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Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn About Complete Carpet?

Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn About Complete Carpet?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast and your host Nathan, with complete carpet. I going to talk to you today, we’re going to go over the core fundamentals of timeliness and communication perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get you on the road to enjoying your carpets again, and then finding the new life, let was left in your carpet. Let’s get what we can out of it, but also just so that you can feel there’s something about is that fresh sheep phenomenon. I don’t care what your sheets look like when you freshly theme them, no matter how many stains or whatever it’s going on. And when you freshly Steam Cleaner it, they’ve got a different field. They’ve got that kind of like fresh, warm, new blanket, that new sheet deal, where it just feels good in your carpet said the same way.

When you finally get some of the Dunkin, dirt and debris that was in there, that, that one chocolate milk spill that dr. Pepper spot to that place where there’s a little bit of spilled spaghetti sauce that pet may little accident or, you know, whatever it is at the time that your kid got a little bit sick and threw up in the corner, just kind of had that little soured smell ever since then. We can get and reset your carpet back to square one so that you could have a nice, fresh sense again, to where you’d be able to lay down on the carpet and not, not have to wince and wonder are you’re getting, get my clothes dirty, but you know that you will stay Steam Cleaner. Uh, and I want to talk about communication. Uh, this is one thing that we stress with all of our technicians and also with our office staff.

And as we do every job is that communication trumps everything. Communication is always the key to proper expectations. So communication leads to expectation if I tell it. So for example, I give you example Steam Cleaner, I have my father and we are going to meet for lunch. I decide that I’m going to meet my dad for lunch, this coming Friday. And so I show up at his house at Friday at noon at the Hey, ready to go to lunch. And he look at me and say no, and you’re like, wait, why would your father tell you? No, he doesn’t want to go to lunch with you at 12 o’clock on Friday. Well, you see the issue is, is that no time previous to 12 o’clock on Friday. Did I talk to him about going to lunch? Because I’ve never communicated and told him, then I wanted to go to lunch with him at 12 o’clock on Friday.

He did not have an expectation that I would be going until lunch. There was no expectation that we would be doing something together. It’d be no expectation that the food that we would acquire would be then. Yeah, well, he may be like, wow, I didn’t expect you to be here, but I guess I don’t have anything to do. And so he might pleasantly surprised and go to lunch with me anyway, but he’s going to say no at first, because he’s not ready to go to flood. She used potentially in his bathroom or he’s potentially, uh, about to leave for another appointment. He’s got some other engagement. He didn’t anticipate there was an expectation of what was going to happen because there was no communication to set up the expectation. So let’s say let’s reverse this. Let’s say that. I call him on Monday of that week.

And I say, Hey, do you want to go to lunch at 12 on Friday, later this week? And he says, sure, I’ll go to lunch it Friday at 12 o’clock with you. And so the week progresses along. And I think, no, I decided I won’t go to lunch because I’ve got something else that came up Steam Cleaner, something else I wanted to do. And so I just don’t go to meet him. I know that since I don’t show up, he’ll know, he’ll know that I’m not there. I mean, it’s very obvious if I’m not there because I didn’t show up. But of course now he’s going to be upset again, same scenario as the first one, but yet he’s again upset. So the first one I showed up without telling him about this time, I chose not to show up, so he should be happy. I didn’t show up because the first time I didn’t, when I did show up, he was upset.

Now this time he’s upset because I didn’t show up. So he would have been happy if I showed up and you’d be upset if I didn’t show up. And this is because he had, I called and communicated an expectation. Now he’s got an expectation level that we were supposed to meet at 12, and now I am abusing or misusing his time that he had set aside to do something. Now, could he just still have gone on to do something else during that time? Because I didn’t show up, but he may sit there waiting for a while or have put off something, told that somebody else knows. So he could tell me yes. And this is something that’s, I think a valuable and important in everybody’s life is that whenever you do choose that your yeses are more important and your nose are just as important too, but your yeses are very important.

You should very, very, very, very, very guard your yeses so that you do not give them away freely. It should be something that is an honor or an upgrade or a present that you’re giving somebody so that you know that you’re committing to do something. And that all the rest of the answers should be Steam Cleaner. No, I love it. Once I heard somebody say that it’s either a hell yes or a hell no. And so I think a lot of our lives are like that. Where we look at something and say, either I’m all in, or I’m not going to do it because once you commit to something, you’ve got your word. You’ve got your sacred, you got your sacred, yeah. Honor your bond on the line. And so let’s make another scenario. And the third scenario is I call him, I tell him, I’m going to show up at 12 o’clock and meet for lunch.

And then that day I call him at say, 7:00 AM. And I say, Hey, look, something came up. Can we move it to 1230 instead? And I, he says, sure, that 1230 works fine. For me. It means that just gives me more time to work on the project I’m working at today. So I’ll just work on that until 1230 and then we’ll go over to lunch. Sweet that worked out for me. Sorry. Something came up, but I’m glad we got that communication reset the expectation. So at 12 o’clock on that Friday, I didn’t show up. And at 12 o’clock on that Friday, he was not upset that I didn’t show up because he had changed his expectation to 1230. And so when you communicate and you communicate well and ahead of time, and everybody knows what we’re supposed to be doing, and you stick to it and you say, Hey, this is what we’re going to do. Then everybody is happy about the results. The only time that we’ve become unhappy is when somebody does not follow through on the expectation from the communication. So they’re not unhappy with you. You’re the one that said, this is what we’re going to do. And you’re the one that failed to do that thing. So now the onus is on communication. Not on the time, not on the missed thing, it’s just the package. We did talk about what it was, carpet had been Steam Cleaner. He told us it’s 1998.