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Steam Cleaner | What Is The Better Way To Address Our Team?

Steam Cleaner | What Is The Better Way To Address Our Team?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpeted day. We want to talk to you about vacuums, giving your vacuum Steam Cleaner. It cannot suck a well, if it is dirty and we wanted to be able to do its job carpet cleaning tells us since 1998, we are complete carpets of give us, call it a day at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your carpets. Again, get excited about your home and enjoy what it is that you have purchased. Enjoy what it is you’re living in. Enjoy your castle. Again, your vacuum is only as good as what it can blow. It both can suck and it also can blow. And this is where it’s important because, um, a lot of times we look at it as something that you would draw in sort of like a straw. If you using a straw, typically you are just creating negative a vacuum.

You create it States in your mouth that you suck back and you would draw it in, but you can’t keep sucking indefinitely. You will only be able to do it right, a certain amount of liquid per time. And they can go back and create another vacuum of area. Vacuums do not do this. This is a different than way. A vacuum is. Vacuum is actually a blower that creates negative air and draws things in because it’s blowing things out the other side. Typically, we don’t really look at this or notice this one, a vacuum as much as we do a shot back. So it’s easier to grab a shot back. Everyone knows that on a ShopVac, you’ve got one area that got one hole blowing air out of the unit and by blowing air out of the unit, this naturally draws an inflow of air through the other hole, which is typically in the container.

So the container will suck things in and in the top where the motor is blows air out. This blower technology will allow it to create a vacuum inside that will draw stuff into it, allows it to fall into the bucket, into the container, and then it held there until you dump it out later. So part of this is that for air to get into the unit air must get out of the unit as opposed to say a pump or a primer, which actually creates little negative vacuum areas where it slowly pumps them through. This is actually blowing things out of the vacuum. And in turn, that sucks things into the container container, the canister. So let’s look at the part that will slow this down, break it down, keep it from being the way that you would like it to. And that is where you get in there and Steam Cleaner.

This is cleaning the cleaner. This is the cleaning, the Steam Cleaner. This is a tips pro tips ready pro tip that has cleaned the cleaner. Many times we have a vacuum and people have had the vacuum. They know that there are, uh, an obvious visual cue that, Hey, there was a canister that collects all the dirt and the debris that is true. That is part of your vacuum. That is the most evident, big part that says, okay, you’ve filled this up and you would, you would be shocked at the number of vacuums and homes that I go to. That, that front canister is a completely filled little rat’s nest is totally full of hair debris and things that normally should be cleaned out. Like every time you vacuum, you should just dump that out because you need to have a nice open, free area because the faster the air moves through the unit, the better and the faster you vacuum, and you got a caster that’s full, you’re going to spend easily upwards of two to three times as long back.

You mean because things won’t get sucked into the vacuum as fast as they could, if the canister was empty. So have your collection area is full, then your suction is adult. And they’re just great little line there. Let’s just repeat that one more time. And it would just say it to ourselves over and over Steam Cleaner. If my suction is full, if I, uh, sorry if my, uh, if my canister is full, my suction is dull. I’ve got Dole suction because of the canister is full of my, this is causing problems at the end of the unit. And so we need to make sure that we get that out of the unit. So if we can dump that every time we go to use the vacuum, every time we wanted to go and vacuum something up, we want to make sure that we’ve given it space to fall into.

So part number two is that there are filters. So as you suck the dirt in, it goes into the canister, that dust that goes around with it will eventually come flying out of the unit. Cause it’s not sucking stuff in it is blowing stuff out. So if it just allowed all the air to blow directly out, it’s going to just blow big chunks of debris everywhere. So there’s always a big cone, a big mesh filter something. Okay. So large chunks of debris in the canister. Sorry, does it get blown out of the vacuum? But that is not the only thing that happens. So that is to get to the big blowout chunks. So we’re not trying to blow all of the Cheerios that we sucked up. We don’t want them to just go flying right back out of the vacuum. So go to step number two, a two, a two, a what is to a, you’re asking what is two eight two is to make sure that the caster is Steam Cleaner.

Um, you’re going through now to, uh, one was canister clean, and two is that your filter is clean. And this is where you run into issues where you’ll take out the canister and below the canister where the air goes down through the unit, there’s going to be this big foam disc. It’s going to have probably a felt disc on top of it. And underneath that will be an actual, um, pleaded discs are typically depleted little filter, maybe on the front of the unit, down below in the front of the unit, but you have your big foam filter in the inside and you have pleaded filter in the outside to really finally filter that air. And finally, the last thing you need to do is clean off the roller bar and all of the tubes. Cause sometimes you’ll just have a buildup of dirt and debris inside the roller bar and the tubes. And so even though it’s sucking air, even though it’s able to blow the air out, it’s not able to get into the vacuum because the hose or the attachments or the utilities of it are clogged and dirty carpet Steam Cleaner told us since 1998 to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.