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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 80a Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 80a Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 80a, that we are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at and learn more about us what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on Facebook at, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand or offering to tile cleaning carpet cleaning carpet repair restretch an upholstery cleaning. It was a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093,

I’ve been going over some maintenance tips and how to maintain the health and well-being of your carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we’ve picked up a lot of ideas through the years. One of the things that we covered in our last episode is about how to maintain the best use of your vacuum by doing regular maintenance to your own vacuum, to make sure that it’s always operating at a maximum capacity. How you can completely destroy an expensive high-end vacuum suction by just clogging it’s filters on a regular basis every I would recommend every 3 to 6 months with regular vacuuming that you pull that don’t well and that you check it and neither wash it and clean it. If it’s cleanable or just replace it, if it’s not one thing that we didn’t talk about last time, was vacuums that are that do not have the Bagless type they’d actually do have a bag themselves, and so most people will end. This is a proper way to do it, but most people will just replace the bag itself and that’s that’s pretty much normal you. You want to be able to take that paper bag that goes on the inside to have a bag. You put it over the connection. It fills up you pull it back out, throw it away put a new bag in the one part to remember in this. This scenario that doesn’t isn’t as much specifically about reducing or increasing the suction is messages about air quality control. Is that the outside bag? That paper bag sits in also acts as an air filter, because you’ll see it it’s all flat, flaps down it pops up, because the air is coming into the filter back inside and then it’s going out through the exterior cloth bag of the same time and those Need to it.

I would recommend at least once a year on those do Builder smells that come through that carpet that come out of the carpet, go in the air and come into that back also, and so, if you do know so smell from your whenever you Start up a new vacuum when you got a new bag on the inside. Sometimes you need to take that outside bag out and it hand wash. It use some detergents to try to break down the oils, the build-up inside of that cloth bag, but every now and then it doesn’t need to be washed so that he can build. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber and we recommend that to remove all those oils build up a dust and debris that has got into that part of the bag that he stole the vacuum kicks on and it blows through that bag. You don’t have the office smells a great product to use to build a help. To maintain this good smells also great talk to you throughout your whole house is OdoBan o d, o b, a n i can get from Home Depot or Sam’s, and this particular product is not a cleaner. It’S not going to remove stains, not going to do anything. Other than just disinfect, but it will do it without bleach, so it can be able to disinfect an area but not pull the color out of it, and so you can use it on your carpet. You can use your clothes. Can you shine your shoes? You can use it on counter light cabinets on a Diaper Genie anywhere that you would need to have something that is causing a foul odor to go to kill off the organic smells.

The Fowler know if it’s an older, because there’s no oil or there is a burned areas. It’S not an organic odor. Those areas need something else, a different product. This will kill off like to say it’s spilled, some milk, and now it smells like sour milk. Then you can use OdoBan to kill off the Biologicals, so the great product. Carpet cleaning Tulsa for years we recommend all of our customers to use it because it won’t pull color out of carpet and it doesn’t leave products carpet because it’s just a disinfectant. It kind of like hand sanitizer for your house and we have to clean and disinfect all the different areas without having to leave behind soap or other things that are coming into the carpet. That could cause problems and read: read collecting of dirt throughout the different areas. Throughout the house, so next we’re going to talk about what I you can do with a new spot that gets in your carpet there. To give you a long process requires you episode that we will do over this particular series, because I’m there’s a lot of different tips and tricks on we’ve covered a large chunk of it in the previous episodes talking about vacuuming and just staying on top of the Health and well-being of your carpet, if you do get spots on the carpet first thing: try to just drive Acumen, get a mixture that you’re back in the good working order. And then you pick the right back in that’s going to pitch for your needs and that you’ve not let the vacuum get so old that it no longer can suck, and you may have checked all of the filters check. All the things cleaned everything out and it’s still just can’t pick some up, because eventually overtime, pay, vacuums, filter vacuum, the motor will just wear out. It will just slowly stopped working at fast as it used to when it was new.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber so call us today at 918-494-7093 or check out our website at Carpet Diem, seize your clean carpet today! Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet.