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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Else Can You Learn About Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | How Else Can You Learn About Us?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan subpoenas. And today we want to talk about any other types of carpet. We covered berberine our last one. Now we’re going to talk about the cut pile Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Since 1998, we are complete carpets or give us a call today nine (182) 494-7093. Um, similar to wanting to go down the highway. I’m driving down the highway and I see a police officer that has a pickup truck that is pulled over, uh, to white guys, into the pickup truck. He’s been pulled over, probably cause he’s either a taillight out or going too fast and he’s going along and the cop pulls him over and the second cop pulls him behind him. Um, do give him back up to the backup, what it is that he’s doing both and accountability, but also it makes everyone feel safer.

You’ve got two guys there. So you know that you’ve got double eyes on you. You’ve got more accountability, but there’s also a side part to it is that everyone that drives by as I was driving up to the, the cops that pulled over the red pickup truck, you would see red lights go popping on. As people drove up to the scene, they would see the police officers there and they would slow down intrinsically because they one want to give them a little space. But two, they also have now site check to see how fast are they going instead of just driving you actually stopping and looking right now at this time, a lot of people are just kind of driving. They’re not paying attention to their speed. They’re just going down the road, uh, do with more open roads and early morning, sometimes people drive a little bit faster.

Whereas right now people see that police officer and the lights go in and then put the site check to say, Oh, I am going a little too fast. And they all started slowing down. It’s a pretty much in unison, everyone that walked drove up, uh, those two, then it pulled someone over all did a break check. They all kind of slow down about five miles an hour to get down, back down to do it the, uh, the speed limit. And so you’d had this reaction, this reminder. And so our carpets are kind of the same way. We need something to remind us, to keep maintaining them. I’m just as guilty as anybody else that sometimes I get into the phase of life and forget, uh, when was the last time I vacuumed my carpet? When was the last time I did a perfect Tulsa Carpet Cleaning? When’s the last time I did a spot cleaning.

When’s the last time I tried to maintain or turned my rugs to all these things are things that you want to try to think about on a regular basis, because if we don’t schedule it, doesn’t get scheduled. Doesn’t get done that often that you still would get stuff done that you haven’t scheduled. But a lot of times it can go on thought of for a very long time. So I recommend people instead of trying to remember to do something, to just have a certain time that you do it, you know, for us in our family, when we go, it comes around to the morning of Sunday that we all know that the morning of Sunday is when we go to church. We also know that evening of Wednesday is when the kids are going to have some type of a, um, kids, uh, event or thing that they can do over at church Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

They’ll have like a youth youth group or they’ll have a, they’ll have maybe a children’s church program thing Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Uh, you’ll have all these different events that are already on the schedule that are going to be there Mondays and Thursdays is karate for Sunday or for Logan’s or Logan. We’ll go to karate on Mondays and Thursdays. Uh, Lex has a vocal lesson at the piano on Tuesdays. I think it is that the panel had a lesson it’s always at the same time and it’s always on the same day. And so make sure that you create the same type of a rhythm and schedule for yourself that you don’t typically, most people don’t wake up each day and think, gee, I wonder when I go to work today, you generally know all in advance when it is you’re going to do something and what it is you’re going to do.

So put your carpet maintenance on that same schedule. So instead of trying to remember, have I cleaned that back in the carpets recently? Have I done in your spot treatment then just say, Hey, um, let’s just say Tuesday at five 30 in the evening. Every Tuesday when I come home is the day that I will come home and I will do a, uh, a light vacuuming across the house. I’m going to go through and just vacuum everything up. Just same way. We have a laundry day, you know, for me, Sunday afternoons, every other Sunday afternoon, I go in, I do all of my laundry. It’s just go up there, spot check, see what laundry needs to be done. I pick it all in and I put all the laundry and then in the afternoon I take it all out and I fold it all up.

So I need to have some time that you’ve got it scheduled with what doesn’t get scheduled. Doesn’t get done. So get out there and find that specific rhythm, that pattern, that of life, that works well for you. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your castle. Your home is your castle. So enjoy it. Watch to staycation, not vacation from your home so that you can get in there and enjoy what it is that you got. Create a place, a Wonderland, a refuge for you to get back to instead of a refuge, you want to get away from a car. This is going to help you out because it’s also going to save you money that you can use, because if you vacuum on a regular basis, you’ll remove the dust and the dirt and the grime dust, the universal sandpaper, it will break down and tear up your carpet, a fairly short order.

So you want to have something that you leave, uh, in your carpet. It will get walked into your carpet. If you vacuum it off of your carpet, then your carpet will be able to just have the nylon rubbing against the Nile and the fibers rubbing against five fibers. And they will last a nice long time for you. Whereas if you have something that is broken down and has a lot of grit and grime in there, every time you step on it rubs the grit and grime against itself, and it will break it down. Even faster. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998,