that got into a new house. And it’s the first time back in through in that house is just really dusty and dirty as I do a heavy backing. In now, the vacuum is clogged. After you put a big piece of leather, you covered up that that filter that’s going up there. If you do anything to reduce the airflow that filter, any air that can’t go out cannot come into the back of the air in the vacuum. Can I get out of it? It can’t suck the air in either cuz. I create a pressure, go up there. So could be trying to suck, but because they’re at that filter is clogged during the air cannot get out of the vacuum. So no new air can come into the back. That’S why your vacuum over a Cheerio in a booth at the shoot it across the room and gets stuck on the other side too. There’S no suction, there’s no lift coming through the air can’t get out. Take that filter clean the filter in the air can really loud that I can also send all of your vacuum. All of the suction comes back into that vacuum in the now works like it should so make sure you clean those filters clean the tank, but also check those the post filters. The HEPA filters everything that’s in there to make sure the that vacuum is always running at 100 % capacity.

We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities as 1998. If you would like to find out more about our company and more episodes like this to visit our website at Comment about us to learn more about where we’ve come from and what we can do for you. If you’re, looking at the schedule – or we just like more information directly, then give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years, we are complete carpet.