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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Getting Whatever You Need From Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Getting Whatever You Need From Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan. Sabrina’s here with complete carpet, your perfect cleaning solution. Give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. I want to talk to you about all of the different kinds and styles of carpet that are out there. I get asked this, uh, I think there was about two days ago. I had a customer sit down and asked me what she thought she should or what I thought she should do with her Tulsa Carpet Cleaning next. And it’s a difficult process because we all want to have somebody to tell us what to do. And I do agree sometimes we need just need to be told, like I walked upon somebody who was struggling with a door. And so I walked up to them and I grabbed the door and I pulled on it instead of pushed on it and did the, uh, and the door came open and they looked in there point, they just didn’t realize that the door was a pull and not a push.

And so, yeah, sometimes we do need someone to come in and just show us the way this, get it done for us, because we could get the time and effort. We did a podcast on this once before is the importance of skill. Not saying that you cannot do it just saying you choose not to, because you want to hire someone who already has the skill and that way you use your money in exchange for someone’s time that they spent honing that skill. Or, um, other times like for Tulsa Carpet Cleaning you’re wanting to get something done. And there is a, a lot of things that we could accomplish and do, uh, in that same space or in that same vein, but could be done in a way that is not, uh, not the same as what you have the capacity to do, no matter how much skill you did, it would require 50 to $60,000 in equipment to be able to replicate the same effect that is that we can do because we’ve already invested the money and the equipment.

Some things just cannot be replicated with skill. They require you to have certain tools also at your disposal. Prep cleaning told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. For example, they could go out and buy a Lamborghini, or you could also just rent one for a certain amount of time to see what it’s like to enjoy the fascia life. I don’t have to put out enough money to buy a another house with. So looking at the different types of carpet and then all the different styles that there are, uh, trying to figure out who it is, what it is. I think this is one where it’s such a deeply personal thing that as you move forward, you should be looking at the, um, thing. Did you want to accomplish what you wanted to do with the carpet and take that into factor in? I could definitely come in, put a type of carpet in there.

It’d be a great Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. It worked well, but you may not enjoy your home. And so you want to make sure that you’re choosing something that sets you up to where you can enjoy your home. Home is your castle. It’s the place that you go. It’s a place that you should run to not run from. And so we want to make sure that you are putting things in there. So let’s jump down the list quickly. I will start off with the least comfortable, but most functional carpet is Berber carpet. This is like Lupe carpet. This type of carpet is very, very durable. It also is not very comfortable because of the loops and the type of fiber. Mostly is Nate with all of it, which is stain resistant. And, but it is very abrasive. So if you got down to your knees and kind of crawled around the carpet, playing with your grandbabies or with your children, eventually all the hair on your knee is going to get rubbed off.

And if you don’t have any hair on your knees already, then the skin is going to rub until it turns red and wrong. And so you want to try to make sure that if you do put this in, you’re going to put it in a space. That’s going to need to take the brunt of aware, physical, stepping, and then someone’s not going to get one to get down and enjoy the carpet. Now you can get a burger that is solid, enjoyable, but the cost to make it because he’s, uh, fibers loop. And so it’s got a single continuous fiber.

They typically cost a tremendous, quite a bit more than standard Tulsa Carpet Cleaning because of the, um, the type of fiber that’s needed. [inaudible] are complete carpets. I could just call it a date (918) 494-7093. And as you’ve seen that, I getting that taken care of the next part to it is your pile of carpet. This is just a regular carpet that has a, uh, that’s a regular carpet that has been cut to one level, even like, uh, typically this is a shorter pile of carpet, not really long, but it can be a medium like carpet. Uh, this is going to have a whole lot of variety to it, and it’s going to be your most durable, long lasting for the soft feeling card. So you want to have a nice, good, soft deal, probably Antio five or six nylon, and it will be a good feel to the carpet as you walk across, but also is going to think they’re all the same level they will hide, or they will not show a footprint.

And if you get a short, say a half an inch, not a very long fiber, uh, the shorter fiber will allow it to have better durability than regular fibers. Do the last one or the main of your trio of different types of carpet is your Jose, which is a different level of cuts. It’s kind of a crinkled, curly looking Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Okay. The carpet is, uh, can be really cheap. It can be done well. It’s like a modern shag. It’s very decorative and people do like, it can be very soft. And it also is like having a perm as you walk on it, then fibers eventually do go straight to have such a curly fiber. It has to be yeah, a lot longer fiber. So I went into curled. It looks shorter. And then it, as you walk on it, straightens it out from that because of that, the fibers are spaced out farther apart and they will fall in between each other and go flat. And this, when it goes flat, that’s just the way the carpet will look from that point forward. A lot of people will replace the Tulsa Carpet Cleaning when it gets, once it goes flat, which is typically somewhere between five to seven years, the carpet can last 20, but they don’t like the texture of the look of it anymore.