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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Making Sure We Offer You More?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Making Sure We Offer You More?

Welcome to the carbon diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina with complete carpet. Today. We want to talk about the importance of routine maintenance, keeping things up to date and keeping them up and working well. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1988, we are completed carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, uh, maintenance, your, uh, home maintenance in all items. There’s two types of maintenance that you can do. There’s reactive maintenance. This is the maintenance that you do after something breaks. You’ve used it. You’ve used it for a long time. You use it until it breaks, and then it, when it breaks, you fix it, this is your reactive maintenance. This means you’re responding to a maintenance problem. Something that has happened that you need to try to fix something that is there, that You are wanting to get fixed or figured out. And then all of a sudden you, uh, you’ve broken it. It’s it’s not working the way they should. It’s the old adage. It works until it doesn’t that it was just fine until it wasn’t fine. So then you go through that process of finding out that this is the thing.

Now you’ve got it.

I repaired it and get you to back into a proper order. Again. Now there are preventative maintenance Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. These are the things that we know will break down, are needed to maintain the health and wellbeing of something. For example, a world oil change in your car is a very good example of a preventative maintenance, a simple thing where you get out there, you a fix, fix something you care for it before it is broken. Uh, changing your tires. You typically try to, uh, put new tires on the car before you have a flat before the tire fails. You. Uh, we, um, put gas in the car before we run out of gas. You don’t go run out of gas and then carry gas back. You preventatively, you do preventative maintenance on your car by making sure that it has a certain amount of gas in there.

We have a gas gauge so we can look at it and say, okay, I’m not all the way out of gas. I will stop and get some gas now while I’m still, uh, I still have gas in the tank. You’re always trying to keep it full as opposed to refilling it from empty Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Now, there’s other stuff that we do the reverse on. Uh, typically you don’t take the trash out until it’s full. So that’s more reactive maintenance. You, you look at the trash, you see that it’s full. I can’t put any more trash in there, so I’m going to go empty the trash. So I’m reacting to the state of the, um, trash can, uh, you, uh, typically will, uh, do the same thing with lots of other things in your life. Uh, we, uh, uh, vacuums are typically reactive maintenance. It’s where you look at it and you’ve got, uh, you noticed that you’ve spilled something on the floor.

So you grab a vacuum and you cleaned it up. Uh, you don’t go out and clean it up before it’s dirty because you want to get it dirty. So there’s something. Now there are preventative ones where you wait until whatever you feel like is the amount of where the needs to be on the carpet. You could leave the carpet until it’s very dirty, and then you would replace the carpet because it’s gotten too dirty. There are some places that do that. There are landlords who know that they’re only gonna get four or five years out of the carpet as they do nothing with the carpet, until it hits the four or five year Mark. At that point, it’s pretty much trashed and completely worn out because nothing’s been done in the carpet for four to five years and they just replace it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. But new carpet in every year, if you clean the carpets, let’s say it’s 200 bucks each and clean the carpets for five years, you’re looking at a thousand dollars.

And so they just assumed it’s only $2,000. So I’ll just save the thousand, put it towards carpet. And so every five years I just spend twice as much. And I put new carpet in, uh, I mean, it’s definitely a process. There are people who lease their cars and they never do any maintenance or anything to them. And every two years they just give it back and they get another car that they don’t do anything to. So it is a, um, a capacity to do something without having to have the required necessity of each time, doing something the met is going to be seen as a quote unquote wasted. But on the other side, you also can get a longevity, a lot more life out of it. There’s a part in a second part to this whole equation is, um, how are you going to enjoy something?

How will it react to how, and that right there can make a big difference in that if you are doing one thing or another, those things can be done in a way that, um, come up with a lesser cost, but also makes a response. So let’s say that your physical enjoyment of the area is now going to be changed because you are enjoying the thing that you have had Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So the preventative maintenance makes sure that the in the, in between, between the major cycles, that you are still enjoying it, preventatively, sharpen the blade on your lawnmower. Okay, you will, uh, it’s not because the blade is broken. It won’t cut grass. It’s that you’re keeping it sharp so that you can cut grass easier, faster. It actually will improve the speed and improve the durability or improve your use of that item perfectly in Tulsa, since 1998, we are complete carpets will give us a call today (918) 494-7093.

Get on the road to enjoy your carpets again. And so some of those preventative things you can do is, uh, uh, having your, keeping your tile, mopped and cleaned before it gets really green round down, deep and dirty. You want to try to get rid of some of that stuff early, uh, having your Tulsa Carpet Cleaning cleaned on a regular basis, you want to get all of the years of life out of your carpet that you can. And so, uh, part of it is extend the life of your car, but also the other half though, is so that you can enjoy your carpet. If you’ve got dirty, sticky, dredging carpet, you’re not going to get down on the carpet. You’re not going to sit on the carpet. You’re not going to use the carpet. You’re going to sit on top of the carpet or avoid the carpet. You’ll sit on things that are on it, as opposed to sitting on it yourself, because you know, the carpet is dirty. You don’t want to bring people over or Barbara we’ll just have a general smell to it at all times.