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Steam Cleaner | Are You Looking For The Kind Of Help You Really Need?

Steam Cleaner | Are You Looking For The Kind Of Help You Really Need?

Carpet cleaning in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. I want to talk to you about how to maintain your tile carpet, cleaning Tulsa in our fiber Steam Cleaner. Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s. And this a part of this is trying to keep your hard surfaces nice and fresh. Oh, pile in and of itself. The faces of the tile is I, uh, nice porcelain. So it won’t have any problems just being wiped up with a sponge. And the problem is not getting the dirt off of the tile though. You can do that with a broom. You can do that with a blower. You can do that with your hair, which is a really crude Mo use of a mop. You could do it with your stuffed animal. You’re like, okay, look, I don’t have something.

I don’t have a clean towel right now, but I do have this stuffed animal and this stuffed animal has nice fluffy fur. And so I will just use the nice fluffy fur to use it as a makeshift mop as a mop up the floor. And of course that works well once, maybe twice. I think by the third time you’re dusty, dirty bear is no longer Steam Cleaner the floor. It is actually getting the floor dirty. And so you have to be careful about how you approach and what you do to try to deal with all of the different things that you need to deal with. So going to part, number one is to remove the dirt and the debris. This helps to remove your source of contamination, but secondarily, if you have, um, a another source, which is easier to say than using a little bunny or using your hair as a way to mop the floor, you should instead grab a dustpan and a broom.

This is the simplest way that most people use to have decided that Steam Cleaner our tile is going to be done with a dustpan and a broom. That’s what you’ll broom, all the stuff into a pile, and then you will sweep it into the dustpan and then deliver it to the wastebasket. Now, I personally liked the, um, sweet two, as opposed to the sweep away method. Now the week to method means I grabbed dirt away from me and I bring it to me. And then before I crossed the path of all the way to me, I’ve just brought the dirt in. So the sweeping pattern is more like a pendulum as it is on the downswing. It does not reach an upswing. It just reaches the downswing. No, if you’re doing it, do this dewy away method, which is useful, but typically more of a, um, you know, large area, like say you’re going across side to side and you’re hitting these big bulk open areas.

So you go, I will think of push broom is typically used to sweep away. So you get behind, you start pushing forward and you push it and you kind of pop it and sweep everything in front of you away, like kind of shooing it away to and corral the cats away. So instead of bringing things in like a mother hen, you’re trying to throw things away and knock and push and bang them backwards. So as you are knocking and pushing and banging backwards, the debris will go flicking away. You’ll start to fly away. Now, if you bring them in, you will control it and more S uh, direct control as you bring it towards you and you stop before it does the flick. That way you, you grab it and you kind of pull it in more like raking leaves. You gotta break the leaves that grabbing up and then pull the leaves towards you and go out and grab it.

And then you’ve kind of pull it towards you. Whereas the other one is more like hitting things with a bat. And so you toss the item up and you hit it with the bat and it goes flying, toss it up, hit buy toss, hit bat, fly toss, hit bat fly very easy. Now, another way to Steam Cleaner your tile is the tried and the true mop method. The mop method means I have already tried to dust sweep the floor and things are sticking. It is no longer just going to freely flop away. And he also, instead of the sweeping method, you also can use a vacuum or some type of suction to dry, suck it up. But right now, what we’re going to switch over to is the wet method. Now the wet method means I am going to take a bucket of clay. You mean a water?

I’m going to add some tile, cleaning, soap to it. And then I’m going to use that tile clean soap with my mop to then spread the tile clean. So liberally around the tile. And then typically after this method to break it down and soften it up, I’m going to Steam Cleaner my up. Now that I’ve got the method, I’ve got the mop cleaning solution, and I have rubbed it around and moved it around onto the floor. And next I am going to now say, okay, cool. I have broken down the dirt. And this is where a lot of people stop. They’re like, Oh, that looks pretty good. I broke down all the dirt, no problem. And now I’ve got to capture that dirt and get rid of it. So I then mop. They go clean them up and I’ll take my claim up to capture more dirt and then clean them off and then capture more dirt and clean, warm up and capture my dirt.

Now we want to switch over and say, I’ve got to use some Steam Cleaner mapping solution to try to dilute their moppy soapy MFI solution I used. And this is where most people run into trouble are clean mommy solution dilutes the dirty bumpy solution. And it will turn end up with a half diluted mopey, then dries into the grout lines. This is not that big a deal because after all it is designed to be used this way in this process so that you at first have great success at second, have a good success again at fifth and 10th and 15th, you started, I mean, less and less good success because the dried in mopping solution will eventually pile up into the grout lines, creating gunky, dirty dry line. No, this is not affecting the face of the tile typically, unless of course you’re tile facing are rough.

Now, if you have a rough towel facing, now, you’re going to get, build up of soap on the face of the tile. And then you’re wondering why is it that every time I mop, it feels like I’m just moving dirt around. You may have even have run into the situation where you go to mop. You get the carpets. If they were to get the tile, all wet you to broken down, and then you mop with your mop. And you’re like, wow, my mop heads coming up really dirty. And yet it doesn’t seem like the Kyle is that dirty. So what needed is a big, final rinse. Some people can do this on their own, but most people end up calling out a professional to do this every, Oh, say two to five years carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.