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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Don’t Forget To Visit Us Online!

Welcome to the Coca DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet today. I want to talk about, um, following through Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet and the follow through of what you do is I think really what makes all the difference? You can talk about all that you want to do, but until you actually execute and nothing has truly happened,

Uh, dr. Stephen Covey talked to me as a book about the seven habits of highly effective person. He talked about how everything is created twice. We have two creations of every item that ever made. Yeah. The physical creation where you take and actually make the thing in the world. But you have to have the mental creation where you think what it is that would be done, or lay it out, plan it out and design it before you would be able to know what is that you’re going to put together or create. And so there’s a part of this podcast series is that we’re wanting to do is to get people to understand that why the different packs, facets and functions of your Tulsa Carpet Cleaning process that needs to be done. And once you understand why it needs to be done, you can start planning for it to be done, but you typically there’s now every now and then we’ll have an emergency.

So somebody will call in and just to say, Hey, this just happened. And I need help now. And so we try to find some way to accommodate them. Sometimes we are right there. Sometimes we are not, um, but uh, able to get there right away. Cause we are currently helping the customers who did plan ahead. Now you can’t really plan ahead for an emergency, but you do try to respond to it. And so everything else that is an emergency, then you want to try to plan ahead and say, okay, I don’t one day just say, man, the carpets are dirty. Maybe I should do something right now about it, which sometimes you can get that to happen. But the problem is is that there’s not someone available right now to do it. Then you’re typically left with a decision that, well, then I won’t do it now where you should be like, Hey, I’m thinking about this.

Let me plan out a time that this will happen that way Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. For sure it happens. And also I’m ready for it. It’s planned. It’s set up. It’s done. It’s like saying, well, I’ll just go take my wife on a date. Um, when I think about it or when you know, the opportunity rises and of course everything else is going to come in override that opportunity because everything else you are planning for, whereas there, you’re just hoping that it will happen as opposed to planning it. It’s like the old adage says that a dream with a deadline is a goal. And so you can take your dreams, make them to reality by giving them a deadline saying within this timeframe, this will happen and you get out there and you make that happen by in some way, form function, push through and find a way to get that thing that you’ve been thinking about that high concept, the idea there and make it into your reality carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet.

So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And we talk about follow through. We want to talk about what it is that you’re going to follow through on. And that is that you’ve set some high goals, some plan, some concept in place. And now you are going to act out that concept an idea. So you could say we are the best carpet cleaner. You could say that we show up on time can say that we’re great at communication. You could say that we are one of the highest, most reviews for Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. You could say that we’ve got a hundred video reviews talking about what the experience is like with complete carpet. You could say that we have the best dressed, clean looking technicians. You could say that we keep our vehicles in tip top shape. You could say all of this stuff, but until you actually see one of our bands until you actually get to experience a carpet cleaning until you actually have seen and done it, it doesn’t exist yet.

It’s like Schrodinger’s cat. He gets sad that that cat inside the box is in all different States and kinds of function. And so you could say that he is there. He is not there. He is alive. He was dead. But I tell you I can open it up and have the knowledge you put the practical application in place. Then it does yet to exist. Just like Stephen Covey talked about the, it is the follow through it is the, everything is created twice, once in our bind and once in reality. But until both of those, the two creations come together, then nothing has happened. You can’t start working. If you gave somebody just a ton of boards and said, make something, they’d look around. And there’s nothing to make. Like you’ve just got boards and wood and glue. They would then have to stop before they made anything.

And either find the plans from somebody else’s design or sit down and write out and figure out a design of their own. They can’t just put the word together and it will become something. You have to have a thought, you have to have design what it is that you want it to be before you put it together to create it. And so I wanted to go over some of the things that we do and how we follow through with it, and also how you can translate those into what you do when we come in and we want to make the best carpet cleaning experience. So we’ve got a checklist of things that we do. We prep the band. We bring in the hoses. We made sure we brought in all the tools that are proper. It appropriately mixed up the chemical proper. We have brought in the hoses Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

We’ve checked to make sure we have enough of water so we can finish the job that we’re working on with clean the filters, because a dirty filter will slow down the suction, which will make for wetter longer cleaning. Uh, we have gone through and checked to make sure all of the parts of the vans are working as expected. We then go in and start cleaning. And we’ve got a specific path that we cleaned by. We get behind the door, we get into the clauses, we get through the bulk area then to the hallway, then to the entry areas and then back out the door. Um, well checking and looking back at all these processes to make sure that we are doing what we wanted to get done in those base, that we looked back back at the area and say, if this was my home, would I be happy with this?

Then when we’re finished, we do a connection Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. We check with the customer, make sure that all the stuff we’ve done is up to their standards. That it looks good. And if there’s any areas that we’re not able to get done perfectly, we make sure we go and we talk to show it to the customers that they are aware of what it is, how, what we did to try to rectify the problem, what we did to try and fix it. And some things just, unfortunately, can’t be completely taken out because carpet is a sustainable Deibel fabric carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.