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Steam Cleaner | Where Can You Find The Help You Need?

Steam Cleaner | Where Can You Find The Help You Need?

Welcome to the DM podcast. I am your host. Nathan was a radius with complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy and Gore cost. Hold your carpets. Enjoy your castle again today, we’re going to talk about, um, the going above and beyond carpet cleaning Tulsa Steam Cleaner since 1998. We are a complete carpet, but give us a call day and get on the road to enjoy your carpets. Again, there’s always the simple side of what you should do is that you should just do what you said and that’s simple. That’s easy. Um, it should be, it shouldn’t be something that should just be a base line. Uh, it’s really sad that we hit a point in our society where doing what you say is considered success. Success should be doing what you say and a little bit more. Should it be going up above and beyond?

Success should not be doing the bare minimum Steam Cleaner. Bare minimum is showing up one time and doing what you were asked to do. You wouldn’t have anyone do it. I have fucking person. I talked with once I had a business that we were doing and they, uh, they said that this X, Y, and Z were going to be done and they only did X and Y and Z didn’t get done. And it happened in a different timeframe than what they’d said. I came up to her. I said, look, here’s, here’s the deal. If you came in and told me, I’m only going to do X and Y, and we’re going to do it in this timeframe. Well, then I would have told you, no thank you. I don’t, I’m not looking for that service. That service is not a service I’m looking for. I’m looking for a server that has X, Y, and Z, and that does it within this timeframe. So if that is the service that you offer, well, then I am not interested in purchasing that particular service. And I think that we all run into that. We’ll call it a bait and switch, but a lot of times it’s that they come in and say, Hey, here’s what I can do for you. And then when you look at the end of it, they didn’t get that done.

It’s sad that we’ve developed the society to the point that now we look at something that happens. And we say that because they at least did the bare minimum and you think, wow, cool. Well, I mean, at least they got most of the work done, or at least they, none of them, it shouldn’t be that they, there should be no, at least it should be. Why not only did they do this, but should always be, not only did they do this, but you should always do your business in a way that says, not only did they do this, but they also did this. So where you’ve got an ad plus, you’ve got a value. Plus you got a value up every situation that you do. Um, you know, they do good work and they leave us with a little gift Steam Cleaner. Did they do with a really good work?

And they did it on time. They do. They’re always on time. And they did extra work that wasn’t asked for, or they helped us with something. Or like on a day, on a simple side, if you walk up to a customer’s home or a friend’s home and you see packages outside while they pick the package up and get it to him, obviously, if the people knew the Packers were there, they would have got themselves. So help out. If you’re, yeah, somebody is struggling with trying to get the door open, go open the door for them. Like, just be a good human, just be a good human to your neighbors around you. This is the, I call it the QuikTrip theory. They go, uh, getting the door for somebody has become not just being a gentleman. It should just be being a heater to where you say, I see something happen, you know, hold the door for you.

I’m going to hold the door for whoever it is that needs help because I have the capacity to help. We all have the capacity to help Steam Cleaner That’s what we’re here. We’re put on this planet for, we are supposed to help all of God’s children. We’re here with intent or the purpose. We’ve all been given a skill set. That skill set gives us the opportunity to help God’s children. When you have that, that skill set, you need to go out there and use that skill set, because you’ve been put here to help God’s children. When you get out there and you use that skillset, you will find that other people will respond with them, their skillset, because they’ve now seen you helping God it’s children. Once you’ve helped God’s children, other God’s children will join in the fray. They will join him with it. This is a pod.

This could become positive momentum. Having possible meant to means that you can. They do really good things by just doing good things. Things can change. A tidal wave can be chained, raise up from a single large earthquake, but you gotta have something that creates that momentum Steam Cleaner. That creates that a covert thrust the change. Because once I do something and I get out there, I love there’s an imagery that just came out recently with the police standing off against the protesters. And the police all decided to take a knee and it turned into the protesters, took a knee also. And then one little girl, a little child, Jesus loves the little children. If you do anything to hurt these little children, you should have a millstone tied around your neck and dropped in the ocean. A little child walks across and he comes up to the police.

Officer gives him a hug right now in the middle of the pandemic. He’s getting people hugged. The very thing that has been missing that you should have removed throughout this entire bank. Them, it gives give people hugs. They took away that physical contact. We took off. We let the fear take away from us. The connection we have with each other connection, with our humanity and while hugging somebody it’s very difficult to mad Steam Cleaner. Then it’s very difficult to be angry with what they are doing because you are now having a connection to them. You are now feeling their pain. There’s no bonding with them on a level that’s different than what you could say. That that’s my buddy. If you give someone a hug, it connects you in a different way, giving similar intention, it connects you in a different way. You’re not afraid of them. You are embracing them. You’re dropping your guard. The reason that we should Cannes, historically, the reason we would change. And could you placed out your right hand, the hand that you’d have for your, uh, your defense side and you allow yourself to be put defendants lists and Sam I’m willing to put myself out there. Are you willing to put yourself out there? You both put yourself out there at the same time.