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Steam Cleaner | We Are So Excited To Offer You New Cleaning Methods

Steam Cleaner | We Are So Excited To Offer You New Cleaning Methods

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast with complete carpet. I am your host, Nathan, Sabrina’s welcome you to join us every episode as we look to see what it is that we can help to cover over your carpet cleaning experience, to make it the best that you can have carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your Steam Cleaner carpets again. Uh, what can carpet to do as far as, uh, sickness and disease and how can it be beneficial or how can it be negative? Uh, there’s a lot of different,

Uh, uh,

Procedures and guidelines and things being bantered about this time of year. And so we want to try to help you as you’re thinking about what is going to be the best for your carpet and what is going to be the best for your experience as we go through these different times, trying times where we come up with things that are going to help us and what things are going to get in the way, we always try to make sure that we are achieving the best goals and the problems that we can for our carpets and our community, but at the same token is what we’re doing, going to make the type of impact that we were hoping to make. So there’s a lot of different, there’s some great information out there, but there’s also some misinformation. So I wanted to quickly go over some of it.

Uh, one, uh, we do have a disinfected process that we do to try to help, to get to people’s carpets into a really good position. Uh, this is typically because you have some type of active issue going on, and if you have an active issue going on, then the disinfect, it can help out tremendously to get you into a state where you are killing off the bacteria that’s causing the odor that is already in your carpet. I, if you have a problem that has happened and is opposed, or has gone past to see the dishes say, that’s not your in base, let’s say you had a kid that got sick or somebody that was just not feeling good in a place we can come in and disinfecting Steam Cleaner it to get you back to square one. But you can also with Al all diseases, anything that you have, all plants, all different forms and functions of things.

If you just wait it out and eventually it all dies in the vine. There’s not this super virus that can set on a, say a countertop and be sitting there as this super thing to knock out everybody and everything. Uh, 10 years later, like a standard plant. If I had had a plant that I didn’t give water for a month, it will have dried up and have scribbled into virtually nothing. And so your carpets are similar, but the difference is is that we, um, we need to get you cleared out to where you have the capacity, um, remove the capacity for things to continue to dwell on your carpet. And this is where things get a little different and most people are struggling with what it is that they’re trying to accomplish with their carpets is that, um, it does need to be Steam Cleaner. It doesn’t need to be disinfected, but for probably a different reason than what you’re thinking.

Um, if you have a cold in your home, then just leave your home alone. If you leave out of a home, give it like three days to just set everything inside, there’s going to be dead. And, um, we’ve had quite a few churches that we’ve gone in to try to help them to get their church ready for things. We’ll get them Steam Cleaner, we’ll get it sanitary. But the reality is is that, um, if nobody’s been in the church for a week, then anything that was in the church is gone and dead now, uh, viruses and germs. They don’t last on surfaces for weeks and months at a time. They last for hours or days at the very most. And so, but the Steam Cleaner of the carpet will help tremendously because, uh, there is a secondary thing that you have, let’s say that I’ve got, um, Oh, make this a really gross example.

I apologize for the, just the grossness. I know. You’re just gonna be like, man, why do you have to bring that up? I was potentially right now just eating and enjoying a wonderful, uh, mouthful of hamburger. And now he’s going to mention this and I’m going to have to stick my hamburger out because this is just, he had to go there. I didn’t want him to go there. He went there anyway, even though he warned us that he’s going to go there and he told us that we shouldn’t be going there and he did it anyway. So I don’t have to throw a flag on the play and say, I’m going to call a file. That’s just inappropriate. I’m going to call a foul on myself right now, early in advance so that you guys don’t have to worry about it. You’ll know that I have already pre-filed myself.

And, um, I pulled myself out of the game for mentioning dog poop. Now, if you mentioned dog poo, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That as long as the hard substance of the dog is still there, the dog feces is still in the carpet. They’re going to continue to have an odor come from it. Now it won’t be all the time. If you can drive that thing out completely, you’ll end up with what we had when we were kids called kale chips or cow pies. And those will be there and he’ll be stuck into the carpet or stuck into the ground in a very hard, solid way. But it’s not going to be something that is going to overwhelm your senses in the same way. And so you’ve got to figure out what is it that I want to do and how will I make it?

How will it be effective in my, um, place and in my surroundings. And so you want to make sure that you were coming up with something that will make sense for all situations. So here, what we’re problem we’re having is that as the humidity rises, it will then reabsorb some of the humidity back into the dog poop, but you have a physical substance as opposed to a German germ is this tiny itty bitty little small thing that when it loses its connection to something will disappear. Now, the dog poo, on the other hand, it’s a physical substance that doesn’t just evaporate and dry away. Once you Steam Cleaner it away, then all of the other stuff should break down afterward, but you have, uh, smells and odors, get down to the back end of the pad and the carpet and the surroundings surfaces. And so sometimes those get down in there in a way that doesn’t just float away.

And that’s where a lot of people have issues or problems with their carpet is that they’ve got milk. They might have dog, they might have urine. They might have some thing that happened previously. This now just sitting down in the carpet and has been creating new odors and create it’s like a constant source. So you’ve got something that is perpetually giving off something new. So until you get that cleaned out, and that’s where the Steam Cleaner the disinfecting happens by removing the substances there so that you free up the area so that you can have a fresh, clean, nice supply of carpet. Again, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998,