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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | If You Need Help Making It Out?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | If You Need Help Making It Out?

Welcome to the carpet DMO podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And I wanted to talk to you today about the importance of having a checklist. We use checklist in complete carpet all the time, and it helps us to maintain as a famous quote from what blue is Benjamin Franklin said that the pen is for remembering and the mind is for critical thinking. So if you buddy your mind up with trying to critically think of, remember, it’s just one part. I think that is, um, it’s not broken, but it’s, it’s overemphasized in our, uh, learning or higher educations at our, uh, grade schools for the kids is that we push them towards just memorizing, um, stats and data. And to, to, uh, remember all of these things, to be able to regurgitate them on a test. And it’s good to have a good basis of knowledge, you need to be well informed, but do think that the purpose of schooling is to memorize certain things, which the majority of us do, we do memorize them.

And then three to six months later, we’ve forgotten for the most part, but just memorizing the data is not, I think what should be really focused on the question is taking all the data that you see critically thinking is, is one of the important aspects of life that is going to really propel you, push you into that next part of life, where you’re going to do something amazing. And so when you’re trying to address, you’re trying to do this Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. You need to open up your mind by having the sources of knowledge that are, that are important. So instead of trying to remember the source of knowledge, instead of write it down, keep a journal, keep a, a checklist, keep a, to do list, keep something that keeps the sources of knowledge that you need there and available to you. And then, uh, have a, uh, have the capacity while looking at that and then critically think and say, okay, what’s my highest best use.

What should I be doing next? Where am I, where am I, uh, skills best used. And also, while looking at that list, you will start to critically think you have written down all of the knowledge. Now you can start putting those puzzle pieces together. If you’re trying to remember the puzzle pieces themselves, it becomes very difficult because you’re trying to create out of thin air, all of the items that you need. And then also figure out in what order way that the way the piece would go Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. If you just lay out all the pieces on the board to do a puzzle, the best way to do a puzzle, this is my personal puzzle beading strategy, or you probably have your own special strategy as you use yourself. But this has always worked for me is that I start off by going through and removing all of the puzzle pieces that have a single line on them.

And this is this single line will indicate an edge and they have two lines because it’s a quarter because it’d be four pieces, four unique pieces of the whole, whole puzzle set and have a quarter. So there’s two straight edges. And then all the rest of the pieces are gonna have one straight line. That’s all my exterior edges of now. I know the boundaries. I know the extent to which this puzzle goes. Now I know the size of the puzzle that I’m doing, because once you understand the size and the scope billing and the details is much easier. I believe that when you’re drawing a picture, it’s helps to do the same thing. You typically don’t start off trying to fill in all of the interior details. You want to put a perimeter around it and the checklist, or like perimeters around the ideas and things you want to do.

So then you can just go to filling it in. So once you’ve got that puzzle, once you’re designing that puzzle, you want to lay all the pieces out and then all the pieces are facing down. It’s going to be extremely hard to stop and put that puzzle together because you’re looking at cardboard really is that kind of brownish paper. He’s got that cardboard there. So you’re going to have to memorize the shape of every single piece and try to see if you can memorize the shape of every other piece. So the pieces are in now, Birmingham plan your memory, and you start trying to see which ones mentally would go together. Whereas if you flip them up, you now can start to see a picture. You only see one small puzzle piece of that picture, but you’re looking at all. The pictures of your mind will start finding patterns in the pictures.

So now you’ve got all the pieces up and you’ve got all the perimeter put in place. And now you’re starting to look for patterns in the picture and you start saying, Hey, look, this piece, that piece and that other piece over there, they all are yellow. Maybe they create some part of the picture that’s yellow. And if you’ve got what I consider to be the cheat sheet, you got the, the front box cover of the puzzle. You’re wanting to do you look over at the front, the box puzzle Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, you’ll see the lady’s dress is yellow. So all yellow pieces, I’m going to collect all the yellow pieces together. Now I’m refining my puzzle down to an area of the puzzle. I want to work on. That’s what checklists do for you. They allow you to refine down the area of what you’re going to work on as opposed to walking into clean carpets.

And you just say, well, there’s a house full of carpet. And there is a van outside with all the tools to do it. And the two things are somehow, we’re going to make the two things work together. Let’s go ahead. Let’s get at it. No, no. I’m going to look at my checklist first. Oh, I mean, I can’t go on to do anything. I have yet to talk to the customer. Okay. Talk to the customer. Yes. I’m going to start off talking to the customer. We’re going to get that knocked out first. All right. Now that we’ve got the talk with the customer, do I need to do next is to, Oh, I need to do a walk through the home. Of course, yes. Now I need to go through it to see all the areas that I need to get done. And this will help with almost every job scene and remembering all of the areas that you want to go get done.

But we’ve got another spot that checklist to confirm that you haven’t forgotten. And Eric, because the last part of the checklist before you shut the van off is you got to go into the customer, tell them everything you did and confirm with them that you need to do. This works for me. I’ve done this for 22 years and I did a job yesterday. And at that job yesterday that I was cleaning the carpets. I walked, I did the walkthrough Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I talked to the customer, I did some stuff. And this is the mind is for critical thinking. And the pen is for remembering, you walked in. I chose not to write down the stuff I thought, Hey, I’ll just remember all the rooms that need to be cleaned. I went through cleaned everything in the house, but went out before I turned the van off before I rolled all the hoses up away.

And I told them, here’s what I did. I did these two rugs. I did the master bedroom. I did master closet. I did the, uh, the spare bedroom over here. And I did the big arts and crafts room. And he looked at me. He said, Oh good. Did you get to the office? And the staircase also, which is on the other side of the house. And I just hadn’t traveled to that side of the house. Since we had done all the work on this side of the house. I said, you know what, thank you for reminding me to be honest. I did forget to do those two areas. I will absolutely get them done for you right this minute. I still got the machines all up and running. That’s why I came to confirm with you. I got all right. And obviously there’s more for me to finish to do before I’m done here.

And I went over and I cleaned this area. So even after 22 years of doing this, my checklist helped me out because I had gone through and done almost all the work. I had missed a room in a staircase and I needed to get that room and staircase done. And the only way I was going to know it is that I talked to the customer and made sure they confirmed with me that all the things that I had remembered to do other things that they wanted to do. And they said, Hey, wait a second Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. There’s something more that you were told to do that you didn’t get done. And I said, you know what, you’re right. I need to go do that. And so that checklist helps out. It makes it so you can get everything accomplished.