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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 81a Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 81a Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 81a. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities in 1998. We have we love for you to check out our website at and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on Facebook at carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings in to carpet clean tile cleaning carpet repair restretch an upholstery cleaning give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093.

We were talking our last episode about what to do when you get a new spot in your carpet covered previous to that about the maintenance and care of a vacuum, making sure that you have a good vacuum. That’S going to last for a good amount of time would always can reduce the amount of where the cop is to that vacuum by making sure that it has a clean flowing system that filters get clogged. It creates a pressure, a back pressure on it, and then I will wear out the motor quick other thing that also will wear out a motor quickly is longer carpet. You got really long. Shag, Impreza type of carpet just know that that carpet is going to reduce cutting half roughly the link that you’re back in the building clean that carpet, because it’s got more fiber that can get sucked into the into the roller. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber and your carpet fibers are getting sucked into vacuum. Reduce that puts a higher drag against the car, and it will cause the back and just to wear out quickly that the carpet that will cause the back of the last the longest get the most life out of. It is the short commercial level Loop, because it has nothing that will caught drag against the engine. The engine can always run at full speed and it just quickly back in stuff up at so just know the thick of your carpet, the the short of the life of your vacuum, will be because you’re just more aggressive, I you can think of it in terms Of mowing your yard, if you’ve got really short Golf Course like yard, and you could use it on a consistent basis. Then there’s no strain put on the mower at all. If you let the grass get up to like 3 to 6 inch or 8 inch deep than you across it and eventually ammo over it, and it will kill your back Deere lawn mower, because it’s trying to cut such a thick grass that Adventure The Blaze just Can’T keep turning me more. If you try to go too fast through it, then in your lawn mower will sputter to a complete stop, because it has it’s going against something too thick and it eventually break down your vacuum is the same way. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 I’ve seen this so many times.

Is that if your vacuum, the carpet is too thick of, it will wear the engine out faster and so just know, I’m going to need to replace my back you more often we also talked about how about you just doesn’t quit if a vacuum quit your way Way way past the time I need to be replaced, you need to replace the vacuum once it no longer is sucking well before you replace the vacuum. First thing go through and check all your filters make sure that all of the filter clean cuz. If you have dirty filters that will destroy your suction, you will not be like a pretty much, but also it will really reduce the life that I have the vacuum, because now it’s working extra hard to try to get the air to move through as it sucks. So you want to first check the vacuum, make sure all those are clear and everything’s going well on that side of the process, and then you want to go back and make sure that you know when it all the filter cleaner. Can you pick up a Cheerio off the floor? Is it or are you shooting little piece of debris across a hardwood floor hard surface? That means the vacuum just is lost, its suction is lost the speed of the vacuum used to have on a really Egghead way. You could record, but the back and sounds like when you first buy it and then once a year go back and listen and then record it again. It listen to listen to the two recordings to see. How is the pitch changed? Eventually, you’ll have a really high, fast pitch sound and then 5 years later you got them or lower a slower, pitched sound, because the motor is just moving slower, because it’s just worn out ABS were going to talk now continuing about what to do.

When you have a new spot on the carpet, so getting back into the best practices for clean up that carpet, first thing you want to do is try to remove as much of the contaminants trade-off, whether you bought it already grab a Shop-Vac or a small Bissell Or Rug Doctor to suck up the the stuff or just a blot up the stuff or maybe even just use a vacuum if it’s dry or if it’s wet like say that a cat has vomited on the carpet on. You can take a dustpan and just kind of scrape it up or paper plate, and you going to scrape up whatever you can get get the hard stuff off of it. First, when you got the hard stuff off then try to absorb or to suck out whatever is left in the carpet, I’m after you’ve done that. The next part you want to do is use a little bit of water. You want to keep the water minimal because you do not want to spread the spot you want to make it bigger. Is water, the universal solvent. It will dilute most everything so you’re wanting to lose it, so you can then absorb it either into a rag or towel that you going to block with or into a Shop-Vac or a carpet cleaner, a little small homes, things you can just suck it directly out Of the fiber next thing you want to do is to give it make sure you always put it down as much water as you can suck back out.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber so you should call us today at 918-494-7093 Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet