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Steam Cleaner | We Work Hard Cleaning Stranger’s Floors!

Steam Cleaner | We Work Hard Cleaning Stranger’s Floors!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast, mine, your host making Sabrina’s with complete carpet Steam Cleaner. Uh, I would like to talk to you today about, uh, doing more than you’re paid for perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete departments that give us a call today (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your carpets and enjoying your castle. Again, many times we have, uh, just gotten by with something. We will stay. Bye. We’ve all had that time and probably high school where you’re either at a teacher for yourself, or you had a classmate and you know that they, um, got a poor grade because they mailed it in. They could have done better. They could have tried, but they chose not to. They just said, you know, I’m just going to just going to do the bare minimum requirements. And a lot of times in life we’re faced with that option, right?

Call this the, uh, bathroom theory and the bathroom theory, we can do the bare minimum requirements Steam Cleaner. And there also is somebody who decides to go above and beyond. So as the bare minimum requirements at a minimum, you need to put your pants that’s back on. If you’re finished with the bathroom, you’ve got to get your pants back on. And many times in life, you can make really evident. If you go in front of a bathroom in a public area, you could stand there probably for days, weeks, maybe even months before you see anybody come out and not have their pants up, back up. So this is common. Everyone knows that, Hey, as a bare minimum, I’m not finished going to the bathroom until I’ve taken my, put my pants, but not all. Not everybody will flush the toilet. Not everyone will clean the bathroom. Not everyone will wash their hands, but they will at least get their pants back on before they come back out of the bathroom.

And so to them, a bare minimum requirement is to get your pants on, to get out of the bathroom Steam Cleaner. Now for other people that is not their bare minimum, private, that is the start of the finishing. And that is the start. But that’s part of the process. That’s like saying I would stop. As soon as I’ve gone to the bathroom, I would then stop and just leave. Like, no, no, you can’t do that because you haven’t finished yet. What is it that you believe to be the point at which you’re finished? And some people that we’ll be, um, flushing the toilet. Some people that will be washing your hands. And so you want to say, what level of completion have I? What is my idea of complete? What is my idea of finished? I was talking with my son just this last week about it.

He was making himself a sandwich and he went out, made the sandwich. And then as soon as the sandwich was made, he grabbed the sandwich, walked over to the chair, sat down with the sandwich and like a napkin. I started eating a sandwich and I said, well, what are you doing? He said, well, I’m eating my sandwich. I said, well, you’re not done making your sandwich. He goes, yeah, I am not a sandwich right here. In my hand, I’m finished making my sandwich. I’m done. So in his mind, putting a sandwich together, it was finished making the sandwich. Once he put the sandwiches, I said, you’re not finished making the sandwich, but the ham is still sitting on the counter. The medicine is still sitting there on the counter. Everything you need. He used to make the sandwiches actually still sitting there on the counter.

So you’re not finished making the sandwich. You may be to the point that you want to eat the sandwich, but you’re not finished making the sandwiches. So you are not finished until you complete putting away the stuff that’s necessary for making the sandwich. At that point, you can eat the sandwich because you have finished making it. Once you finish making. A lot of times, we put the other two around. We believe that we’re finished making the sandwich. Once we start to eat the sandwich and then Steam Cleaner cleaning up the area is someone else’s job, or that will be done later. And we’ve all come in at some point in our lives and walked in and realized that the milk is still sitting on the counter from last night because somebody came in, did whatever they want to do. And they were finished Steam Cleaner. The moment the milk went in the glass, they were finished.

They said, well, I put the milk in the glass. That’s all I needed to do. And they walk out and like, no, you’re not finished pouring the milk until the milk itself is put back in its place. You need to put back away the thing you’re using. And that is significant. That signifies you are finished with that task. You can’t leave the area until you’ve finished with that task. It’s like filling up your car with gas. It could fill up the car with gas. You’re not finished. Once the gas is in the car, you then have to take the pump and put it back on the hook and then close and then put the gas cap back on and close the gas cap door. But like you’re finished once the basket door is closed, not before then, did he drive off of the ass, still in the thing, then you’re going to pull it off the pump.

So we need to make sure what it is that we’re doing and figure out are we going above and beyond? Are we doing the bare minimum requirements, which I would argue the bare minimum requirements should be higher. It should be something where you say, okay, I don’t leave the bathroom until my hands are washed. Then I finished going to the bathroom. I don’t sit down to eat my sandwich until I put away all of the items needed to make the sandwich. So I’ve got to clean up the area around because I’m not finished making the sandwich yet. So you can’t leave the ham out on the counter and think that your mate finished making a sandwich. I’m not finished. I’m not ready to eat my cereal until I put away the cereal and put away the milk. Because right now I’m still in the middle of making cereal.

If all of the key ingredients are still left out, because you’re still in the process of making it. You wouldn’t say that I couldn’t make this stuff until you brought all the ingredients out and you can’t say I’m finished and you put all the ingredients away. So as you go through life, look around and say, am I doing less than the minimum requirements? Or am I going to look and choose to do more? We all know that we have the capacity inside of us to do great things. And we want to make sure that we’re always tapping into that potential as we go throughout our lives. And so part of that is to say a good, a good way to test, to see where you’re at, to say right now, if I was paid more, would I do better work? So not if I would do more work.

Cause obviously you could always pay us to do other work, but would I do better work at the work I’m currently doing? Would I do more? Would I do better at the work if you were given more money. So if you paid me a thousand dollars to do this, would I try and do better quality work or what I do the same work because I’m going to do the same quality work, no matter what I do. Carpet cleaning tools like a Steam Cleaner. Since 1998, we are complete carpets that get us call today nine one eight four nine four seven zero three or reach us on the web. They complete carpet Tulsa, not Tom. And see what it is that we have for you. Perfect lenient tells us in our fiber, we are leaked carpet. So get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets today.