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Welcome to the amazing podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. I want to talk to you today and continue our talk from last time about being amazing in a time of things that are in chaos and turmoil, you have the opportunity to really shine. You have the opportunity to really be amazing carpet Steam Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet Steam Cleaner. I wanted to just convey this spirit. This thought this process to you to let you know that you can be amazing. You could have an amazing life. They just going to really hammer home on this one particular point, because I think it’s something that so many times we lose hope. We lose the thought. We talk about faith in a previous episode about knowing that something could do, and we were talking about searching for something. And if you can’t find it that you can continue to keep searching until at some point something convinces your mind to stop looking either because you believe it no longer exists or you believe it is lost forever.

You give up, you give up that hope and give up the try. You give that the thing you think that could do it. And there’s some people that never give it up and they continue to look at no matter what the odds the cost is. And knowing that this is possible, knowing that that is possible. Keep that hope alive in your year. As long as you’ve got the hope alive in you, your mind will not stop trying. And that’s where I think that we just need to not stop trying that. The thought that right now, the things that they’re going through during the pandemic, is it normal or becomes the new normal? It is not. This is odd. This is weird. This is strange. Do we have to go through it? Yes. Over it. Yes. And around it. Yes, but it’s not normal. It’s not what we should consider to be our average.

And so, as we work through all the different phases of the thing that we need to develop in our life, you will find that there are things that just will not come back the way that you want them. And they, uh, there’s other times where if it’s not coming back the way you want it to, well, then it’s, that’s beholden upon you because now you feel it now, you know it. So now you have the opportunity to go out there and make it different. We’ve got all kinds of stories of great men, great women, great people going through and saying, Hey, what is considered to be normal? What do I want to be normal? And they go out and they make it happen. They fight versus adversity that fight all the frustrations and they go through and they just say, look at a Steve jobs.

He wanted to make a new normal Steam Cleaner. He wanted to make, he didn’t want things to be normal. He wanted to make it something amazing. So he went out there and challenged what everyone considered normal and made something amazing. I said, you know what? They said, that can’t be done. He said, well then great. I just fuels my fire to say that I could do it. George, when he played basketball, he’d always find things to challenge himself to what he was going to do is somebody would have a slight or say that he wasn’t great, or that he, that he couldn’t score. He’d go out and the next game. And you might find some way to do that much just in the first half. I got to show that I can be amazing. And it’s something that you have choices. You can turn a path. It’s an idea, but you can’t ever be amazing until you convince your mind that you are amazing.

And that’s what I want to tell you. Everybody, every person out there is amazing from trash collector to president, from a surgeon down to a, down to a welder. Everybody has some amazing potential inside of you. Some amazing thing that you do through whatever you’re thinking about right now is unique to you. And you are having a passion in your heart to be able to do something amazing in this world. And by you touching with those around you, or even just communicating that idea to them. Now that amazing starts to spread like wildfire because everyone says, wow, look at what they’re doing. I could do that too. Wow. What is happening here? I could probably do that too. What can I do today? As opposed to what will happen to me today? The question should be, what will I do today? What can I accomplish today?

What can I change today? What can you put into motion today Steam Cleaner? What can I affect today? How can I be amazing? And if somebody asks you, well, then you let them know it is that you are confessing. What is it? You were deciding what it is. You’re designing, whatever is your destiny for yourself, whatever you’re going to put in that mind put as your forefront. What did you put as your coma? What is going to be top of mind awareness. It is what it is. And I want you to have that time. Mine of wellness, to say that I am going to be amazing. I’m going to have an amazing day. People ask me, how are you doing today? And I said, I am doing freaking amazing. And they like, wait, wait, uh, I mean, I could see maybe okay, or good, but freaking amazing how, what what’s going on there.

They do. It gives me an opportunity to tell them like, Hey, today is just going to be the day. It is. How much do I enjoy today? Cause I can’t affect the sunshine again, change whether it’s going to rain. I can’t change the temperature of the air, but I can change whether I am going to find something about it. I enjoy or find something out about it. I complain. And you could just choose today to be happy. Choose today to be amazing. Choose today who you will serve. It’s either God or it’s money. You can’t have two masters. And so either the downside of the world will get you in to keep you and hold you down Steam Cleaner. Or the upside of hope. The upside that today can suck horribly. But guess what it can get better today is not what I wanted. But guess what?

It will get better. I will always see the thing that I would like to have in front of me and I can choose, do I want to chase after it? Or do I want to give it up? And so am I going to say that I’m going to allow my hopes and dreams and ambitions and ideas to just fall away by the wayside? Or am I going to choose better? I’m going to choose something greater. I’m going to choose something that can be things that, you know, what it may not have yet happened today. It may not yet happened tomorrow. It may not have yet happened the day after that does not mean it won’t happen. Just like that lady who was searching for her daughter who had been lost, just like Jesus searches for the law, one lost sheep day. Just like we don’t give up hope that we were going to eventually find the thing that it was lost that we can to us for the Steam Cleaner.

Um, we also have, and the same token can say that we are going to continue as a society, as a country, as a neighbor, as a dad, as a father, as a mother, that we’re going to be amazing. Are we amazing yet? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe you already are as amazing as your love will be and you know what? That’s okay. Maybe this is today is the best day and it’s only going to go downhill from now. So enjoy today because it’s going to be better than every other time that you can be, be amazing today.