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Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn About Us?

Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn About Us?

Welcome to the government [inaudible] podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. As we navigate to the treacherous waters of carpet cleaning Steam Cleaner carpet carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. You get on the road, your best carbon plead enjoying your life. Um, it’s important as we go through these times to figure out what it is that we want to try to do and accomplish our carpets are our, uh, our biggest asset within the home that we can change dynamically quickly and have an effect right away or over time. And, uh, one of the parts that can really make a dynamic difference is the way that you, um, care for your carpets. This care can come in post care or pre care. So I want to talk about some of the free care that you can do. Post-care is where you vacuum, where you clean up a spill afterwards, or you, uh, get in there and you have the carpet it’s clean.

You may even have to go all the way to replacing the carpets and they just, they get broken down and worn out enough. Lots of people moving into a new home and of having to replace their carpets over time because the, uh, the previous people had not been maintaining or caring for them. And so we want to get you on to give you some day it’s on pre care. Uh, one of the easiest tips on pre-care is making sure that your shoes are Steam Cleaner on Sunday. Uh, as opposed to trying to keep clean shoes, they just don’t wear shoes in the house. This can be helpful. And sometimes it doesn’t particularly matter, but if you’re in your socks and you go outside and come back in, you brought in a bunch of dirt on your socks. So we want to make sure that whatever a shoe or foot covering that, where you’re using that would make sure that the floors are not getting, um, uh, getting a portion of that.

So we want to make sure that it’s not whatever you have on your foot, whatever you have on your shoe is going to wipe off on the floor. So if I’ve got an EPR in the Northeast, they actually switched to house slippers. So you’d take your boots with you. And then you switch to some how shoes when you came inside. So they’re Steam Cleaner shoes and they are, that’s an issue of practicality. If you’re outside in the snow and walking through ice melt, and you’ve got sand and salt all over your shoes, then you walk inside. That will just chew up all flooring surfaces, destroy what floors, destroy carpet, destroy tile, the story, the concrete outside. And I mean, it really is aggressive and harsh. And so you want to make sure that you are putting yourself in a position to where you are not doing that at the damage continuously to your apartment.

So make sure that you are keeping your shoes or feet Steam Cleaner. Now, socks are better than bare feet because bare feet, you’re putting your skin on the carpet, a big deal, not right off once or twice, but yeah, if all you do is go barefoot it around the house all the time, you’re going to get a lot of oils and greases from your skin from your feet. Think about it this way. When you sleep in your bed, you change out your sheets. And the reason you changed out your sheets is because your oils and sweat from your body will go through and sit in there in case you’re thinking of. Well, I don’t know that really a thing. Grab a grab, any athletes, uh, shoot you’re out there, grab your, uh, teenage boys sock and give that thing a good smell and get that thing a good with.

You’re gonna immediately realize there is an odor that comes from your feet. That is quite, quite pronounced. It is quite as strong. I get as something that you can immediately discover and go, Oh yes, that is from deep. And so those same theater gonna be walking around in your carpet, and it’s going to leave the same general smell on your carpet. So you want to make sure that your carpet doesn’t end up smelling like the inside of the shoe, because you are always walking around without any shoes on without any socks on. So a barefoot, it is not preferential. It’s better than dirty shoes, your optional, but optimal in my opinion is to have either a nice clean socks or to have your shoes, which I I’m a shoes on type of person. So I always cleaned the bottom of my shoe to make sure my shoes stay clean, and then I’m not doing it.

Cause your carpet is just nylon or your shoes are just rubber. And so walking on them with Steam Cleaner rubber, won’t affect them in any way. It’s very soft. It’s not aggressive. Does it? Does it do too much to harm them, but you should try to keep from bringing dirty. Then secondarily, another thing that you can do is your pets are a great source of dirt. So if you brush them regularly to get the hair out before they lay on the carpet, rubbed the hair off, or make sure that you made them so that their body, they also have the same body oils and they lay on the floor and those will eventually transfer. That’s why it’s good to have a bed or an area of a blanket, something laying on the floor that pet can sleep on so that it will lay there. And you could take a wash that on a regular basis.

You’re thinking, why would I need to wash that and such a regular basis? Well, if you didn’t wash your own body and you laid in your S your sheets, because remember that the floor is like the sheets or your pet, and they lay on those floors all throughout, it’s going to collect a body oils and hair oils and smells from the pet. Just like your sheets are going to collect your body oils and smells from you. And same thing with your pillow collects the, just the general, you know, things that are easily in your hair. So carpet Steam Cleaner Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. And one last tip that I give you is to limit where do you eat? Obviously, it’s quite a pastime to sit and watch a movie or watch a show and eat some popcorn, eat some type of food. But you know that that food is going to get down.

If you let your kids take food into their bedrooms, it’s more than likely going to get spilled in their bedrooms. So for us in our home, we have all drinks have to be in the kitchen. You can drink as much liquid as you possibly want, but he has to be in the kitchen where if it spills, you just wipe it up. If you take it into your bedroom, it’s going to get set somewhere. Someone’s going to forget that it was set. There is going to be half full thing. Someone’s gonna walk in and knock it over. And that’s just another walk. You never have a full drink in your bedroom. You will have zero spills ever on your carpet, as long as you never take liquid on top of your carpet perfectly. And he told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.