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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Can We Educate The Rest Of The Team?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Can We Educate The Rest Of The Team?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan to Sabrina’s with complete carpet. We want to talk about your Tulsa Carpet Cleaning experience. What are all of the different facets and opportunities that we have for you to make, contain, maintain that castle of yours, to maintain your home, to maintain your home away from home, your office, to maintain all of the different places that you are after it’s been installed. We helped you to maintain it, keep it one thing to invest your money into an item, but you also have to say, whatever item I buy, whatever item might get, what is the maintenance cost of that item? And so this is a, a part of that. So many people forget to factor in is the maintenance cost, the daily maintenance cost. And a lot of times we think, Oh yes, I have, I have hit melt.

Awesome. And I’ve gotten to the thing that I really wanted to get to. And then you realize after a while that you are an, you have overtaxed yourself, you’ve over spent you’ve overbought. I love one of the quotes that it was Dave Ramsey said, you always look at the maintenance cost of an item Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. It’s not just telling you or to buy the item. The question is, can you afford to keep the item? And this is important because we get in our budgeting phase. A lot of times we just budget to get to things. So we buy five cars, we buy five lawnmowers, we buy five, uh, trailers, and we say, okay, cool. I bought the balls now, what do I do next? Well, yeah, you now have to afford to keep them, uh, cars require insurance and title attacks. Every year, oil changes, they retire required or new tires.

They require just general upkeep and maintenance. Then you required to, to be washed. I mean, we’ve all seen a car that has not been washed and has been outside in the sun for say five years. And it no longer has the beautiful paint job at once head because it has sat outside uncared for and maintenanced. Uh, you also see the car that is just in immaculate perfect condition. It’s been garage kept and it looks just supremely. Awesome, because it has never been used. It has been cared for. It has been lightly used. It has been maintained. It has been protected from the environment. It has been taken care of, but a lawnmower. If you just let it sit there for a year and don’t use it, the gas will go bad. You will try to start it and you’ll get bad gas into it, which will gum up the carburetor, mess up all the stuff.

They have gas stabilized just for people who forget to keep it maintained their car or to maintain their car Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. They’re also their Mo lawnmower. And so then you have other what they call the hidden costs of items. We see this with pro athletes and movie stars who get out there and they are like, yes, I’m going to live the big life. I’m going to live a grand life. So you know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do without thinking, do I really want to do that? Cause everything that you buy also, you’re buying a response ability. For example, I go out and I buy 12 dogs. I can’t just upset. I bought $12. Woo. Tap out on the next thing. No, no, no, no. 12 dogs, well probably dominate the vast majority of your life.

Let’s give it a personal example, a swimming pool. If you buy a house with out a swimming pool, you know what you never, ever, ever have to do. You never have to maintain a swimming pool Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. But if you buy a house with a swimming pool, do you know what you will have to do every day? Not, I mean, you could choose not to do it every day. You could choose you do it once a week or once a month. You could choose to say, I just never have got to do it. And you will not have a swimming pool. You will. I have a frog pond. A frog pond is where somebody, it has a swimming pool and they have decided they did not factor in the cost needed for maintenance and repair. The time needed for maintenance, repair, put all that stuff aside. You’re like, we don’t want to have enough money.

I will pay somebody else to do. Okay. Well then that is a maintenance cost. You were saying, my time is not worth spending into this, but I will have to pay somebody else X amount per month to maintain it. I have to pay somebody. I have to pay the electric company X amount of month to keep the pool pump running. I have to pay X amount of money every month to buy more pool chemicals. I have to pay X amount of money every month for someone to come out and clean the pool. I have to pay X amount of money every month for someone to, or for maybe a small thing to get in there and to chemicalized the pool to check the pool, we need to see whether the water is in the proper amounts. I need to back wash the filter. I need to clean out the, uh, the strainers.

I’ve got to get out there and make sure all of the pool toys for the people getting in there. I need to make sure the pool is that the proper temperature. And you’re like, Whoa, wait a second. That is, sounds like I have bought myself a job. You have, you bought yourself a job. You become the pool boy, because you have a pool in your backyard Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. You need to maintain that pool. But you don’t think about the fact that all the things that go into a public pool of what they do to maintain and take care of that place, that you will now get to be the sole proprietor of a pool establishment. If you have a pool in your backyard and it’s not that bad, you can do it pretty efficiently, but really you’re gonna have to dedicate five minutes every day to taking care of that pool.

And then probably 30 minutes once a week to making sure you just do that really thorough, deep cleaning every day. You’ve got to go through and check the skimmers. You got to do a typical check. You’ve got to make sure that you do a skim the top of the pool and then check the skimmers and empty the baskets and then check on the pump itself. Check the thing and then check your, so you got, let’s say you just whip around. Maybe you get really good at it. Two and a half minutes. You just run out there, knock it out fast, get it done. Finished out, went, bam. Thank you. Ma’am done the next one. And at seven days a week at let’s just say five minutes to make it easy. That’s 35 minutes a week. You got half an hour every single week for the entire pool season.

Let’s say that your tire pool season is 52 weeks in a year. You’ll probably have 10 of those weeks. You don’t do something. We’ll just call it 40 weeks. So we’ve got 40 times 30 is you’re looking at additional, uh, 40 weeks at half an hour. We’ll say we’ll round it up to an hour because you’ve also got to do the full big cleaning, which will take 30 minutes and 30 minutes of maintenance. So one hour a week, she got 40 hours. You’ve got one full business work week invested into maintaining your pool a year. So, okay. The pool, I will buy a pool. I buy a house with a pool, and now I know that I’ve also bought a job. I bought it 40 hour a year job. That’s pretty efficient. I mean, did you only knock it out 40 hours a year? That’s actually pretty good because it can take you five to 10 hours just opening and closing your pool, which is a whole nother bag of worms. So know what it is that you’re investing in and why it’s important for you. Grab that next day. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. Four nine four seven zero nine three.