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Steam Cleaner | We Are Dedicated To Making Carpets Shine!

Steam Cleaner | We Are Dedicated To Making Carpets Shine!

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today we are going to talk about some of the enemies of your carpet done, done, done. This is a drastically dastardly day of attacks upon your carpet and the things that may cause it harm. And maybe this will be a partial list Steam Cleaner. We may be able to get through all of the different things. There’s so much that good. It may not cause your carpet harm and they didn’t tell you to start thinking about what do the things do? How will you know what to respond and how to stop it, knowing that these things could hurt your carpet will help. You do know what to pay more attention to. Probably Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And some of the things that come in a multifaceted attempted to destroy the integrity of your wonderful carpet is we will start from the youngest to the oldest.

We’ll start with babies. Babies are an enemy of carpet and also a friend. They will be without carpet. It is not soft and cuddly to sit on the carpet and enjoy a baby. If you do not have carpet in a house, if it’s all hard surface, then the baby will definitely be sad whenever it falls. And it falls on its bottom or falls on its knees or falls on his face, or has to lay down, you’ve got to sit on the concrete or tile trying to play with the baby on the floor. It is much easier to play at carpet because it is a much more company comfort Dean of fall. But as far as the enemy of baby babies like to grip, they like to spill. They like to splash. They like to drop. They like to drool. They like to throw up and spit up and they like to drink their milk and then get excited and spin around and then sit on the ground and then spit it back down.

And so these little babies are little, uh, we’ll call them crumb snatchers. They have little jelly faced toddlers and their sticky fingers and this sticky hand. And they will touch everything to be a complete same mine, mine, mine, mine. Yes, it is endearing that you may like to hold onto all the things that you hold dear. But the problem is is that your hands are not clean. Your mouth is not Steam Cleaner Sometimes you’ll have an explosive diaper. We’ve all had this unfortunate accident happened where you have a young child and they have had a bowel movement that has overfilled the brim of their capacity of their diaper to hold within it. This amazing gift that they have given to society. And this gift, unfortunately, is now running down their leg and it’s soaked out their drawers and they’re sitting on the carpet and the carpet is saying,

Dear Lord, why me?

Why was I tasked with keeping this young bundle of joy and having it, letting it sit on me? Why do the parents not pay attention to the fact that there is a such a dastardly deed being done on top of my serene soft, cuddly Nissen. And so that is where your kids can be. Your children can be a major source of irritant for your carpenter. It could frustrate and aggravate your carpet as it is trying to do its job, but it is being dirtied. So we’ll go to a number two, your pets, your pets are a wonderful source of love and adoration. But the problem is is that they will go outside and they will play in the mud and they will come inside without the foresight to wipe their own paws. They will not with out any hesitation. Come run into your house. I roll around on the carpet, Steam Cleaner their back.

When they should have said, have steam Cleaner themselves before entering the house, they will come in and they will grab a bone. And they will say, this bone looks so delicious. I will take this bone and it will lay it on your carpet. And I will chew on this bone. I will drool on your carpet. I will drool it, crutch this bone and a little pieces and let all the little pieces fall into your carpet causing, um, these difficulties within all of our lives, because these carpet is being filled. I’ve tried so many times where I’ve pet will go and they would drink and they would drink and they put their almost a whole head down in, and they’ve got this drooly, drippy, wet jowls, and they come over to the carpet or the side of, especially the side of your couch. And they will just dry their face, just dry it right straight on the carpet.

They’ll dry it right straight into the couch. And now you’ve got all of this that just is so wet and gunky and messy, and next will be your regular child. Oh yes. They want to have arts. And they have crafts and they have fun and they have slime. They have bowls of Cheerios and cereal and they will have rice crispy puffs. And they’ll have Skittles that didn’t melt in their hand, but they did melt in the carpet Steam Cleaner. They will have a candle that looks so beautiful. Then they’ll see it. And they’ll think about it and they’ll play with it. And then it splashes and spills over, Oh yes, these children can be enemies of your carpet. Then you have your teenagers. Oh my goodness. Your teenagers have discovered the magic of makeup. The problem is that they did not discover how to put it on without guilt, without dumping a lot of it off.

And so there you are with this makeup and with this plethora of items and ways to make your face colorful, it also has the great added benefit of adding your color to your carpet. And it will be this powdery, cakey, beautiful things you think, Oh, that’s just, you’re picking on the girls. This is true. I have been picking on the girls that it’s time to pick on the bullies, but you guys, teenage boys create odors that other people cannot imagine. There are smells that teenage boy can create and make that will baffle even the most wise of scientists as they try to analyze and say, how is it that this young man that we have tried everything we can, but this young man somehow believes that is okay to smell the way that he smelled, that it’s all right, that you will somehow find a mate that you will find a woman who is interested in him. And yet the mother goes into his bedroom and realizes the smell that is coming from his bedroom would repel even the most Steam Cleaner. Um, not, uh, most nonchalant woman in unearth would never be able to come across and say, even if he had money out the wazoo, he would, she would still come in and say, I can do that’s it. That’s the problem. This odor is too great.