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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Advice On Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Do You Need Advice On Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s. Yeah. And I want to call over. Okay. Want to go over? We are with complete carpet. I want to go over. Um, what is it that we do? How do we extend the life of your Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. That’s 22 years. I know it. Sometimes you give a year and you know that you’re getting old, you know, that your life is starting to get into that next phase of your life. When somebody asks you how old you are and you don’t remember right off top of your head, you know, when you’re younger, you can tell like by the month you’re like, Ooh, I am only, I’m only six it’s months away from my birthday. I’m only speaking of, I just want to give you this, this little nugget of knowledge they did.

They just deep research. They really been looking into it. They found that, um, every person who’s ever been born will die within six months of their birth date. I, if I did it blew me away. I did realize that every single person that’s ever been born will die within six months of their birthday. So don’t know if you think that through you’re like at X that’s the entire year, six months before or six months after that’s exactly the same Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998. So going back to what we’re talking about is that he started to get older and you realize that you are having a hard time remembering when your birthday is because at first you’re like, yes, I’m turning 16. Yes. I’ve heard of 21. Yes. I’m 25. Yes. 30. Yes. I’m 30, I think. And you know that you’re getting old. When you go back and you say, well, let’s see I was born and you have to take the year that you’re born in and then subtract the year that it currently is.

I tried to do the math to figure out how old you are, you know, that you you’ve gotten to the point where you no longer really care. And for those of you who wonder when you’re about 35 to 40, is when you should go through a mid life crisis Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I’m going to just tell you now that if you are in your fifties, you are not going through a midlife crisis. The percentage of people that make it to a hundred years old, the people that get to become a Centurion, uh, is so incredibly small because we have an average age that we have an average age for men in the United States at 77 years old. So if you take 77 and you divide that by two, because that’ll give you the halfway you’re mid life, you gotta be in the middle of your life to go through a midlife crisis.

So 77 means that at 40 is 80. So it’s a little bit too high, 35 only gets to 70. So you gotta be somewhere between 35 and 40. So let’s say 37 and a half or 38. So somewhere there. So up until about forties, you’re, you’re allowed to have a midlife crisis after 40. You’re no longer in your midlife crisis, you’re you should be across your halfway point and you should be firmly planted in the I’m moving towards retirement of half of my life. All right. So getting back to what we were talking about originally is we were started in 1998. So now the year is 2020, which means we are 20 years in business. And you think, what do you do for 2020? I clean a lot of carpets, uh, care for and help a lot of customers. Uh, we’ve uh, originally started. And we’ll just do a quick recap.

We only got three minutes on this after this podcast that we got to have to go fast Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. This is gonna be like rapid fire supervise. All right, ready? So we start off with a contract with was housing authority. And this tells the housing with our contractors who installed the carpet and say, we install all the carpets for the Tulsa housing authority at multiple locations. They have a whole bunch of houses that they buy. And we do all like carpet there. They, I think about 63 houses for section eight houses and they add two apartment complexes. So we did all the carpets in those two apartment complexes. We made sure that we always stay under budget. I’d always, I prided myself and be able to get the whole year, while staying within the budget that they had given us this, a frustrated the apartment managers, because they needed to use their budget up every year.

And I always stayed under the budget every year. And if you stay under budget, then the next year as unfortunately, the way they do all government is that if you don’t use up the budget, you get two years in a row, they will reduce the budget down to the amount that you use, which I think is just smart. Yes, of course you don’t need the money. Yeah. You know, don’t allocate it. But the problem is, is that for a manager Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, if they don’t have me come out and do the work again, and they get somebody else who is that’s efficient, then the next year they’re going to be way over budget because other people didn’t were not as efficient and did not do all of these. They pride themselves in coming in under budget. They definitely pride themselves and using up the budget as fast as humanly possible.

I just can’t operate my life that way. I think, you know, that I would just lose a part of my soul if I was to go out there and try to gouge and under and over cut a market, I’m definitely the undercut of market type person. I’m like, Hey, I want to give you more value than what I’m getting paid for. And I should always push to try to exceed that value ratio because I think it’s integrity. That’s what it needs in the long run. You gotta live life in four year long run. If you’re living life for just today, then you will never have it tomorrow. You’ve got to live your life in a way that says, I want to do things because I have a long history in front of me. And I want to be known over time as somebody that was trustworthy.

Uh, uh, it was once said, uh, by, uh, Warren buffet that it takes a decade to build up your reputation and only five minutes to destroy it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And so you’ve got to spend your whole life, all of your life, always trying to pursue excellence, and also to make sure that you’re protecting your reputation and that you are having consistency, because everybody wants to sin. Everybody wants to fall behind. Everyone wants to go through things. It’s not that you desire it, but you’re going to, I mean, there’s some part of you that does want it. That’s why you do it. And then there’s another part of you that does not want to make those mistakes. That’s you have the little white angel or the red devil on your shoulders, trying to direct your decisions as you go out throughout your life.