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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena’s at the today. We’re going to talk about longevity of your carpet, carpet, cleaning and Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. Second, let’s call it a day (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your home again. Your home is your castle. So enjoy it. You should work for, to make a environment that you would want to staycation in instead of vacation from. So the longevity of your carpet has multiple different factors that come into play to try to, um, determine how long that car is going to last. So let’s start off with factor. Number one, the easiest part is you’ve chosen your you’re choosing your carpet. How much did you pay for your carpet? Uh, this is the simplest thing. Doctor. It’s the old you, you get what you paid for Tulsa Carpet Cleaning? Uh, no.

Well, things are an exact one to one ratio of what you pay for is what you get. But the majority of things are the cheaper Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Something is the more it is considered to be disposable. And the more expensive it is, the more permanent it seems to become a, if you’re going to pay five 50 a yard for carpet, then it’s probably going to wear out in five years or so. And you spend 10 bucks on carpet. You’re probably going to get seven to eight years of life out of it. If you get up into the 15 to 20 year range, 15 to $20 range, you get maybe 15 years out of it and then $30. Plus it’s all going to be about the same, uh, at a certain time point, the quality switches over from me, creased longevity, to just more comfort, you’re paying for more fanciness and not for better carpet, but directly.

Um, you can go all the way up to like 60 and $80 yard carpet. You can get some real long life longevity out of those carpets though. They are not specifically designed for the longevity. They’re designed for the comfort at a certain point. So you’ve got this little switch that kind of flips as you start to get in. This is kind of the true for most things. You’ve got where you’ve got cheap, you got good, you’ve got best. And then you’ve got exotic. And the exotic, typically you’re paying not for the quality anymore. You’re paying for the, uh, the, the bells and the whistles, so to speak. Uh, this also is true with everything else Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. If you go out to eat, uh, a five to $10 meal is going to be very budget, gourmet ish, you get into a 10 to $20 meal, and you’re going to be in the realm of much higher quality items and you get up to 40 to $50 and you’re going to be in, you know, really fancy, uh, you know, premium, super premium quality thing to wear.

I mean, there’s a, there’s a subtle difference that if you know, you’re starting to top out and the best of your quality, you’re not going to get above about $50 in food for the quality of the food. After that, you’re now paying for the atmosphere that you, your food in. So no longer is the food changing because the food has, it’s not captive price, but there’s just like a state can only be so expensive. You can only get the best cut of steak and then you tap out on how much it costs. So after that, you’re now no longer paying for the quality of the food or the quantity of the food, though. I guess you could put it this way. Is that when you’re cheap, you’re paying for a small quantity. You go to Belgrade, you’re paying for it, a larger quantity, and you go to high end grade, you’re going to a larger quality.

And then after that, after about the $50 barrier on food, now you’re just paying for the atmosphere no longer are you paying for the item itself, but you’re paying for the exotic you’re paying for it. I would like to eat my steak while in a helicopter or on a old fashion train Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I like to eat my steak while I’m being serenaded by a band or while watching a movie, or there’s all these different experientially, um, experiences that you wanna eat your steak while you’re on a, a large boat, which is a unique experience you could do in Branson with the brands that bell it’s like a dinner theater, which is a Viet har, is the way that we pronounce it. It gives really posh and you’ve done it properly. And even there you can pay for, uh, you’ve got a low and middle and an upgraded where you can get closer to the stage.

So now you’re paying for your experience, or you could get changed from just chicken to add steak Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, and then you could pay for the plating that you get, regardless of where you sit or you can pay for the items. So your carpets are just about the same way. So you need to be looking at your carpets in the realm of saying, what is my budget? How long will I be here? And so I want to give you the low end. It we’ll talk about the middle of the high end next time. But the low end of your budget should say, I’m getting something that’s going to get me by for five to 10 years. If I don’t care for it very well, it might get five years out of it. And I care for it a lot. I could probably squeeze 10 years out of it.

Now you might have to go past that, but you’re going to get the place where it started to look pretty beat down. And we’ve all been at someone’s carpet. So they’ve definitely got past its expiration date. The seams are coming apart. The edges are fraying out and you’ve got bare spots or holes in the carpet in places. So that’s like, you know, you’ve got a pair of tires. You brought most of the tread off. You’re getting down to where you’re, you can see the belts underneath the tires. At that point, you’ve used more of the life than the tire has to give. So you want to try to stay within that comfort right now. Can you still milk out all the extra value you can out of a church? Absolutely. I am definitely someone who’s taking things way past their prime, just because I have yet to come up with the money to replace it again. And that’s the part that I think is important is that if you do something, make sure you do something that you can afford to do. Again. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1988, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093.