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I’ve got to tell you. Thank you for coming to the company carpet, proper DM podcast. This is your series of carpet cleaning Tulsa Steam Cleaner since 1998. This is your complete covered series. I want to tell you now that I want to talk about something fantastic. Fantastic. I’m going to talk about his pet odor. It is not fantastic. I take it back. I take it back right now. I will have given you the present and I am talking about giving you the present, then taking the present back. I’m one of those types of people that you just have hard because they like, Hey, I gave you my present. And now that I’ve given you my president, I want my president back. It’s all out of me. You’re able to give this present to somebody else because I liked the present so much. I want to keep it for myself.

You are not a good person Steam Cleaner. You are a bad person because you take the president back. You are not the type of person that I want to be. So I will take the president and I will give it back to you again, because I realized I’m not a good person for taking the present back. So I must give you the present before I had taken the president. And then I give it back to you again. So I don’t want that to happen. This is what I tell you. This is what is important is that you received the present and you are happy about it. You need to be happy with this. [inaudible] it’s kind of like when you go to a store, you walk in into the store and you hold the door for somebody and the person walks by and they are such a nice person.

And they say, thank you so much for holding the door. You are such a gentleman. You are such the most profound, wonderful thing that I’ve ever seen so far in this day and age of great things that you could see, you’d say, what are some of the great things that I could see? I’d say what? I could see a man getting put on to the moon. You’re like, wow, that is quite amazing. I could see somebody create a car that is self driving. You’re like, really? That sounds terrifying, but I would do it anyway, just to test out the technology. I said, because I don’t know what he would do. What if it did something, I was not ready for it. I showed it to be great. At self driving. I can take and use a phone. I can take and put this phone in your pocket.

Didn’t happen. It’s an app on it that allows you to connect with someone on the other side of the world and talk to them. Instantaneous. Not only will you hear their voice, but you can zoom meeting them the way you see their face. And you actually see what it is they are doing in real time. You’re like, Holy smokey doc, Lee’s this is something quite extraordinary that you could see someone earlier, right Steam Cleaner? This is one of those amazing things that people have done. What are some other amazing things that people are doing? You’re like, wow, I just got started. I, let me tell you what we have found ways do take one person’s heart and put it into another person. Hmm. This is like dr. Frankenstein type stuff right here. Boy, look at it, dad. I mean that that’s not possible. You can’t do that.

That’s like witchcraft right there. That is a movie who do witchcraft stuff. Well, yes, but you take what live person rip their heart that no, no, no, no, no. We are not savages. We are not going to do this. But somebody, if they feel like, Hey, if something happens to me and I do happen to die, when I die, I want to be able to take my body and donated to science so that I may save someone else’s life. My life is over. I did not make it. My heart is good or my organs are good, but something happened. Maybe they got in a car accident and it made it so that my head unfortunately, was not good. Or maybe I got in a severe fishing accident and you don’t know, you don’t know what could happen. Maybe it’s a playground tumble swing accident. I mean, we, this could happen.

This could be things that like, if I was just name off a random thing that could happen, there will be a slip and slide accident. I mean, it could be what if you ran and you jumped on a slip and slide and it was not wet. This could be an accident that would be dope. Most bereft of all dignity, as you would go down and gets probably one of the most nasty rug burns you’ve ever had right there on the slide. And you’re like, no, they do not want that. And so you can have carpets that are just gorgeous and delicious, and you could have carpets that are dirty and stinky let’s choose the best part for your words. And let’s talk about this. What is the best part for your clean carpet? Let me tell you right now, the answer to that question is easy because they know the answers, clean carpets, clean carpets Steam Cleaner, and the correct answer.

You want the dirty carpet. Then you are in the wrong podcast. Let me tell you right now, mr. If you wanted the dirty carpet broadcast, this was, that’d be the wrong question for you. The right question is I wanted to clean carbon, the wrong questions. I want the dirty carpet. Then you say, wait a second. Neither one of those are questions. Those are statements. And was like, you know what? You may be right. And you have seen through my deceptions. And so I will say that you are deceptively convincingly, obscene, and you’re like, I’m not have seen you. You’re saying I need to fix is correct. Again, you are not obscene your baby a little obtuse. And I don’t know, I haven’t yet to look at you as, I don’t know if you’re a cute or if you’re up to us, but you are whichever way you are.

It is something that is not flowing with you. If you do not like the clean carpet Steam Cleaner. So we then say, okay, fine. I will, I will cave. I’m going to go in. And I’m going to say, this is what I want for this to be happening is I want to have clean carpets. Good. Now we’ve just established. The clean carpet is the proper way to go. We all know this now because we don’t want to walk into a house. Look that look when you come into your house because your house is stinky. I’m sorry to say it. Somebody must say it even you up yet. If you can’t figure it out on your own, it is because you have become nose blind and those blinders, which you never want to become, because if you were in your house and you are nose blind, it means that you have already consumed so much of the smell in your home that your own body has said, this odor is so odorous.

It is so obnoxious, so bad. I will protect you. I will protect you. And I’m loving you because you are my owner. I will protect you and love you by making it so that this smell that you are currently smelling would no longer be smelled by you anymore because it is just so odorous and so bad. I will let you have the dignity of allowing to go nose blind so that when you come into here, you will just snip, snip and be like, well, just smells like a normal place. I haven’t gotten a customer. I’ve become normalized to this because if it is just, if you were to smell the smell, there’ll be a gag reflex that kicks in very quickly. And if that gag reflex kicked in all day long, you would then have trouble keeping your head down because your house is a type of smell that you cannot get away from. Unfortunately, this happens that we were in a house just the last weekend at that house. Then boy’s bedroom was, Oh man, let me tell you something else Steam Cleaner. I I’m surprised this boy had a girlfriend. That’s all I have to say about that.