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Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. I’m here with Logan Sabrina’s with complete Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, 1998. We want to talk about design decisions, like figured out what you want to do. Obviously you need to maintain your carpet. We just finished cleaning a carpet for a lady who had not had her carpet cleaned in four years, but she had taken pretty good care of it. But with four years of dirt, even if you take good care of it, you’ve got four years worth of little salt and sugar and stickiness and spots that just kind of lay across the carpet and all of that culminates in a Tulsa Carpet Cleaning that is well overdue. And in the realm of games, they also do upgrades and changes and always looking to add a new content and new places because things need a Polish and a shine. We leave something sane for too long. Eventually it starts to either wear out or break down or people get bored or tired with it. People go do the same thing with their carpet. So I was talking with my son about some of the different changes they’ve done in a game called destiny two or also in, uh, games say, uh, Oh, what’s the other game that you play on a regular basis.

They got Fortnite and they’re perpetually updating and changing those games to one maintain. And they you’re always gonna find some error or some problem with something. And two people will do stuff that causes errors. You might fix this thing. I’ll let it cause a problem somewhere else. So we’re talking about the importance of doing something, experiencing something before you start thinking about investing more money in it or upgrading, what are some of the things that you would look for when you start or start playing a game? Logan? So you first start up in play game. What’s the first thing you are looking at, or you notice about a game. So you’re saying how easy is it to actually get in a play the game? What the menus are like? Wow. Whether you know what you’re doing, where they’ve got a tutorial where they’ve got, how they got things set up. So tell me about, of all the games you’ve played. What’s your favorite game? As far as having a tutorial to teach you what to do? Do you have any game that was fun as they taught you how to play the game,

Which is the tutorial thing it’s supposed to be? Well,

So, uh, after you get through with the tutorial and you’re finally getting down to play the actual game that you bought and you put all the money into what is something that you look for in a game? What is, what are some of the aspects of the game that you’re looking forward to say, I will keep playing this game, or I think I’m going to go find a better game Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

Well, if there is a TV, like if it’s black, like it’s near span of game. Like if you feel like only games will battle games, that’s a really, really fun like tutor game to lots of different types of games, kind of like in movies is how well you like it look like real life. Like Artuni loves pixel is how well does it, does it port where you’re shooting, it takes, it takes a little bit to help or does it take, does it take a while before you actually do respond to the command out

The way that the option is laid out, whether it matches the type of game there, let me mention a different time, different kinds of games. You tell me what you think of for that type or style of game. Let’s see for the genre of shooters. What, what comes to mind when you think about shooters for all the different platforms Tulsa Carpet Cleaning

We look Cubs find is for shooter games. Well, can you elaborate a little bit more?

Sure. Let’s break it down into two different types of shooters. You got your first person shooters and your third person shooters. Which one do you like and why do you like each one differently?

Well, I really liked those because you’re actually feel like you’re experiencing the character that you play and you are looking some cons are that you don’t have as well visibility. You can’t see like, if so, what is the turtle bit more to actually see? Well, but third person games. They’re all supplied because you see a lot more while also being able to see what you look like without having to pull out something that makes you an easy way to look like me. A third person, it’s a little bit harder to basically track people Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

Okay. So third person, then over the shoulder, look, then you get a little more difficult too. It’s good for cover base shooters, but you can hide behind something and see people. Budget’s not so good for, uh, being able to quickly identify and aim directly at people, uh, switch to another John, or let’s try, uh, role playing games. What do you think about for role playing games? Typically, almost all the role playing games are third person or an isometric view, but sometimes it could be first person. What do you think about the role playing games or games where you build your character up?

Uh, I really, I haven’t played to be role playing games. I kind of do that. It’s like too many of them. I don’t know too many of them. So this is one of my eyes video. Think about what playing games. So

I would give, I would say that the, you played a game where you could patrol other beans and they were like, you’re like a police force or something to that effect. And you’re playing the role of that character. You can build up your, your skills and your ability. So I would think that’s kind of a role playing game. You played. Okay.

So those games probably it’s really fun because you can start off as a lower person, like go on these different things. Do you pull yourself up and learn all these things now while you do it stuff faster, better things. One thing I don’t really like is sometimes it takes a very long time to get to higher, really high levels. You have to play in lots and lots of time into those games. And it’ll take you a long time before you reach like a level where you’re like, this is really high, nice Nike people, bunch easier. It is really fun to have to like struggle through all this until you actually reach your point.

And one thing that could also go in there is the multiplayer games, games, where you’re not complaining. It gets the computer you’re playing against other players. What do you think about multiplayer games?

Player games are really fun because they’re real people. It’s like you don’t have safety based thing where it’s going easy on you without going against your state level. You may go and get the people that are complete are on a much different level than you and you could get destroyed or you could actually beat someone high level. You could get lots of you could level up a lot. So the supervisor, on the other hand, if you, he does get some heads annoying, whenever you, you all having a Cod. So what that’s a lower level or higher level view. And they just, since there’s multiplayer, they can be weight multiplayer. I want, I just talked about this actually online and both live player use. Where are you playing friends?

Well, that would be more of a co op bolded. Glare is almost always online Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Co-op is where you play locally. You could have a local Baltic player. You could have a overline, but I’d say it’s online. Well, we are finishing up this episode of the carpet diem podcast. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. You get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets again.