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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Can You Get Started With Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Can You Get Started With Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. They were talking about maintenance your pets, maintenance your pets. This may seem like an odd conversation to have. If you’ve been dealing with carpets and we’re dealing with rugs, we’re dealing with tile and staircases and upholstery. Maintenancing your pets means that you need to stay on top of their care, health, and wellbeing, but also because it will have an effect on your carpet and on your home Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So get us call today (918) 494-7093 down the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, enjoy your castle. It is your home, so you should be excited to get back to it. And you can also check us out on the web at complete carpet, or find us on Facebook at complete carpet. So getting back to maintenancing your pets, we want to go over a couple of different tips and tricks that help you to maintain the health and wellbeing of your home while also caring for your pet at the same time.

So let’s go over the couple of areas that your pet can, uh, on purpose or inadvertently cause damage to your home. All pets do cause some type of wear and tear to homes, depending on the type and kind of pet Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. These are the general areas that you see wear and tear on your home from, uh, the area. Number one is specific damage specific confronting damage. So the pet is doing something on purpose to damage your home. This typically will come in the form of being trapped in a room or having something in the carpet they want at, or a door they want to get under or door. They want to get through. They need to get outside and go to the bathroom. They get trapped in a room because they don’t want to be in, they panic. They try to get out, uh, just look over you, uh, trying to find some way to get to.

And I’ve actually had one customer, which is a unique one. I haven’t had this specific equation happen before, but it happened. Let’s see what it is. I don’t think it was two days ago, uh, talking with a customer and they had the carpet was torn up on both sides of the door Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And I typically we see patching that needs to be done one side of the door, but not the other, uh, the cat or the dog will go into the bedroom. And then the door shuts, trapping them inside the bedroom. Now they panic, they freak out. They went out and so they tried to dig through or dig under the door. Well, this particular was, there was a biggie in the car, on the carpet, outside the door, which didn’t make sense. Cause if you’re like, why would an animal try to date, try to dig their way into a door when they’re in the big, open, outside space.

So it’s a hallway that connects to the living room that connects to the back area. And yet they’re trying to dig into a bedroom from the outside. And he said, what will happen is they have two female cats. One cat will be on the inside and do something to shut the door on the cat. That’s on the outside. And the cabin, the inside is trying to get a gout and it starts whining and complaining. Then Academy outside, I guess, in trying to help. It’s like a prison break. So the other Academy outside comes over and they say, Hey buddy, I see that you’re stuck inside there. You need a hand? And he’s like, I sure I don’t. I don’t know what you mean by that though. I, I, we, you do realize we’re cats. Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry. Wrong word. Do you need a Paul?

Oh yes. Okay. Now if you’re gonna offer me a Paul, I will definitely use your Paul and claw. You have them that you’ve been being clawed yet because if you’ve been declawed, sorry, it’s not going to help. We’ve got to make this prison break and all we’ve got her a couple of spoons. So we’re going to have to be very careful. We don’t break our spoon. It’s the only spin we’ve gotten to dig our way out Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Alright buddy. So here’s what I need you to do. I need you to get me. I’m motivated, motivated. How am I going to motivate you? These two cats are planning their, their prison break and the outside cat is looking at the cat on the inside wall. Honestly, now that I’m mentioning cat so many times that it does feel like I’m talking about some guys in prison that are referring to each other as cats, they know like, Hey man, that’s a smooth cat right there.

I don’t know exactly what that meant and why a kitty cat is, is indicative of something smooth or manly. But the kitty cat always kind of meant. I mean, obviously there’s tomcats and they can be very, uh, an alley cat. Oh yeah. An alley cat. That could be, that could be a rough cat right there. But to me, kitty cats are more like, you know, uh, sweet and adorable and cute something like when my little daughter wants to do so get a backdoor thing. You’ve got the prison break Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. You’ve got the outside cat and the inside cat. And they’re sitting there just trying to dig through. He’s like, look, I need something to get me motivated. What do you got anything in there that might get me going for why I want to do? And they’re like, okay, I’ve got, um, you know, inside here, I’ve got a ball who a ball could do it, but I can’t see the ball.

So you have to give me something a little better. He’s like, well, what about this string? You’re like, Oh, I can do string strings. A lot of fun. And you can trade me some string. I’ll help you dig out of there. And like, okay, cool. I can’t see the string either. He was like, ah, you’re right. And the string, this is gonna be a, this is gonna be a tough dig. I gotta go all the way underneath the door, which means I have to go through carpet. I have to go through pad. Oh, I gotta take it back. Ready to go through the carpet fiber. Then we got to go to the carpet backing. I have to get through the carpet padding. And more than likely, we’ll have to go through the concrete below that because we do realize that carpet and carpet padding are only a half an inch thick.

And we’re getting me to get your whole head through there because we do know that if he cat get his head through something and the rest of the body will somehow contort fit through. So all we gotta do has got to get that, that the rest of that through there, I need something. I need some motivation. I need some massive motivation. What? Yeah, I need something that’s really going to get me pumped up Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I got to dig through concrete here and the other cats look at him and Academy insight just says here, hold on. I know it. I got the ticket. I know what it is going to take to get you. We’re going to get myself out of here. You’re going to help me. I know what it’s going to take. Hold on just a second. And the County outside said, what on earth could you get there with zip me up and get me as excited enough to dig straight through this carpet, Patty and the concrete and tear apart this door. What is it? And it comes back and he’s like, sniff, sniff, sniff, wait, wait, hold on. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. What is that? I have noticed numb things. Sniff, sniff sniff is that, Oh, you got, you got the stuff. Didn’t you. And be like, yeah, I told you I was going to get you something. What is it? What did you get me? Oh, I’ve got it right here. It is a bag of catnip.