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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Else Can We Make It Better For You?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Else Can We Make It Better For You?

Welcome to the carpet and diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today we’re going to talk about Tulsa Carpet Cleaning that you can enjoy while watching a movie. Now, normally we just talk about the carpet, the carpet fiber, and the backing of the carpet padding underneath the carpet. The thing that you put on the carpet, like your furniture or rugs or stairs, you used to climb up to another level of carpet a day. We decided we’d do something different. That break up the monotony. We would talk about a movie that we just saw last night. This particular movie was by Disney. It’s on the Disney plus platform and it’s called Artemis fowl. I had seen something about the movie coming out. Maybe it did come out in the theaters previously. I just hadn’t paid enough attention to notice it. Obviously, during the last few months, quarantine with the movie theaters themselves being closed, there’s not particularly any new content coming out or being produced.

I’m sure someone is producing the content. It’s just not being released in a widespread format because there’s not a venue to be able to release it in. I think trolls was released as a rentable, uh, like a new release rentable, as opposed to a, I guess, a pre new release. Cause he knew where they used to be just a regular rep. He was this really like a theatrical in-home release, but this one was just released on the Disney platform. I guess I take that back at it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Netflix has done a very good job of releasing new content on a continuous basis by putting new movies that they already had in the can or were finished up, wrapped up production on him, onto their platforms. There’s been quite a few new things there that you could go and check out. But as far as your big movie theater or your big movies, uh, there hasn’t been much.

It’s been pretty quiet on that front. They really just took the majority of all of their movies and pushed them off into like November, December when they think that things would be up and going again. Uh, but so tonight, today we’re going to go over the Artemis fowl movie. I’ve got my son, Logan with me today. I’m not sure if he prefers for his stage name to go by Logan or if he couldn’t go by Garrett to hide his identity. That way his friends does don’t know it’s him. But we watched the movie together last night as a family. And uh, let’s see. So Logan, what is your first take your first impression of Artemis fowl?

What is your first take? What’s your impression of Artemis fowl? Well, let’s say that you are sitting down with your friend. A good friend of yours came up and said, Hey, I saw you saw the movie Artemis fowl. Uh, was it any good? What was the movie about Tulsa Carpet Cleaning? You don’t know how to explain a movie you just saw last night, I guess your memory from 12 hours ago, just poof, completely gone. So obviously this was a cowboy Western movie. They had lots of guns and bullets and there was, it was an all women movie. It was completely a woman cast and it was set 4,000 years in the history and the past or there’s ancient, uh, dinosaurs, roamed the earth still. And everyone there spoke Klingon. I would add the subtitled movie because we couldn’t understand the language that is spoken. And everybody looked like a, they were walking tree people as the entire movie is about the walking tree people and owls is a foul movie is all about it. Did they get it correctly?

Where was I wrong? What did I miss up? What I messed up. Okay. What specifically did I mess up? Everything’s not specific. Let me tell you, my son is a moron. He doesn’t know how to talk. So we’ll have to talk instead for him. Uh, Artemis fowl is about a young boy whose father has mysteriously disappeared and then he comes back every now and then. And he said this famous art collector, uh, his son doesn’t know exactly what he does, but he’s a brilliant boy who by the age of 10 has done virtually everything and accomplished almost anything he could do because he’s got a mind. That’s amazing. He is cloned to shape. He is a redeveloped ways to create new things Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. He has accomplished and done what some adults have yet to do in their lives. And then his father gets kidnapped and the person that kidnapped them request that he picks up some special, strange device.

And the movie is set to him, trying to find this special and strange device from a land that he doesn’t know that exists. The land of the theories in Atlanta, the fairies there’s fairies and there’s goblins and there’s dwarves and there’s trolls. And so he has to team up with and combat against all these different forces, trying to find the item that his father actually already had to begin with just to free his father, but do it in a way that did not risk the whole world, put it all in danger. Then he teams up with a ferry and they’re able to throughout this movie, maybe save the world. Maybe they destroy the world. You have to watch the movie probably to see the end Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, to find out exactly what happens, but they are working hard and trying to find both a way to save the Ferry’s land and to save his father at the same time while making new friends and creating old enemies.

And it leaves you with a good root resolution. It does complete the movie, though. It does leave you unknowing of who the master theme is and who the person behind all of these, um, uh, this disorder, this discord really is. So it kind of leaves you wondering what will happen to me the next movie, but gives you enough conclusion to say that this current movie was finished. So they didn’t leave you with his dad still out there in the alerts. You do that kind of conclusion with his dad, but you don’t have an idea of what has happened or what is going to happen with the, uh, the big bad person. So I can see how there could be an autonomous bell too. And maybe this time they delve more into the underworld, they showed a good, a good chunk of it is kind of more of a, it reminded me a lot of the, the star Wars movie Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. When you went to the, um, I think it was the Nebu, not in the movie where the, a jar jar Binks was from, I can’t remember the name of his place, but he had to go through the ocean until you found this underwater air pocket where all of the city was, the fairy kingdom was set underneath the ocean down here to go through the water. And then you pop into these air air pockets or air bubbles, where the CDs were at inside of the ocean.