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Steam Cleaner | Nothing More Important Than Staying Clean!

Steam Cleaner | Nothing More Important Than Staying Clean!

Welcome to the covet DMD podcast with complete carpet and your host, Nathan, Sabrina’s give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. Today we’re talking about communication, making sure that you are aware and UpToDate of what is going to happen. One of the things that we focus the most on here at complete carpet that we think enhances the customer experience. Of course we do the basics, but those basics should be something that you don’t focus on. It should be something that is one of your core competencies in for example, cleaning carpet is that should just be something that is done great. Uh, and that’s part of what it is that you’ve hired someone to do, but to add to it, how do you improve upon a great carpet cleaning? So a great carpet cleaning Steam Cleaner can be improved upon with good communication. Some people come out and clean the carpets, but we want to go beyond just the cleaning, the carpet.

That’s what everyone expects is the carpet to be cleaned well and to have looking well and looking good and being proud of the job that is being done. And so we’re going to do more than just clean the carpets Steam Cleaner. Now we’re going to go to that next level. We’re going to power it up. We’re going to go do, going to go up one more time. We’re going to take it up to that next level and say, okay, what is it that we need to do well? And one of those things that we do, and we work on that we try to do well as communication. We’ve got a software platform that does a great job of helping us to do this. Do we get integrated into people’s? Um, people communicate in many different types of fashions and ways. And one of those ways is through directly calling zoo.

We want to use this really in a rare time nowadays, but if someone calls you, you call them back. And if somebody calls you answer the phone. So those are the two ways. Now, of course, you may be on the phone talking with a customer already, but you want to make sure that you give them the opportunity to get in touch with you. You can do that by reaching us at (918) 494-7093. Now majority of our customers do get in touch with us by calling us. So that’s a, I think over 60% actually would just directly call us, just pick up the phone and hit the, hit the digits, dial it in, get in contact to be there with it on the way to making their new carpet, what it is should be, make it a castle that you want to live in. Again, a carpet clean  Steam Cleaner Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet.

So give us a call today. Uh, one other way, another way that some people don’t think as much about is, uh, through our just online platform. We actually have an online scheduling capacity and about 20 to 30% of our customers actually go online and they book themselves, they get on there, they hit the schedule. Now button as looking at the website, it’s in the top, right? It’s actually, it should be somewhere on every page. We’ve got a schedule out button available to where you’re looking at it. And you said, Oh, you know what, actually I do want to do, but let me just see what the, uh, what the different offerings that they have are. And also what is the opening ones and availability that they’ve got. And so then they can just immediately right. Then look to see currently what our schedule is. Now.

Sometimes we are not open. We have our office answering all of your needs, scheduling your appointments, getting you taken care of during the day. But let’s say that it’s in the evening or overnight, you’ve just finished an overnight shift. You’re getting home and you’re coming back and, uh, you are wanting, you realize you’re coming home to realize, Hey, this is what I do need to get this taken care of with Steam Cleaner. But all the other people are closed right now, or I’m having a hard time scheduling it when the time that I’m awake or able to do it. So we get on there and you look at the schedule, say, Oh, Hey, on that Friday, I’m off. And I can do it at 7:00 AM. No, no, that’s not gonna work for me. How about 9:00 AM? Nah, that’s I don’t know if I’m a 9:00 AM person. How about 11:00 AM?

No, that’s probably getting close to my sweet spot 1:00 PM. Yes. That’s probably right where I want to be at 3:00 PM. I don’t know. It’s kinda knocking into my evening time. How at 5:00 PM. Oh man. I don’t know I’m going to be out at dinner during that time. You know, we can have lots of different options and things, you know, maybe Monday, maybe Friday was not a good day. Maybe it was Monday and he needed that. And he said, no, no, not Monday. That’s not the word I was missing. The day of looking for other options. Yes, we could do Saturday, Saturday. Oh, that’s still not quite the day. I don’t have Saturday off. I’m actually work at a place that they’re, they’re busy on Saturday. I’m a restaurant. And so I’m always serving people who is, Oh, how about a Thursday then? Yes, Thursday, that’s getting closer.

I just feel like I’m getting warmer. How about Tuesday? Ooh, just as warm as Thursday. I don’t know if Thursday and Tuesday are just as warm as Wednesday. There you go. There’s the magic number is Wednesday for me. And so you get online, you schedule it Steam Cleaner, you look at what it is you could do. Right. You knocked that out yourself, which a lot of times people do that now, but you’ve scheduled it yourself online. How will you know that your appointment’s been set? And that’s where we get into two more forms of communication would get into email and everybody right. Does not check their email that often. Yeah. But if you know that you’re expecting something and then it pops in that gives you that extra confirmation or gives you a point of reference. You can go back and say, I know I got an email about that.

And then you can search up the email if you have any questions. And so email is one where we’ll soon as you schedule an appointment and we will, uh, zip an email right out to you confirming the details and, uh, letting you have a record of what is chosen to do. And also when you’re looking to get it done. And then to top that all off with a cherry on the top of the cake, we employ text message. Some of it is direct. Most of it is automated. So they’re just on automatic updates and notifications. So when we are on the way, you know that the technician’s on his way and you know, he’d get his name. You’ll know who’s coming to see you. Um, if you, uh, schedule an appointment, we will then send out AME appointment to let you know that, Hey, this is when we are going to be there.

What we’ve said, we agreed to, and also give you a link to look at all of the appointment details right there on your phone Steam Cleaner. And then finally, the last part that we do is an old traditional. Mainly some people are not male savvy. They said this male thing that you’re talking about email. Now I’m not talking about physical mail. Oh, I forgot that we even still do that at times. And so we send out a six month reminders for when you’re getting close to it, because we do get a discount during that time. And we’ll let people know that if you do have some touch ups or things that need to be done during that phase to look us up and give us a call.