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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Making Sure We Are Looking For Us?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Making Sure We Are Looking For Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s today. We’re going to talk about the effect that your carpet has in front of a computer or a TV where you’ve got a young child, young boy, young man glean, obsessive gaming Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. It’s obviously gonna be a place that people are going to spend more time. They’re going to sit sedentary in the same spot and may bring in a drink or chips. And they’re going to kind of just sit there and one spot, or they’re going to be in their chair, gave me a chair and they’ll tap their foot, or they’ll kind of move back and forth. But a lot of times they’re sitting in one place. You’re wearing that one little spot out. I’m joined with my son, Logan Sabrina’s he’s actually got one of his favorite games. He’s been waiting for an update to, or a new release. Uh, tell us, what is the name of this game? Minecraft. I don’t think Minecraft is the game that you were playing a dude that I have Minecraft Douglas has just come out, which is a, both a single and a co op playing game, but he got a chance to play the co-op version yet. How would you describe Minecraft Dungeons to someone who’s never played it before?


And when you play this game, are you typically sitting in a chair on the floor? Where do you like to play your games the most,

Any theaters?

Well, what are some other ways that you played your game? Like, what are all, do you, do you ever play in bed or on a beanbag or on the floor or sitting at the desk? What are all the different ways you like to play?

I like to see it sit down and lay down, lay down and just kind of sit in one general area. If you were to describe if you played the cop version of the Minecraft.

Yeah, we definitely give that a try sometimes Tulsa Carpet Cleaning so I’ve heard that Fortnite has a, is it like a, a beta or an alpha version or a, uh, maybe it’s a turtle version. Is it a turtle version that they’re creating is, is the new app alpha turtle with like, kinda like teenage mutant Ninja turtles where it’s going to, it’s going to morph into something amazing and just isn’t there yet.

It is still in beta or remember

Typically alpha is the really, really bare bones. Just barely get to go Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Beta is when they’re testing it and they’re actually letting the public to do it. And then there’s the actual official release is typically the release schedule they have. And I heard that were like months away from the next release. Is that correct?

They’re actually still a, yes. There’s a year update, but Dave is actually still no way. It’s basically a fully released, but it’s still kind of beta. So they still actually call it Fortnite beta bug. It’s still,

So they’re still working on fixing the bugs. So is it months until that that new release comes out? Is that right Tulsa Carpet Cleaning? Is that what I’m hearing, right? Or is it two years at years? Is it decades? When’s that next release coming out?

Uh, well, it’s not really a release. It’s more of an app.

Oh. So when did that, when are they going to release that update? Two years from now? Right? Two years in 72 hours days. I thought it was like going to be millennia is a days. Cause I heard that you just kept pushing it back.

Well, the push to get back, tell him eventually they just kind of stopped.

So you’re saying they pushed it back until they didn’t push it back. Yes. So deep, the insight is just going, we’re going to have to tunnel. We’re going to be into China here. Soon. If we keep digging this deep of a hole,

Go for it. If you actually look over here to the left,

Hey Mark. When I was your age, it right there, that big open building that has nothing on it. It was a Kmart. And uh, and surprisingly all of the Kmarts across the United States have to either become a big open building with nothing on it or a church. It is a, I’ve seen, be surprised at the number of churches that have taken a large, uh, store and turned it into a church facility, a large church, a large church it’s it works out perfect. Cause there’s lots of space. It’s easy to set up a stage and plenty of places for kids areas. Honestly, if you were to look at it, a Walmart or target or Kmart from way back in the day, they are almost already set up like, like a church here. Let’s just do a little fun game. How is a Walmart like a church ready to play?

All right. So I’ll start off with the first thing you tell me, your second thing. I know you’re thinking of something really cool. And to say, so I’m gonna start off with my first thing. A, a Walmart is just like a church because it has a nursery as an area for just for babies. If you go back there and there’s the whole zone just for babies and keep them all the things you need to take care of a baby, it’s all right there in that one area Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So really you could go back there and anybody could take care of their baby for a really long time. There’s diapers in that area. There’s changing tables. There’s rockers, there’s carriers. There’s all kinds of cool stuff. Just sitting right back there. And that, that whole area I’ll have a whole nursery area already built into the store. All right. Are you thinking of an area in Logan? What, how is a Walmart or a target? Just like a church.

Um, they’re very big and open and just like a, the more adult area.

Oh yes. They have adult areas. They have a, a men’s and a women. They have a whole adult section back there. I bet you, yes, there is an entire adult section. They typically the men and the women’s sections are right next to each other. Aren’t they? They got a whole section. Yeah, we’ll go to the next area I would think of is a sporting goods area. And this is the area where the small groups would meet that would have like, they have unique things. Like maybe there’s a small group that wants to meet cause they play basketball together or a small group that goes fishing, maybe a small group that goes and plays. Uh, uh, maybe it was a book that all they do. Oh, I want to, I’m going to give that I’m I’m gonna say that to the next one. So what do you have is your, your next part that a Walmart or target? Just like a truck


Uh, yes, like a good session area

Coffees or something. I have one that’s a really good one.

They have, and most churches have this they’ll have up there that have their up in the front somewhere. They’ll have spiritual books that you could buy, like maybe a copy of the Bible or a spiritual book that the pastor’s written. And it’s almost all targets and Walmarts have a whole section with, with books in it. Right. I got a little book, section electronic section with movies. So they’ve got their, their whole, uh, continuing educations or more information for you. Oh. And we can’t forget the most important part of any church is their children’s area, which is, that has both target and Walmart have a whole section dedicated to what local.

And what part of kids were they interested in? What did you go to Walmart or target?

Where do all the kids go running to? If they said, here you go, you have to spend the next 30 minutes in this Walmart or in this target, where are the kids going to run to, to play?

Oh, what are they going to have back in that area?

Like what kind, what kind of kid stuff is going to be back there? Okay.


Yes. That is the thing that we use. She said, what type of toys are going to be back there? They’re going to have a piles of a dog poo. You got our kids. They’re going to play with these cow patties. We’re going to have sticks. It’s going to be my sticky buddy. We’re going to have a, make your own ball, which is just a lot of yard. And just lay it on the ground. You can turn that yarn. And if you did roll it up and keep rolling it up, you can make a ball out of it. Uh, we have the, um, make a copy of your face glass. It’s where it’s glass. And if you breathe into it, you’re getting push your face against it, squish. And then you can have a copy of your face on the glass. These sound like some awesome toys. You’re going to go by Logan. Yeah. So what are some of the awesome toys that they might have there that you actually would buy besides your, my friend is sticky buddy

Building blocks.

Oh my goodness. It’s like your brain is turned into jelly. I like you missed all the coolest stuff. Legos, Lincoln logs, a video games, maybe construction sets, remote control cars. Of course, early talking about boys. The girls need something to write. They need, they need their Barbies. They need the, the super, what is LOL dolls. You need your, um, my little pony. You need a princess space thing. You need a, uh, cool. Oh, you need all, don’t forget all the Marvel heroes, all your heroes sets for the boy. The boys need all of the hero sets. They need the super mighty power Morphin, teenage mutant Ninja turtle Rangers. Exactly sure. Which I feel like I might’ve mixed those two up something close to that. Well, thank you for joining us on the company and podcast. Check us next time. As we explore other unique and neat topics, Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet.