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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Advice On Our Carpets?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Advice On Our Carpets?

Welcome to the Garvin DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And today we’re going to talk about the importance of chemicals. Uh, I get asked this question a lot and where people will say, Hey, we’re going to clean my carpets while cleaning my carpets. I, uh, want to know from you the carpet King and the expert of carpets, the carpet wizard, the wizard of carpet tree. And I’d say, wait a second, hold on the first three. Yes. The fourth one, no carpentry is not to the act of, of caring for, or taking care of carpets. That is actually the act of dealing with wood. I’m not, I guess, a carpenter is the person who works with wood though. Not sure why it’s not called a wood. What a term, maybe a wood term or wood woodsmen, a wood Carver with lots of words, with wood in them.

And that carpet, the word with carpet in it is the one that talks about how to deal with the wood. I’ve not, I’ve never totally understood that it’s still a slight mystery in the back of my head, but we’ll just move on from there to say that you are going to be the best carpet person and you would need to tell me, I have this request from you. I have a big ask. And my big ask is how do I put this into, in a way that, that you will be able to give me the answer I want to, what is the best Tulsa Carpet Cleaning chemical? Now, this is a great question. It’s also a question that in my humble opinion does not matter much at all. And the reason is after 22 years of doing this at a lifetime of doing this, I can come in and clean up a spot in my carpet with anything that’s available almost in the house.

Now, will I have specific chemicals that I know that are meant for a specific task that I can use in those situations? Absolutely. But if I’m out there and I’m just near somewhere and somebody just spilled a little bit of spaghetti on the floor, I’m going to grab a paper towel Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, and I’m going to go over to a, uh, you know, a little bit of hand soap or maybe a little bit of Dawn dish. So I’m going to get just a small little teeny squirt on my finger, and I’m gonna take a wet rag. I’m gonna go over. I’m going to wipe up what I can off the floor. I’m going to take a little bit of that soap. I’m going to rub it on where the spaghetti he was to kind of break it down a little and I’ll take that wet rag and I’m going to wipe it.

It’s it all off. And so at the end of the day, soap is just, so are there other selves more specifically designed? You don’t wanna use any self that has bleach in it? So no disinfecting soap. So if it’s meant for your bathroom, don’t use it anywhere else. Because most of that soap is all has bleached base. So it’s a disinfected or stride to color a toilet bowl. Cleaner nine times out of 10 is not specifically cleaning the toilet bowl. A lot of times it’s bleaching out the stuff that’s in the toilet bowl. So it looks clear and clean when it’s really just white. It’s still gunky and still there, but on that’s the top different topic for a different day Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, uh, when getting into your, um, for your home there, you’re wanting to clean up stuff. So what is the best cleaner? So here is my pro tip for you pick a single chemical line.

And the reason that this matters for everything you do is that if you’re in one chemical line, you’re not going to be replicating yourself. Uh, and why would you not want to be replicating yourself? And this is why I believe if you’re in a single chemical line, you will have every chemical that they produce will be a different chemical. They’re not going to reap. They’re not going to make three different chemicals that all remove stains. They’re going to have one chemical to remove stains, one chemical to break up pet spots, one chemical to break up a greasy oily spots, one chemical to roof, makeup and ink based products that have another chemical to get rid of plant based or organic stains like wine and, um, you know, pet and urine and things like that. The hub each chemical will be doing something different so that as you approach different types of spots, they’ll have a different chemical.

Whereas if you go buy five different chemicals from different manufacturers, that it’s a good chance. You buy five products that all do the exact same things. You have five different bottles of essence, just the same chemical. It’s all exactly the same. There’s not a difference in those five different chemicals. Whereas if you buy five chemicals from the same manufacturer, you’ll have five different chemicals that do different things. One may be an emulsifier. One may be an enzyme. One may be a disinfectant. One may be a solvent. So you’ll have different products that are doing different things they’re meant for different tasks. And so this is something that is important. I think when you’re going through also, uh, there’s a, uh, an old story I read once where a, an old golf pro, he is there and he’s talking to guys and they’re like, Oh, it’s these new, these new clubs.

Let me tell you, these new clubs are amazing. They have, they’ve got the trajectory and the swing and the snap. And I mean Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, I can hit farther and longer. And like this, these are just amazing clothes. The clubs that are really making, he said, Nope. He said, the clubs are there to compensate for all lack of skills. So really good clubs could compensate for your lack of skill. But if you have enough skill, the clubs are irrelevant and they’re like, Nope, that’s not right. That’s not right. That’s, that’s not true. That’s not true. And so he went out there with an old set of clubs from like the 1940s, a wooden clubs with actual steel metal wedges. And he went out there and he shot under par on a pro car course during a competition. And because he focused and he used the clubs to hit the right spots, to use them in the right appropriate manner.

And when using your clubs, using your tools in life, it doesn’t really matter what the tool is. The question is, how do you do you know how to use it? So I suggest everybody to pick one line of chemical and start using it. And the first time you may be like, Hey, I didn’t really quite feel like he used it right. Second time you use it, you get a little bit better by the 10 or 15, the 20th time, you’d be like, I have a master. I know just exactly what this chemical does, where it works on and how it works. And so it’s important to know your chemical and to get used to it and to get in a flow with that chemical so that you make good choices, good ideas, and good processes with that particular set of chemicals, Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Since 1998, we are complete carpet.