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Steam Cleaner | More Than Just A Place For Carpets?

Steam Cleaner | More Than Just A Place For Carpets?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan and Serena’s. And I wanted to give you a call, let you know that, or I get you on today with the podcast, talking about what our customers’ expectations are like, how we do what we do to try to meet them. Carpet cleaning Tulsa with our Steam Cleaner. Since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your carpets. Again, your house is your castle. So make sure that you want to get back to your castle. So one of the things that customers will mention when they’re talking to us is about being timely. This is a factor of communication. Also an expectation. We need to communicate what they are to expect that some companies treat this so that they can’t mess it up by giving you a large window of time.

They’ll say we will be there from nine in the morning between nine in the morning and maybe one o’clock in the afternoon, but see that is going to be too big of a window of time because that’s very vague and ambiguous, and it’s tough for somebody to plan their life around something that is that of all encompassing that’s half your day. And you’re like, okay, I guess for half of my day, I’ve just got to stand there, hanging out near my phone, waiting for the phone to ring. And so I just kind of sounds the guy actually, that’s probably the hook for a new song. That’s gonna be coming out soon as just standing there by the phone, waiting for the phone to ring something, that’d be a good country poke right there that would just come in and be like standing by the phone, waiting for the phone to ring, knowing my dreams could come alive.

If someone would give me a Dingaling, I don’t know if he should be calling you in and Dingaling or does this seem right? But it matched with phone to ring. So I went with it. You probably would be able to rewrite the lyrics and I’m a better, a better hook and a better lines. I’m going to get back to cleaning carpets since making songs is not, not the forte. It’s not the carpet cleaners delight with Steam Cleaner. I, yes, I know I did it again. Then I shouldn’t shut it on that. I’m not trying to create a new, uh, a new, a new medium for the carpet cleaner to be happy and careful. So we will jump right back into making sure that, uh, you know, every step we take, we’ll be there watching over your carpets again, bad song, choice reference. We won’t, we won’t do that for you.

So getting back into what it is that we want to accomplish in your life is to have a carpet cleaning Steam Cleaner service that says that is something that I was proud that I did. I’m happy that I did that complete and total since 1998, we are complete carpet. So step number one is expectation and communication joined up on time being there. When you said that you would be there, uh, next is a very, very easy side, is that you can’t schedule a job if you can’t communicate or contact the people to set something up. And so we tried to do our best to call people right back when they call or to answer the call the first time or give a digital online platform. So if we are closed or unavailable to you, you have the capacity to just jump online and to book yourself, get on there, find the appointment that you to do.

And we really get that taken care of for you without being able to connect it. But that’s directly, it’s still a communication back confirm that appointment. So you know that we’ve got it and we will always call those all those people back and confirm it vocally also, because we want to make sure that all the information is correct, which we haven’t missed anything that we are able to answer. Any questions you may have also, uh, when you have gotten your job is scheduled and you’ve got the communication and you’ve got the connection, you now know when we’re going to be there. So we’ve got to set that expectation. Now we need to follow through and actually show up around the time that we’ve shown up. Now, sometimes we are a few minutes head and sometimes there are a few minutes behind. It’s not as much a window as it is just each day.

Each job didn’t have some of its own nuances to it. And sometimes we’ve got a few times where I’m just with a customer and they just need it a little bit more communication because something’s going on in their life. Or they have something that came up that really was, they needed somebody to kind of run an idea by, or find out some more information or something that we could do to help do equip them to better care for their carpet Steam Cleaner Tulsa since 1988, we are target. Obviously the next part of the process is you go through and hear from you what it is that you would like to get done lining out directly from the sources, the best way to figure out what needs to be done. We can obviously go through a home, just given the keys. We can go through and find the trouble areas and clean it based upon our general knowledge of carpet and our detective Newsome that we’ve used over the years to say, here’s what areas are mostly high, highly trafficked.

These are the areas that need the most attention and trying to get in there. But also you can just visually can say, Hey, actually right over here underneath the corner of that couch is a spot where I could move the couch to cover it up. So if you could get that spot, you’re like, Oh, okay. I see, because it may not be something that’s evident to the average person, because you have done something to cover it up or to hide it, put it out of sight and out of sight, out of mind, sometimes you have a good about us. We do the walkthrough to make sure that we’re on the same page or you get into, um, getting the job completed that we have a checklist that we follow, that we are communicating with you about the things that we were able to Steam Cleaner out the car, but also to make a connection with the things that we were not able to get completely out.

Unfortunately, carpet is a dyeable stainable malleable fabrics over time. It will wear out because physically abused a lot of wear against it, or it can have you put blue, uh, paradigm. If you put black hair dye, if you put green hair dye into the carpet, the carpet is no longer just a carpet with ketchup on it is the carpet that has changed clothes completely. And when that does happen, that does make it so that the situation that you’re in is no longer something that’s something on the carpet, but the carpet is salvage. We call it all carpet can be a different color. And so make sure that you’re careful with what you let on there that might have the capacity to change the color of your Steam Cleaner carpet.