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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | We Are Dedicated To Your Carpets

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | We Are Dedicated To Your Carpets

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. I just am passing a Jeep. Now that has a license plate of root E R is a root bur. I think beer was probably what they’re going for. I would have shortened, I don’t know if the shortened out the O take out that other value in it with rot beer, but probably it’s not going to show the same general concept and idea as root Burr would be. So everybody kind of just connected through like, Oh, they like, uh, is it dr. Pepper? No. Is it Coke? No. Is it Hep-C? No, it’s R O T B E R. Root root bur root Berg. And it sounds so familiar. R O T D E R. Root beer root. Oh, I’ve got it. Now I finally have figured this out Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998. We are a complete carpet.

So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your home again Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So here we are continuing our, from our last podcast, talking about the way that pets can affect your carpet. Last time we talked about the prison escape. As somebody gets trapped in a room and they try their best to dig their way back out, trying to dig their way to China, dig their way through the concrete, through the Patty, through the back end of the carpet through the carpet itself, because they get trapped in a room and they need to get back out. And so next, we are going to get into, uh, where a pet can cause problems or maintenance we call them, but it seems your pets. So you now have a pet who has her, all of the pets here? Well, I guess there was a couple of the crazy paths of the crazy iPad that does not have for, and I got to tell you, if you walk in and you see a pet, a cat without any, for at all completely just like a smooth skin for no, for a smooth skin cat.

And he’s just, it looks like a drowned rat. It is definitely a really scary looking thing. And so here you are. You’ve got for every other pet out there though, they all got hair. They’ll end up hurting me short term, maybe long for currently for, uh, but whatever it is, it is there. And they do shed in cycle throughout the year and the warm cycle. They put on their lighter summer coat in the winter cycle. They shed the lighter summer coach, but on that thicker, denser or winter coat, and the more thick certain animals like say all of your, uh, uh, Savoy, your spirits, you’re a Husky style one. They really have big undercoats that have the extra side. Things are, they are to need to be brushed regularly. So that hair, how does it affect you? Your, um, so what will it effect there?

So if you sleep on your bed and you can sit there on your bed, checking out what it is that you wanting to do, and then you lay down for the night, you sleep on your pillow and you are on your pillow. You put your head back on your pillow, right there on your pillow, your head rests all night long Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And the next thing you realize is that your head has been resting on the pillow for one day, for five days, for one week or two weeks. And all of a sudden your pillowcase is no longer white because of the oils in your hair and the product you put in your hair. Your pillow has slowly become the color of the oil and contaminant that is in your hair. Your pets are very similar to have a nice coat, to have a shiny coat, to have a soft coat.

You are going to have, uh, your pet needs to stay. We’d give them like egg yolks, and we give them all of these different fish oils and things that we do to try to help to maintain their coat, um, throughout the season, if it gets dry and crunchy, and then you’ll end up with, uh, issue because their coat, he really brittle and Madden. We don’t want to have that happen. So you keep their coats nice and soft, but their coats are oily that wherever that hair goes, it’s going to leave a light coat, a light bill of oil on whatever they lay on, wherever their hair goes to. And so this doesn’t pile up after just work on the carpet, but over time, over a week, over a month, over a six months to a year, it will slowly build up just like a buildup on your pillow.

And it builds up there on the Tulsa Carpet Cleaning and it creates this layer or film that all of the dust and dirt will stick to. It’s also the reason that an area kind of smells like a dog because the oils are keeping their coat shiny are also getting all over the floor. Now I don’t want, you know, excessive bathing can hurt their coats. So you want to find that right habit between the two, but if you’d let them go for too long and don’t brush them out and clean them. So here’s where brushing really helps that hair, whatever it gets on, whatever it sets on will slowly, and then it gets stepped on and then it gets rubbed around with a vacuum and it just is leaving different layers and levels of stuff on the carpet. Luckily that cleaned out fairly easily, but it does attract dirt and leave the carpet smelling a little different.

So what you can do is do a general brushing of your pen on a regular basis Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. This helps to remove the loose hair and keep the hair from falling out. It’s going to fall out anyway. So best to be. It falls out the way that you can capture it, as opposed to just laying randomly all over the house and all the floors. Cause once it does that, it’s difficult to get back up off the carpet and it has to come out anyway. So might as well capture it and save all the vacuuming and save all of the walking on the hair. And if you get too much of a buildup, you eventually get white, white kicky floors where you’ve got a hair that has adored a lot of odor boisterous, probably caused a problem on all of the carpets perfectly. And he tells us since 1998, the complete carpet is there.

The tip to this is that you need to make sure that you brush your pet and whatever it gets beyond just the brushing. You need to also get in there and vacuum your floors to remove any buildup of pet hair on your carpet. So that that pet hair does not get walked into a ground into your Tulsa Carpet Cleaning , but it will sit and get removed off the carpet. Doesn’t get embedded into the carpet, also not leaving a layer of oil all over the carpet so that it will attract new dirt. So the dirt will dust fall down on the carpet. It will stick to the carpet and then it would be difficult to get back off because your vacuum can’t pull it off. It’s sticking to the oils.