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Steam Cleaner | The Next Time You Need Advice From Us?

Steam Cleaner | The Next Time You Need Advice From Us?

Welcome to fleet carpet. This is the carpet diem of podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I want to give you some encouragement about how to really get to be the most out of your carpet. What are some of the tips and tricks? Let’s give you three top three things that you can do. That’s gonna help to extend the life of your carpet. So step number one, this is gonna be the obvious one that most people aren’t gonna take out. The carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets Steam Cleaner. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 is just don’t use your house. This is the best you I can give you is that you just don’t use your house. Like if you just move, move out, go find somewhere else to live. Just don’t move back into your home and just stay out of it for 10 years.

Your carpets will look just the same way they do now. Just get it. You know, you have to be able to get 10 years of virtually no use at all in your house. Those carpets will last forever. Now I’m being a little facetious, but the truth is that’s actually not that far off. The mindset you should have is how much am I using my carpets and where, what is it that I’m using? What’s the function with the form for my house? How am I using it? What is it going to look like? And you might say, I cannot not use my carpet wall. Okay. That’s the idea. Now you’re thinking about it now. You’re thinking now we’re getting there Steam Cleaner. If you know that you can or cannot use some part of the carpets now, you know, well now I need to pay attention. What do I need to look at?

What do I need to try to focus on? And so if I go out and I use, let’s say a, uh, Oh, uh, the desk mat, I get a desk mat so that I can sit and roll my chair around. Yes, it’s going to make it easier for my chair to roll a little glide, nice and smooth. But what it actually is doing is protecting that area of carpet. Cause I know that that area carpet is going to get hammered from the perpetual movement of those wheels and my body weight sitting against it. So that area needs to have that extra support, to be able to break down and take and remove that friction. So it’s not going to be such a hard experience. Um, if you have your entry area, you’re going to start thinking about your carpets in a different ground. If I it’s just me as a single person, no pets, the carpet can last a really long time, but if I’ve got five kids and four dogs and three cats, and we have pool parties every single weekend with another 15 of their friends over, um, the carpets just will not last that long.

Even if I get really high end good car, that’s it still has, you know, an average of 10 to 15 different paws and hands and feet, uh, working and walking and moving on that carpet. So it’s going to have a significant amount of wear and tear on it. Whereas if there’s just one person who travels all the time, I’ve got one, a couple that is a missionary. And they go to the mission field for nine months of the year. They come back for three months to talk with businesses, to talk with churches and try to get interested in garner support for their, uh, for the groups of people that are there for the missions field to gather, uh, new people to come and join them or people who want to send their support through donations or through, uh, uh, different types of, and so their house only fees about three months of use per year because they’re out doing stuff and their carpet is going to last a really good chunk of time because it is only used on a barrier infrequent basis.

Whereas another customer I’ve got has multiple cats, multiple dogs, and they are in and out all the time. And they are just loved to be on the ground and do all kinds of different work and workout stuff. And so they are always in function and form using their carpets in a great way. So tip number one, don’t use your carpet. So that is how you get a ton of life out of your carpet. If I have to, I came to Steam Cleaner your carpets and I cleaned them and they look cool. Great and fantastic. If you’ve never walked on your carpet again, you’d never need to get your carpets cleaned again. I know that kind of ruins it for me. I wish to have more connection with you and be able to serve you a longer time. But if you just don’t get those carpets dirty, you won’t need them cleaned.

Secondarily tip number two is, since you would know now that if you get your carpets dirty, then that is what he’s going to wear them out. The more you use them, the better or the quicker they’re going to wear out the less you use them, the better they will last. So now we know that there is a correlation between the dirt and the things. And so this, this cause the causation between the dirt and the wear on the carpet is a direct causation. It’s a direct thing to happen. So now we look at it and say, okay, what’s something we can do back it back. You mean we’ll help to remove the dirt debris dust is the universal sandpaper. It will wear out your carpet quickly and fast. And so get out there and make sure that you are removing the dust. Don’t let it sit in your carpet and grind in Steam Cleaner.

And then your third thing that you can do. So, number one, don’t use your carpet. Number two, vacuum out the dirt. And number three, coming in and Steam Cleaner up is we are going to need to rinse the carpet when it gets too sticky for the vacuum to keep sucking the dirt out every now and then you’ll go in, you’ll vacuum a spot and you realize the vacuum will pull the dirt off the carpet because the dirt is sticking to the carpet fibers. This is a point where you have now look at it. It’s okay, I’ve done everything I can do. I’ve tried not walking on the carpet and that didn’t work because I had to be in the house. I had to walk across it. I tried vacuuming the carpet and now that’s not working because the dirt is sticking to the carpet. It’s not just being able to not be back to golf, but it’s now sticking and grinding into the carpet.

Now you have it professionally Steam Cleaner step. Number three is getting out there and professionally cleaning the carpet where you can get it reset back to square one, getting it back to ground zero so that you can make sure you get that extra, um, life and, and use the carpet. So if you just don’t walk on it, it won’t wire out. If it does get a lot of dust and debris on it and then backing that out so that you, as you’re walking out, you won’t wear it out now. Eventually it sticks to it. So now you need to have it cleaned again so that you don’t wear it out. See how there’s a repeating pattern here, where breaking down your carpets. If you’re going to remove sources of where by not walking as much remove sources of whereby vacuum, remove the source of the whereby, rinsing out the stuff that’s sticking to the carpet, you will have log life with your carpet.