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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Call Us Now To Learn How We Can Help

All right. So we’re going to get into our next podcast. Now we’re in the kidney and you are previous like of suction. I apologize. I did not actually talk that much about suction ended up talking about everything else, but we will get into suction this time, Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. This is 1998. We are complete carpet. And give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Or find us on the web. They complete carpet, Carpe diem seize your clean carpet today, as we go through our, uh, next little second here, suction, as we were talking about before you get a shot back a five gallon, 10 gallon, a 20 gallon, I prefer the five gallon because that means you’ll easy build and pick it up and do something with it. Whereas the other ones are more difficult to lug around and whatever is difficult or hard to do and become more difficult.

And so sometimes you have seen that pop up. For example, I was just talking with one of the employees and he said that we do weekly in the backing of apartment. And I said, no, because if you get the back of the wet, well, then you damage the carpet. So you want to make sure that you are not hitting the back end of the carpet wet. You only get the fibers. Fibers will dry quickly Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. The vacuum will take a long time to size. This is because the backing of carpet is a big amount of glue that was break down carpet itself. How is it constructed you to take carpet, build it from the ground up. You start with a plastic Nettie, kind of a cross hat. You then near that plastic Nettie with blue. Now you take that gluey plastic Nettie here, and then you take a second netting.

This is a very fine knitting. It’s fine that he has had all the fiber push through it. And it UK, they’re all pushed through to have all of the fiber that you wanted to talk. Sometimes they’re long coming up to the crinkly. I’m not there, or they’re a level, a cut pile and even cut pile, and they’ve gone through it. I actually cut the pilot for a tight button. They take all those fibers, push through the netting and then take the second layer of Nettie laddered with glue and push the two together. Now the glue seeps into all the backing of the fibers and excludes them to the daddy that you put over it that makes the back layer. Yeah, the fibers, a little U shape. And the bottom that you is sitting in glue and the back of that glue is, has another Nettie over it to get the sandwich effect.

The fibers will be held in place on both sides Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, but if that glue gets wet, think of it like a fund. Whereas the thinkers of the, uh, the fingers coming up out of the ground is the fibers fibers have their entire size all around them. The easily evaporate water. No problem. When you get down into it, the problem is that down there you have, uh, uh, all the blue can drive. It has, can only drive a wakey water up into the fiber. And it’s only got one small point of contact at the bottom of the fiber. So take a long time for that fiber to get dry. So we always want to make sure that what you’re doing something, if you do have backing the fled, you’re going to need forced air to dry. It won’t Nope. It could join us own, but it will take probably all I’ve had time.

There’s a water damage and the Patty got wet and a week later it’s still wet because there’s no, there’s nothing there to get it. So I just sit there and like, okay, a wet wipe. And I put it. If you had a, maybe you’ve always got the wet wipe where you could do it in your wet wipe to keep it closed long as it stays closed, they can stay wet for a year. Probably I pulled that up, wet lights out of a closet sitting there for a year and they were still free Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. There was still doubt that I’m afraid a little bit, but not much because the thing is closed. All the moisture inside stays there. Perfect can be the same way you got to wet patties underneath the carpet. And as long as nothing’s going on in there, that water will stay there for nowhere for it to go.

It might evaporate up into the air, but after the air gets to say 80% humidity, because it’s in a closet, well, then there’s no more moisture that can evaporate in the air. Thank you. This is one of the important things people miss when they’re trying to get something dry is, uh, making sure that the air that they’re trying to dry it with Ken, the moisture, uh, we’ve all had this app before we got into a shower Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, someone to have a really hot gala and they just kept going and up for 30 minutes without the fandom you walk in and boy, it hit you like a brick wall. That bathroom is humid. It is very human. You walk in there. A lady would go in there with her nicely freshly curled hair. Cause there’s so much moisture in the air that their curls will fall right out.

Or if you try to get in and, and look in the mirror, you won’t be able to see your face severe because it’s nearly completely bogged down. Now you could is a great opportunity to make awesome beer pictures. And you say, what is a mere picture here? Pictures where you purposely pause up class, getting they’ll do this. I bought here in the car. I got it. The glass, they ha they used their hot air. They blow on it on the glass. It’s pretty big foggy area. And they take their figures. Those drawing is a phone. Try to make up a little picture. They might put a smiley face. They might write a, put a little bird. I might put a peace sign. You might write the word hi or hello. And it’s where we use the condensation on the cold blast. That our hot breath.

Great. Uh, this is where you’ll have sweat running down your windows. Yep. Inside air is cold. The inside air is warmer, but it’s also very human. And so we use this principles of distill water because you evaporate the water. You re condensate it back onto a colder surface. And now you’ve got here about red water. Perfect cleaning told it’s 90, 98. We are complete carpet to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Or find us on the web at complete carpet, Give us a call today to get on your way to enjoy your home again Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Your home is your castle. So enjoy your capitals. Hit down on the floor and enjoy being on the ground with your grandkids, with your kids, or just by yourself. As you watch a movie with your loved ones.