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Well, welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And today we’re going to talk about don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your carpets again, your home is your castle. So look forward to coming home, make your home a place you want to staycation in instead of vacation from. So we want to talk to you today is about not putting off until tomorrow. What you need to do today. Sometimes we have a good idea, but we don’t give it a timeframe or a night, uh, when we want to get it accomplished. So we’ll have a great, typically most people’s heads have dozens and dozens of great things and ideas, things that would turn into amazing things.

If they ever did them, uh, many things we’ve tried to do or thought we would do in our lives. We never actually do because we just never put a deadline or an actual task to it. So many times we need a pen, a paper, something to capture that moment, capture that memory, capture that idea. Thus the, um, the, Oh, the love large albums, the, the success of Facebook, all of these kind of relate around capturing a moment in time so that other people can enjoy Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And, uh, age with you as you go throughout your life. But there’s things through your life that you will notice or take note of and think, Oh, you know what? I will just take care of that later. And we kind of pass by and move on to the rest of our life, leaving large chunks of it, undone and left behind your carpet could become one of those things that you leave undone or left behind because you notice out there was something that spilled on the carpet and you think I don’t have the time, right?

This moment to take care of that spill. I’ll come back later and take care of it. And then a later comes into a day, turns into a week, turns into a month, and you’ve never fixed that problem, gotten that piece because now it is grounded and you’ve had a herd of elephants walk across it and kind of spread it throughout your whole home. Whereas at that moment, if you just took 90 seconds, go grab a towel, go grab a little spray ball over water, go grab a paper, towel, something even a little shop back Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, or maybe a vacuum and just pick up what is there. And we have a four step process that we recommend all of our customers to follow. As you’re trying to take care of instant problems that happen throughout your house. Number one, just try to remove dry vacuum, whatever it is that you can get off of the carpet or scrape up or pick up whatever it is that’s gotten under the carpet. A lot of times people go to trying to clean it first and that normally will spread it. Cause now you dilute all of the contaminants. There gets liquidy gets spreads out, moves into the carpet more than the other areas around it. And, uh, the becomes more difficult than it is to try to get out of an area.

What, Oh, well we just use the side of the road go back through. Uh, but one of the things that you need to try to do first is just to remove as much of the contaminant as you can next, just use a light amount of water. You can do this with you with a spray, or if you want to use a wet rag to, uh, try and rinse off the spot. And the idea here is that you’re wanting to capture more geo. So you wanna use the least amount of water possible just to see what you can rinse out. If there is whatever’s left in the carpet can be rinsed back out. The third step is to use. Now that you’ve tried to extract or suck out, what’s there. Secondarily tried to rinse out what’s there. Now the third step is to try to break down.

Whatever’s left water is the universal solvent. It does remove a lot of things. You can get paint out of a paintbrush with just some flowing running water then. So you can break down a lot with water, but there’s always going to be something that just is not going to get into solution Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So you need to use something, a detergent, a an emulsifier, a Navy, some resolve, some spot shots and pro shots. Something that will help to break down that spots. And now it can be captured into water or absorbed into a, um, a rag. Another good, uh, chemical that can help to break down is a citrus, all just orange oil that helps to break down and stuff naturally. Um, or you can use a little touch, just a tiny touch of Dawn. Do you remember any self that you use to break it down?

You’re also going to have to remove back out. So you’re adding more work to yourself. The more soak you use, the more water you’re gonna have to use to rinse it out, or the more time you’ll spend rinsing it out. So now that you’ve removed what you could now that you’ve rinsed out what you could. Now that you’ve broken down, what is left, you need the final step. Step number four is that you need to go and rinse out the remaining product and the remaining soap Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. This is the step that most people miss, and they wonder why their spot keeps coming back. We’re seeing, um, uh, kind of a shadow or a seems like it. They cleaned a spot, but it seemed like it almost got bigger after they cleaned it. And messes is because the carpet has a F coding or a film over it from the, uh, soap that you left in the carpet, because you may have used this soap.

It did break down the situation, but it did not remove it. So a lot of times we have yet to take that final step. And the final step is to go over and rinse out the remaining product and debris that is in the carpet. It come with a nice, fresh, clean carpet can get to that point. And you’re like, you know what? It still looks like there’s some, a little bit more, something more that’s still there that we have yet to break down or remove. And so you then need to go and start in step two again, do I know you’ve done your rents out a little bit more product than rinse it back and do a little bit more product and rents it back. And this is something you should do, right? As soon as it happens, if you wait a day, you wait a week, wait a month, the stain, the items are going to set.

You want to catch them before they said, now that they are still soft. Now they’re still malleable. It’s kind of like doing your dishes. If you just rinse the plate off, as soon as you’re done eating it, literally just turn the plates. I always run water, but if you wait an hour or you wait six hours or you wait one day later, well then you’re going to have to go through an entire soak process. You don’t have to get a sponge out. You have to really scrub and work to get the stuff out that plate. Cause now it’s dried onto the plate and turned into kind of a form of glue or concrete Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998.