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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 8 Complete Carpet Podcast

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 8 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 8 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Welcome back to our series on the History, or more accurately the pre History of Complete Carpet. Back before we started carpet cleaning Tulsa in 1998. There was a path that brought us to the decision to make Complete Carpet into what it is today. Connect with us directly by calling us at 918-494-7093. Or if you want to gain some knowledge about who we are and what we do you can collect that knowledge by visiting our website at Or you can join us socially on Facebook @CompleteCarpet.

So here we are, I’ve tried many different ways to set myself apart from my dad. And every time I had an epiphany that this particular way just is not for me. This was before I knew that carpet cleaning Tulsa was going to be my long term move. So it’s back to the drawing board and computers are my next venture. But with a complete lack of foresight I ended up needed to make more money. This time I decided not to reinvent the wheel. I went to my dad and asked him if he had any work that he was not doing. Work that he was turning down because he did not want to do it. Turns out he turned away any installation calls. I’m sure the amazing experience of staying up all night with a 5 year old installing carpet, and his decision to turn away any installation jobs now are not connect. . So I asked him if he got any calls for installation to give them my number. I started Carpet Care Installation right then. Starting my senior year I tried out on a super novel idea, this time I’d try doing something I was already good at. I let the limited number of people I knew know that I was available to install carpet. So part time during my senior year in highschool I did installation jobs in the evenings as I had time. Then I found a Jeep Cherokee I really wanted. So I put that laser focus into finding enough installation jobs to buy it. One connection lead to another and I ended up with the opportunity to bid on the Tulsa Housing Authority annual carpet installation contract. I got the contract and a steady source of work so I could afford to buy the Jeep.

I quickly learned that I was somewhat of a unicorn for carpet installers. This was before I was well known for carpet cleaning Tulsa. To me these were all common core values that I believed everyone had. Here are those values:
#1. Show up on time. This seemed like a no brainer, anyone that wants work should be at the place they are supposed to be when someone is offering to give them money to be there! I was amazed that I could get work just simply by showing up. Example if I didn’t have a job scheduled in a day, I could just drive by a couple local carpet companies and ask, do you have a job to be done. Normally by the 2nd or 3rd place I would visit they would say yes! Someone that was scheduled to install didn’t show up that day. I could get jobs because other people that had jobs choose not to show up.
#2. Be kind and polite. Again I thought surely no one would could miss this one. But it turns out that a polite carpet installer was a novelty. Evidently the majority of carpet installers scare the customers or are rude to them. I couldn’t imagine arguing or fighting with a customer and this surprisingly gave me a huge advantage. Someone has money to give me at a certain time if I just show up and do the work. That seems like a cake walk. I thought everyone would show up and be very grateful to the person handing out cash for work. This was not true for everyone.
#3. Look nice. Personal hygiene, clothing, everything about your appearance. If I’m going to be paid, then I better be on time. I better be kind and polite. And of course I should smell and look good. How else could I ever hope for a tip? We used to jokingly say that Carpet Installation is the only job you could get straight out of prison. It was amazing the complete lack of all 3 above values the majority of installers had. They would show up unshaven, unshowered, rips and holes in all their clothes, if they showed up at all, and then proceed to start arguing with the customer. I heard so many stories from customers that had installers show up drunk or high. One lady told me that when the installers got there she immediately left her own home because she was afraid to be there alone with them.

I held those 3 core values for every customer and every job. Carpet cleaning Tulsa I showed up when I was supposed to. I made sure I was always presentable and ready. And I always asked the customer how I could help them. In what way could I serve them that day. Being able to see first hand the effect this had on customers, the physical fear or anger the customer experienced when someone didn’t follow these core values, helped to solidify these 3 things as something that would always be apart of any business I ever did. To this day, every job that I’m given I see as an opportunity to restore someone’s faith in what a service person can be like. A chance to be able to take someone’s stress and remove it. To bring a sense of confidence back to a customer that their problem was going to be solved.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 we are Complete Carpet. Connect with us on Facebook at or call us directly at 918-494-7093. We will continue this series in the next episode as we cover our transition from an installation company trying to make enough money to buy more computers to sell into a Complete Carpet company that ending up carpet cleaning Tulsa.