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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Can You Learn More About Us?

Welcome to the carpet game podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with the Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Thank you so much for joining us today. Want to go over rugs, the function of rugs, where you can use your rugs. We’re just going to go through all the ideas on rug that we can fit into one podcast. It’s going to be a super duper rug, super special, and we’re just gonna try to carry them, do a whole bunch of probation, as opposed to expounding over it all works. You can try to bull rush through, to try to cover all the different facets and basis of how you would use it. Parker playing in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. We’ll start off with how we can not help. I know it’s going to sound like a bummer. We’re going to start the episode right off with the thing that we can’t do, but I feel like we start from that starting point.

Then we can slowly back into all the things that we can do and help you with Tulsa Carpet Cleaning is in our fiber love for you to give us a call and find out when we can get you on the schedule to get your house feeling good again. Now, typically, now we’ve done a few of them, but if you’ve, if you’ve never had your car rug cleaned with a water-based cleaner and it is a thousand dollars plus rug, and we recommend you only use a dry cleaning company, we don’t personally do shop cleaning. We do all of our plating onsite as part of our, uh, processes that we do. And so we do not offer the batting and the big stuff done because we offer a more efficient, cheap way of getting the rides taken care of. Whereas if you go in to do it, you could spend, you potentially spend one to $300 cleaning a really nice high end rug.

Whereas we only charge 2010 to 20 bucks for cleaning small rugs that we can just do onsite quickly, as opposed to having to go through and do a large process, not process as needed because rugs are not colorfast or they have a very sensitive fabrics and them maybe they’re all silk or they are. I think it’s called the Restauro, which is a wood fiber Polk residue that’s feels like silk there’s, other ones that just have to be done in a very different manner than standard. But if so, on a general point, if the rug feels like it’s, you know, it’s over $1,500, then you’ll probably want to spend 150 or $300 having it clean. You know, it’s five to 10% of the price of the rug data clean that’s should be commensurate to the type of, uh, the way that it has done in that aspect.

So, uh, the next part that you had brought into a B, uh, rugs that are large at room sized roads, have you already had them cleaned before they have been used cleaned by a water based thing? Cause I’ve had some people who have 30 and 40 year old rugs, but they’re not about to move the rug because it’s so large also it’s, uh, it depends. It’s already been completely blocked on like whatever it’s going to be at RDS. And so now they’re just wanting to restore or keep whatever’s there. They just want to rinse it out and make it clean. That’s how most of those we can come in and do, as long as you realize that if you add moisture to something that’s going to be affected by moisture, it may be effected by the moisture. And if you’re okay with it, we’re okay with getting taken care of.

And a lot of the rest of the rugs virtually 99% of all the rest of the rugs are all modern rugs are all synthetic fibers. So they are color past. Even if it’s wool, it’s still colorfast that cause they don’t want you to actually spill water on it. Once it bleeds and runs the broad. So they have already gone through and done all of the steps needed to make it cleanable five professional Tulsa Carpet Cleaning without any problems. And so we’ll get into your large room rugs, which is, this is where you’ve got a large, um, the, say the last house that was just at the living room and the dining room, the kitchen and the hallways were all wood. Now the it’s very beautiful wood looked very nice. The downside though is because, Oh, and the office was connected to it. So you have these four areas, all woods, probably a thousand square feet of wood, all in one space.

And as you walk in there, it’s as if you walked into a cathedral, like you could whisper to somebody. It was like, hello. Hello? Hello? Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. How, how are, are are you you doing, doing, doing, doing, and so you have this, um, repetitive sound bouncing around. So everything that happens in there, it becomes very noisy. And a lot of times the solution without putting carpet in your house, because you realize at all carpeted house is very quiet. And some dude that sounds more like a studio, whereas an all wood house, something more like cathedral as here are they already come in and just say, how do I rectify the situation without I want to keep my lovely wood floors, but I also want to change just the ethic echoing of the room. And there’s two ways. One, you can put a lot of pictures on the walls that have those kind of more box style frames and canvas or padded mats in them.

I think you see this in churches where they’ll put these big sound deadening, bat bats up on the walls and that’s to help you deadness out. So you have a more clear studio. You can hear the words being spoken better, as opposed to the reflecting, or you can take him, cover the car floor with a carpet. Once you get a large group rug, it might be 10 by 10 or 15 by 20. And you get this very large rug you put out in the middle. I can have some decoration to it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, or they’re typically something that’s, you don’t make the big fluffy, it’s got some, something that you would like to have, and you’ve got it all laid out there and you enjoy it. Those need to be cleaned on a fairly regular basis cause your living room rugs and the places that you live in, the room that you’re living in.

And so are a lot of times people will be there moving around and enjoying and captivating, but it also gets a lot of traffic because that’s a space where they get in and they do stuff more often than they do in other places, Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. You get on the road to enjoy your carpets. Again, we’ll cover some of the more, uh, some of the other types of rugs. As we finish out our podcast series so quickly, you have your bath mats, the things that try to absorb waters, come out, you’ve got your mats and your kitchen to kind of give you that extra soft feel as you’re enjoying your home. And you’ve got the ones that are in the entry dry to knock off the dirt from your feet are the ones that are in your bedrooms or around that are trying to protect different areas of the carpet to reduce the wear, say down a hallway, you’ll have a runner and that runner will be there to protect the carpet so that it doesn’t wear out to too quickly.

You’ve also got areas that are there for a form and function. You just want to decoration and the entry to your home, do that. You can make sure that everybody comes in and it looks nice and it’s warm. It’s inviting, it’s welcoming. And so you’ve got lots of different places for rats to go through and all they all have their forms and functions are there to protect your home in some way or form or fashion Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Since 1998, we are complete carpet.