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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Visiting Our Website Today?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Visiting Our Website Today?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host at naked Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to be talking about the better and the best on the quality of your carpet

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your home again, your home is your castle. So try to make it a place that you want to staycation in instead of vacation from you should be excited to get back to your home. So make sure you build it in a way, or you design it in a way, or you add things to it in a way that gets you excited or fired up to roll it back perfectly. Even Tulsa’s in our fiber. We are complete carpets and we’re talking last podcast. We talked about the entry level, the budget stuff for your carpet. This is the stuff that I say you should expect to last five to 10 years. You are not buying it because you want to, you know, live in the home for 30 years, you’re buying it because you’ve got small kids.

You’ve got lots of pets. You are under budget constraints. I put all my money into buying the house. I don’t have anything left to, um, to repair or build it back up with. Um, and so I’m just kicking the ball down the road saying I’m going to enjoy this carpet, but the next person probably won’t. And so that’s, I think a great idea to do like that sort of, Oh, on a car buying experience, it’d be similar to buying a car. That’s got 150,000 miles. You you’re going to get 20, 20 to 50,000 miles of flight out of that vehicle, but you’re not going to get too much more than that because for a car to go past 200,000, it’s gotta be a pretty exceptional car for a car to get to 200,000. It is, it’s an average car. There’s quite a few cars that just won’t go to 200,000.

So you gotta make sure that you’re finding something. That’s going to be a good enough quality to get you a few years of life Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Now I’m gonna buy a brand new car. Then more than likely. I really enjoyed that car. And I don’t care about the cost. It’s more of the exotic. I’m going to drive it off the showroom floor that I know that I am burning up on average about five to $10,000, just so that I can be the first person to have driven that car. And we’ve done that with some of our bands to where we spent the extra money on the vehicle to be the first person to drive it off because every engine hour on that vehicle provides a cleaning power for us. And so it’s worth a little bit of extra money to get the full capacity out of the vehicle.

Also in the band space, it’s very, very difficult to find a decent good van in a commercial side that has not been used strongly already Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So if you can find one that someone’s trying to resell sometimes it’s because there’s an issue or a problem with the band. He was in an accident or something happened. Cause most of the time in a commercial space, if you buy a vehicle, especially brand new, it’s because you’ve already budgeted for it and you’re going to use it until you beat the heck out of it. You know, you’re going to grind every mile out of it because you’ve invested quite a bit into it. It’s rare that you have someone buy brand new and then turn around six months or a year later and sell it. I mean, it can sometimes happen, but not for the type of bands that we like to get.

So some, sometimes you are forced to have to buy it at the vehicle that you want brand new. But if you do, you’re going to, you said, I’m locked in. I’m going to get a hundred thousand or 200,000 miles out of this vehicle because that’s what we do. So if you get high end specialty carpet Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, um, you should do it with the intention that, Hey, I’m going to get, you know, 10 plus years of life out of the carpet and then be able to sell it. Then the carpet still look a great. Now here’s the one caveat I always tell everybody, carpet is always a luxury buy. It’s always a luxury buy. It is not a practical, um, home improvement by the only time that it’s a home improvement is if your home is disarray, if you’ve got terrible pet smells or big, huge yellow and green stains, well then you’re going to get the home to look normal.

A lot of times you’d be like, well, if I do the carpet, it’ll add value to my home. I was like, Nope, you don’t get value out of carpet. Carpet gives you, um, usability. It takes you back to normal because normal carpets that are in your home are considered to be normal carpets that are missing or damaged are considered to be abnormal. So people will come in and say, Hey, I know that you are doing of a hundred thousand for the home, but the carpets are terrible Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So I would offer you 95,000 because I need an extra 5,000 to replace the carpet. So your goal is to get it to where they say, I could just buy the car house as it is, as opposed to, I need to upgrade the carpet need. You know, I could choose if I wanted to, did you upgrade the carpet or I can just take it as it is currently Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet.

So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, Carpe diem, seize your clean carpets today. And to finish out this spot. Part of it is to find that, Hey, I want to find the right space in life to keep me from missing the Mark. I want to make sure that I’ve found the things that are necessary or that I can do that will help me to make it onto that next part. So sometimes if you do want to find the best stuff I personally say, go with what’s going to really help you out now and figure out later what it is that you need to get accomplished or done. Because if you don’t get it accomplished or done, then you will have a real big, let’s say you have a big problem with the things that you want to maintain.

There’s a lot in life that is really fantastic. And this other stuff in life that is just mediocre. And we need to pick one, two, maybe three things that are, I’m going to really revolutionize what you do. And then everything else goes super budget on because you’re going to realize it really doesn’t matter that much Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. It’s not that the things don’t matter, it’s that you’ve got things to focus on that are more important in your life. Those things could be your kids or maybe the education or, you know, things that you actually put a lot of effort into. Um, at the end of the day, the amazing stereo system, the amazing toys, the amazing cars that you have, won’t change the things that you’re able to accomplish. They just enjoy them along the way.