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Tulsa carpet cleaning | Affordable Carpet Services

Tulsa carpet cleaning | Affordable Carpet Services


Here at Complete Carpet, one of the best Tulsa carpet cleaning services, we aim to help the home and business owners in our communities as much as possible by providing affordable carpet, tile and furniture cleaning services. We provide these services with hope that you are able to keep your carpet for a longer period of time. By performing maintenance and upkeep on both your furniture and carpet, you are able to maximize its durability over the years. Over the past 20 years, we have compiled the most efficient cleaning tools and supplies to get that clean look and feel you’re needing.

The main service that helped us build our business was our Tulsa carpet cleaning. Nathan started helping his father with these carpet cleaning jobs and quickly realized he wanted to do more. Over the years, he was able to add more available services. While the company started based off of our carpet cleaning services, we have perfected the best possible clean for both personal and business inquiries. No job is too big or too small, and all of our prices are a base rate calculated with the amount of square footage being covered.

Another great service that we provide here at Complete Tulsa carpet cleaning is our carpet repair. By providing this service, we are offering carpet patching, stretching and color matching. This is helpful for people who only have a small problem area and want to avoid replacing the whole entire carpet. Our trained professionals are able to cut out the problem area of the carpet, color match it, and replace it with a new piece of carpet with a seamless transition! Most people require this service if they have animals who chew or scratch at the carpet or have children who often drop food or drinks on the floor, leading to stubborn stains!

This family owned business also gives back to the community by working directly with the Guts Distribution Center by donating $5 from every carpet cleaning service. This organization provides a wide variety of food items to families in need in the Tulsa area as well as surrounding areas! We gather and hand out these bags of food on Friday mornings as well as perform a short sermon for the families that are there. This organization has been around since 2010 and its goal is to provide food and hope to people in our communities!

We keep our website up to date so you are able to get the most accurate information about our services and prices. We also provide a section for former and current client testimonials so you can watch them and hopefully find comfort that you are choosing the right business for all your carpet, tile and furniture cleaning needs! Our website is or give us a call at 918-494-7093! We are currently offering a $99 first time home carpet cleaning no matter the size of your home! When you are booking your first appointment, don’t forget to mention this special!

Tulsa carpet cleaning | Carpet Patching and Adjusting Services

For the past 20 years, Complete Carpet has been a very well-respected Tulsa carpet cleaning service because of our large list of extreme clients, the services we provide as well as our affordable prices! A few of the services we provide are our carpet cleaning, carpet patching, carpet stretching, as well as tile cleaning and furniture cleaning. We are mostly known for our carpet services, simply because that’s what inspired this whole business! What started out as a son helping his father clean carpets, eventually led to a successful carpet service business that provides assistance in both home and business locations.

Because we are mostly known for our Tulsa carpet cleaning and in other surrounding areas, we take great pride in making sure your expectations are met and even blown away! We clean all visible areas of the carpet, and at an additional cost, we can also provide assistance with moving that heavy furniture out of the way so the whole floor is able to be cleaned! If you are uninterested in this add-on service, we will only clean areas of the carpet that machines are able to reach without any furniture obstructing it.

In addition to Tulsa carpet cleaning, we also provide carpet repairing services. Both businesses and homeowners appreciate this service so they can replace only certain areas within the whole room of carpet. Whether it be food or drink snacks from kids, a tear in the carpet from a pet, or a wrinkled carpet, we can help. Our employees are able to replace small or large areas of the carpet that match and are unable to be detected! Another great service we provide that aids in the assistance of expanding your carpet life is carpet stretching. Over the years, carpet tends to stretch and cause annoying wrinkles! This place is a place that makes that old look as brand new as ever for you.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in helping our community and those in it. We offer homeowner services, rental properties and even businesses! Businesses will often request our assistance in freshening up carpets in high-flow foot traffic in places throughout their business. By keeping the carpet fresh and stain free, their customers appreciate the cleanliness of that specific business. Another reason businesses use our services is to stretch their carpet to provide a safer work environment with no bumps or wrinkles of carpets in the workplace!

Our website goes over multiple topics including the services we provide, how we started, the products we use, prices, our work with the Guts Organization and much more! Our former and current customers appreciate our services so much that they often leave video testimonials that are also available for you to watch on our website You can also give us a call at 918-494-7093 so we can answer any potential questions, offer suggestions of what services would be most beneficial to your needs and schedule a possible on-site walk-through to discuss expectations from us!