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Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Steam Cleaner | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Welcome to the cup of diem podcast, host sneaking Sabrina’s in full today with complete carpet Steam Cleaner. I will be talking, do you in a weird sort of a, let’s see, what do we call this? [inaudible] we want to have like a, some pickles, maybe Transylvania knocks and all that. We’re going, we gonna make this a Toronto, because sometimes we will create something that wants to become a monster. We have this monster thing that is hygiene underneath our bed. I think that is hygiene under the couch. And the thing is hiding and it is one of those things that starts to grow. And this is where carpet get the bod name. Carpets are amazing. They are great. They also are horrible and they are very nasty. Then we’ll come out and get you. And you will not to know what hit you, because you will say, wow, what is that?

And then most of the time it is because carpets give you such a great responsibility Steam Cleaner. That’s such a great force and function that when you are not careful and not keeping an eye on it, it also can turn around and bite you right in the hangie right there in between the upper left leg and the upper right leg. And he gets, you get bit right there at the top of the upper leg. We’ll just call it the upper leg. I mean, some other people may call it other names, but I know the true name is just called the upper leg, the upper back leg, when he got to get to the back of the upper leg. And that is the thing that you will have to deal with when getting bit by responsibility. And this is hard because tile it’s easy. Something gets on there, you’ll wipe it up.

You get something on the wood, you take it and you wipe it up. You notice it, you see it right there. But the problem is with tile and wood, it’s when something happens, you have to wipe it up, you have to address it. You have to pay attention to it. It’s kind of like having a, uh, getting a wastebasket, but the wastebasket is only three inches deep. And since the waste basket is only three inches deep, you throw in like a banana peel and you throw in an orange peel and then you throw in some tissues and then you realize it is full. That’s it. You got like four items in it. That’s all, but carpet is much more full and I’ve got more pits in little areas and fibers and things for things to fall down into. And so now it’s more like a 12 inch.

Wastebaskets more like that waste basket yet Steam Cleaner. I suppose we’re looking, we’re comparing the Ash tray where you can throw some and you can put some stuff in there, or you’re going into like one of the little toilet. Wastebaskets the want to sit next to the toilet? You know, it’s about a foot deep. And so you can put quite a few different things into there. You can kind of fill that up and put quite a few different items and things down in there, but then eventually it needs to also be dumped out. But because carpets are things the asterick typically does not get really gunky with a bunch of junk stunk at it, but you’re, you can get where you’ll put too much things and they kind of solidify and they get stuck down in there with 12 inch trash can. And that is really all of your flooring.

Surfaces are some version of a trashcan because that’s what happened to him is that things fall down. People have stuff on their feet that gets wiped on the floor. We dump or drop a drink or some food, or your pet brings in something gross from outside, or it gets dirty and it comes in and wipes it all off. And so we have all these different events and things that happen. And then they’ll have a, a party and two people walk into each other and drop their plates of food and they crashed down on the floor. And so here you have a times where your carpets are in great shape. And then other times where you can have one party and everybody there is, let’s just say we had a sippy cup party. And though all of the kids are like, Oh, look, I can take my cup.

I turned it upside down. And with my upside down cup, Oh, they closed this place early. It was how disappointing you think I need to get something. And it is nine 40. And evidently they decided that it had nine 40. It is a no go zone. And you’re like, Hey, could I buy one thing? No goes out well, but I want to get something right now. And they say, no, go zone. And evidently this is where they must’ve changed their hours to say, Hey, [inaudible] difficult for us to keep our staff here because we typically are open till midnight Steam Cleaner. But evidently right now it’s a, such a, such a difficult time for us because of the very, very strange things that are going on in this world to where people are like, Hmm, do I want you to come into my Walmart? Didn’t know, I will not let you come into my Walmart because I am super, super bored about life.

And so I guess I will not let you come and join my Walmart because you may have a life threatening illness. You may need something that I do not want it to give you. It is eight 30. So we will instead decide to go about our lives and find other places Steam Cleaner. And other things parking lot looks like some type of desert zone. And they’re like our rock good. Who knows carts because the carts could be contaminated with the deadly deadly disease. And yet you look at how deadly the disease and you’re like, Whoa. Um, Hey buddy, you’ll do realize if you do get this, everybody gets better. I mean, it’s not like this is a time where if you get it, it will hurt you in a very bad way. Like there’s a dog. Every new herd heard the numbers of the way the people said yes, compared to what, like I’m there.

I believe a lot of people eating salty foods and they are dying by the hundreds of thousands every year. Like salty, fatty foods causing hundreds of thousands of deaths a year, not like 100,000, not even like 200,000, not even like 300,000, we’re talking 600,000 heart problem deaths every year because people having weak hearts from eating poor diets of food and the food has caused them to have issues with their hearts. Their weight has caused issues with their hearts. And yet we do not get out Steam Cleaner. They’re freaking out the fact that everybody that’s eating is causing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. We’re talking 500, 600,000 deaths. Oh, poor us. We should get better. Some point in the future.