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Steam Cleaner | What Do You Need To Complete Your Collection?

Steam Cleaner | What Do You Need To Complete Your Collection?

Welcome to the carpet DNA podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to enjoy your castle. Again, it’s easy to forget about the routine habit and maintenance of your carpet. Um, and it’s easy because it’s a longer maintenance cycle than some of the other things that you do in your home. If you are to, uh, it’s similar, if you were to drive your car, you’re gonna, you’re gonna notice that your car gets dirty. It had got a long, long road trip and find out that you’ve got yeah, bugs and Rhodri road debris and dirt on your, uh, uh, windshield or on across the part. He realized that, okay, I need to Steam Cleaner my way to shields. I can see better. I need to clean my yeah. Finish on my car so I can be able to look the way that I want to look so that I can keep my vehicle in its pristine condition.

I want to be able to keep everything that I have taken care of in good shape. So it doesn’t wear down and break down because of my lack of maintenance. Uh, that’s easy to get you see it, you’re driving it, you’re touching it. Uh, your tile floors are easy because you, if you walk across, you’d feel the grit and the grind and the crunch. And so you know that they need to be sweeped or mopped Steam Cleaner on a regular basis. A lot of times your carpet on the other hand has all these pits and it’s kind of this nice fullness inside of the carpet to be able to hold quite a bit more. We’ve given the example before that know tile or wood is like an ashtray and carpet is like a, uh, a small, a wastebasket. They can hold a lot more so you don’t have to do it as often.

If you switched to all hard surfaces throughout your home, you will notice that it will take you longer, uh, or you, you will not be able to go as long and you’ll have to switch and Steam Cleaner and fix your floors much more frequently than you did before. Whereas if you get in carpet throughout your whole home, you know, will not need to sweep. As often. You can sweep it back in here, stuff much more infrequently because now you’ve got something that can hold quite a bit more before it is become evidently dirty, perfectly and Tulsa. Since 1998, we are a complete carpet. So get on the road and do enjoying your carpets again today. And this part of this process is that you will need to make sure that you are putting in habits and patterns in place. So some people say, Hey, okay, I get it.

I want to try to do improve the life of my carpet. Regular back to me, you can extend the life of my carpet bylaw. So what is it that I can do? Can we tell people that you should be looking at these sources? Where is the dirt coming into your home from? You got the back door, you got the front door, you’ve got the garage, you’ve got the little rug, rats. They were running around with their jellyfish. You got the, uh, pets with their hair that sheds on a regular basis, but they go in the backyard and they dig. Uh, you’ve got, uh, you had your teenage son, teenage girl. Who’s doing her makeup with her son. Who’s keeping an insane pair of socks on for the second or third week in a row. And you realize it at this point, he actually should just donate the socks to science.

And this is a point where the science community could probably learn some valuable lessons about, uh, moisture absorption and the effect of bacteria on the human skin smell. Oh my goodness. I mean, if you could weaponize the smell of a teenage boy, some socks, teenage boys socks, great. A, an odor that is so, so effective that it is, it is a wonder that they ever end up dating. As you think that it, obviously, I I’ve, I’ve wondered many times as a kid. How was the, uh, the pregnancy rates so high among teenagers when pregnant, when teenage boys obviously would have to make their shoes do, uh, to get intimate with the girl, girl, and the girl would have to, at that point say Steam Cleaner Oh, nevermind, no, like, you know, I’ve been in rooms with, with teenage boys and they would take their socks and shoes off, like right in the back of your mouth, you get this kind of like just a small amount of throw up, just kind of pops back up there.

And you’re like, Ooh, well, what was that smell? Yeah, it’s definitely not a mood setting. Smell. It is, it is a mood killing smell. It is smell that. You’re like, okay, look, this is why it is not good for man to be alone. He needs someone there to say, Oh, wait time out, buddy. This is wow. I don’t know what you did. And you know, I know I didn’t do anything at all. You’re like, well, yes, I do. I do get that part of it. But boy, I think my point is, I think he should be doing something. Maybe there’s something you can do, because that is, um, like if there was an Hawks, you could just release that smell right there. And again, it’s just chemical war Steam Cleaner. That’s really what it is. You could try to try to discount it and give it different names, but really that’s just chemical warfare.

And it’s a, it’s a very mean form of chemical warfare because it is so, so aggressive against your day. I believe that if you want to remove all the herring, no, it was, you can use a teenage boys at Sox as a way to do, to clear out your nasal passages, perfectly Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So finding the thing that you can do, that’ll help you to, uh, to get off onto the next phase of your Steam Cleaner process. And we can help you with that by keeping your tile looking good, keeping your furniture looking good and keeping your rugs looking good, and also keeping your carpet looking fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to help our customers to be able to maintain the health wellbeing of their carpet. Also, we enjoy doing it with the joy, doing it for 22 years because I taking care of your carpets is one of the quickest ways that you can to be able to get that carpet. I get that home smelling and looking tremendously better in an hour or two. You can change the entire dynamic of a home completely, and there’s nothing else that you can do in a home that will give you such a massive change all at once and really quick and change what it is that you’re going to experience and end up with carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998,