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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Just Give Us A Call To Learn More

Welcome to the carpet game podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Serena’s with carpet, and we’re going to continue on our podcast series talking about integrity and making good choices. We were talking about how we have been in business since 1998, and that has been a long time. We were trying to speed through and I realized it’s impossible. I do not have the capacity to just bullet point the entirety of 22 years of Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, experience and knowledge and do one thing I got, I got through the first year here, the first year talking about housing authority contract, which actually we held for almost a decade between the installation contract and then moved over into the cleaning contract, both the cleaning and installation. Then let somebody else take the installation of we place more into just purely cleaning and water damage restoration, work, Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, which makes for 22 years.

Um, and so those first years we were actually doing a lot of installation, got to really known well as the sharp carpet installer there, which is very rare. I didn’t realize that you could just really make a, um, do really well in that space by just wearing clean clothes. I mean, to me, it didn’t make any sense. I didn’t like walking around in ripped jeans and looking dirty and ratty. I liked being put together. I thought, you know, I am going to act the way that I am dressed. And if I dress like I hobo, I’m going to act like a hobo. If I’m dressed like a businessman, I’m going to act like a businessman and I’m dressed like a cowboy. I’m going to act like a cowboy. I’m dressed like a biker. I’m going to act like a biker. If I’m dressed in a swimming suit, it’s going to be really awkward anywhere else I go, except for a swimming pool.

If I am dressed in pajamas is going to be really awkward when I made the precedent. So there’s like certain things that we do to put ourselves in gear ourselves for success. We got to dress for the position that you want. You got the quote unquote dress for success, and you’ve got to make sure that you’re guiding these principles through your brain all at all times, because these principles are, what’s going to affect your attitude. You’re around people with positivity. You are going to be a positive person to be around people with negativity. You’re going to be a negative person. So you’ve got to say, where am I putting my priorities? And what is it that I’m allowing to motivate me? What is that I’m allowing to take and make my highest priority Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.

So going back to those first years, we would always stay under budget, which would frustrate them because they had to try to match their budget, but they need to use that budget every year. Otherwise it would be, get taken away or reduced from them. I’d even have the managers ask me each year, say we get into December King said, can you just write up whatever amount of work we need to get to, to get to the amount of the contract? And I told them, no, I’m not going to do it. I said, well, what can we do? Because it’s going to really screw us over. If you don’t win the contract next year, then they were selling Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And I said, well, I can do more work. Like if you’ve got more legitimate work for me, I will do more work. That’s that, but I can’t just charge you for stuff.

If I didn’t do it, if I hadn’t, then I can’t charge you for things that don’t need to be done. Like I, you know, I’m not just going to go in there and stretch a bunch of carpet that doesn’t need to be stretched so that we can charge you for it. So we did a bunch of, um, uh, inspection, repair stuff for all of the current customers or current residents. Cause they did most, all the work we did refer, uh, make readies for residents that were moving in. So we said, let’s go through and see if anybody that’s already in place needs some fixing some updating some things like that. So we’d always find a whole bunch of stuff in December. It was like a Christmas present, all of the residents, Hey, whatever repairs and things you need, let’s get them done because we’ve got a budget for it.

And so every year, if there was, I was under budget, I got to give a Christmas present to all of the different tenants that were there by just saying, Hey, is there anything you need me to do in your, in your homes that I will love to come through and get you all cleaned up? We’d clean carpets, we’d repair the threshold. We’d repair patches and things no matter who was responsible or why it needed to be done, we just got it taken care of because they had a budget to use. And so we do it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And I really, I think there’s a lot of life should be treated that way because as you go through you shouldn’t party until you’ve done really good. And so if we had a year where it was not like, it was just a lot of water damage, that was really rough.

We couldn’t keep up with stuff. Well, then we didn’t deserve, we couldn’t, we hadn’t earned the right to be able to give people an extra present. But if you have already gone through and gotten all those things taken care of, well, then you have extra and you built up a war chest. So you now have the capacity to take care of people in a different way. And if you have that and you’ve worked hard for that, then you now can earn the right to use it. If you have, then it feels really good because now you say, Hey, I’ve got a high goal and it’s not just like, sure, it’s great to have high goals each and every day, but you need to have some of those bigger longterm goals Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Hey, I’ve done well for a month. So I’m going to get this reward, or I don’t know, for six months, well, I’ve done well all year long and I’ve saved it all year long so that I can have the capacity to stay and say $500 on Christmas presents or maybe you’ve really, you know, pushed hard and you’re going to do, you know, go bigger than that year.

Gonna say, I’m going to have a thousand dollars or $2,000. I’m going to say him Christmas prices, which if you want to do a thousand dollars, then that’s a hundred bucks a month or $90 a month. So at a hundred bucks a month, you get $1,200 that you can spend on Christmas presents, which means every month you’ve got to set aside somewhere, uh, a $100, then you’re going to have to make sure that you’re always putting something aside, putting something in there. So then at the end of the year, you’ve got that a hundred dollars. You can’t just add Christmas time and say, well, gee, I wonder what I’ve got and I’ve done that. And same as the pot calling the kettle black, you definitely need to. I’ve definitely had years where I did not spend the whole year saving up and getting ready for what was going to happen. At the end of the year. I was spent the whole year, um, using up what I already had. So by the time I got to December or November, I then had November and December to put some money aside, which meant that that was a really lean Christmas because I hadn’t prepared properly for the rest of the year. And the last few years I’ve definitely changed that and made sure I was doing practicing what I preached.