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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | If You Still Need Assistance, We Are Here For You!

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | If You Still Need Assistance, We Are Here For You!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. Today. We want to talk about the importance of really sticking to and going above and beyond who have heard. It said once that if you got paid four Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, would you do a better job, but not what’d you do more work, but would you do a better job carpet cleaner Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets that give us called a date (918) 494-7093. And we’re working on this idea and this concept here that you have a certain level of expectations, certain drive and determination of what you’re going to do, but you also know what your limitations are and what your currently your limitations are. What you trained yourself to do. This is why it’s so important. What you do in your private life is just a mirror for what you were going to do in your public life.

You will have practice. So whatever you do in private is how you’ve practiced so that when you’re in public, you will have the capacity to do Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And we know if we’re whatever you practice, how have your practices, who you’re playing basketball, you’re playing baseball, football, whatever it is when you practice with no stress with no, um, immediacy of life, you will play at your very best. That is the best you possibly can do when life actually comes in and the immediacy of life comes in when they stress the functions and the fractures of life, come in and start bumping into your reality. All of a sudden you start making small mistakes because you have to, you have to rely on your second nature. But now you’re having to think on the fly and try to integrate the practice that you had into real life situations, which is why for policemen, they practice it practice and practice and practice military.

They practice and practice and practice before they’re on the battlefield before they’re out in the field, before they are going out there into a combat situation so that they are repaired. They’re prepared. Even if football Bellacheck widows famous for having them practice in the worst possible situations and be like there’s inches of snow outside, it’s freezing. They’ve got an indoor arena and they go outside and they practice outside anyway Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Cause he wants to make the practice harder than the actual games. The game will feel normal or easy comparatively. A lot of times we make our practice easy. And then the world seems extremely hard because we don’t practice up to the level that we’re actually going to perform in what’s. So this is important that you make those choices that are going to keep you in that vein, keep you in that spirit, so to speak.

And when these choices come before the choices are ever presented, you have to practice what you’re going to do, because if you’re in the moment and you have to make a decision, you freeze because you’re stopping for a while to take and process all the information to come through a logical collision of how you want to respond to what you’re wanting to do. If you make a decision within a minute, we’ll just say anything under a minute is a reaction. It’s not a decision. It’s not where you’ve thought it through. And you’re coming up with a conclusion it’s that you have reacted, you’ve taken your base of knowledge. You’ve taken all your previous choices, all the previous things you’ve and then you combine those in to say, right now, I need to make a split second decision. And then basketball there, my fractional sentence seconds just happened to see something prevent or thinking, where would that guy end up that?

And then you make the past based upon your past experience with that guy, what does he do? When I see him do this, he’s going to do that. As I know that he’s about to do that. So I’ll toss the ball to him there where I think he will be in that moment. You can’t learn that you can’t even make that decision. You can’t think, I wonder what he had. He had to practice it so many times that is the old adage goes with practice it not until you get it right. You practice until you can not get it wrong. And so that’s part of this podcast that we’re talking about is that we want to go back to our fundamentals. If you got paid more, would you do better work? Not more work. Cause obviously if I’m somewhere to clean the carpets, I wouldn’t also get in and paint the house Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

Well, I wouldn’t also go work on their car or I also wouldn’t go and mow their backyard. It’s not that I would do more work. If I got paid more, would I do better work with the carpet cleaner there, I’m getting paid to do what I do a better job at it. If the, um, the research paper that I’m doing, if somebody paid me a million dollars to do the research paper, would I do a better research paper? You know, would I, um, put more time, invest more, uh, strategy into what I’ve done. More research, what I’ve tried to figure out what I’ve grammar checked it at least one more time when I’ve proof-read it with somebody else to get it to get a second Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, then you make sure I wasn’t missing any critical portions. So in your life, ask yourself this question, not just with work, but even in your volunteering in your life and the thing that you do and you accomplished, you have to stop and ask yourself this valuable question every day with everything that you do say, if I was paid more to do what I’m currently doing, what I do a better job.

If the answer is ever, yes, I would do a better job. That means right now you cognitively aware, do you know for sure that you are not doing your best, you are holding back, you’re mailing it in and you said I could do better, but I’ve chosen not to. I’m going to give you half of my effort. And many of you, a portion of my, my capacity, uh, Michael Jordan and his documentary, the last dance, he talks about how he came back after playing baseball and played his hardest, but he was gassed and winded and he was not in shape and ready if they lost. And he realized that people came there to see the best that Michael Jordan can do Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And he did not give him his best because he was not prepared. He could. And he spent the whole next summer training all the time, every day, all, all through, just trying to grind himself back into perfect basketball condition again. And he came back and the next year they just dominated in the NBA, but that’s because he had this hunger, he came back saying, I’m going to show you the very best perfection of humanity I can be and make sure that I’m not pulling back for anybody. I’m giving you everything. So every experience is great.