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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Are You Looking For Now?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Are You Looking For Now?

Welcome to the of DME podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with clique carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Now I want to talk to you about what to do while listening to that small, still voice we talked last time about there is a right and a wrong, there is a good and evil. There is a hot and a cold that light in the dark. And then there are choices that we have to make. The question is how do you make those choices? What are that still small boys Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1988, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. Getting into the, just jump right back into topics that we just finished up our last podcast, talking about kind of defining the bigot about or listening to the decision of why do I do things the way I do now?

I want to get into making that decision of what to do because every now and then we’ve all had something come upon us. Uh, you could say that it’s God, you could say, it’s your spirit. You could say that nurture. You could say, it’s your, your intuition, your gut Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. There’s lots of different words for it, but it is a viable possibly. All right, triple you’ll walk in and you’ll have a sense of dread. How about a situation or somebody calls you at before you answer the phone? You know what they’re about to say, you know what the call is about, or you get to open up a letter and you know that what the letter has inside of it, you’ve already kind of sense that you’ve been prepared. You’ve been given a thing, like if I play with my son and I tell them, Hey, I’ve got to hit you pretty hard in the stomach.

I want to see if you can take it. He can get prepared. Cause he’s doing karate. He’d get prepared to take a punch and he could step it up. And then I can hit him pretty hard. And it doesn’t phase him because he was prepared. He was ready for it. Now, if I could catch him off guard and I tap him in the stomach just lightly, when he is not expecting it, I can knock the wind out of him with a very, very minimal effort. Almost do virtually nothing to him, but because he wasn’t prepared, it may come out of his back. We’ve all had this happen to us at some point. So ms. GVS kid in high school, or a sneaky little rock, that’s just stating their way or a path or a stick that fell over the path. And we’re just not looking at one little tiny item, ends up toppling our whole body over because we were walking without recognizing or seeing it.

And so that item gets in our way and we trip over something very small and insignificant, but it’s able to bring our whole body down because it’s the little tiny item that we weren’t paying attention to. We weren’t looking for Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet. And so we need to be looking for, or paid attention to those small items. And sometimes we can into it. We can ascertain what is going on in the question. Then when you have those things happen is what is it that you’re supposed to do with the knowledge? And I can tell you, there are two things that you should do with the knowledge one you should press in and pray or help or do some active, good, or bring in something. If it’s the devil attacking you. And you decide that every time the devil attacks me, I’m going to pray because you’re just feeling depression or you’re feeling some type of dread or something that’s coming down upon you.

Well then whatever the source of the dread, they don’t oppression to think. If you just choose to be happy, choose to be good, choose to do kindness. Uh, just say strong, uh, positive terms, uh, upward and onward. First thing that you’re trying to do and accomplish that and whatever they think is if it’s trying to get you down, it won’t work because you’re training yourself to go up. Every time something hits you Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Uh, we train our, our soldiers this way. Every time you come under live fire, they become more alert, more focused and more problem solving skills start kicking in because they’ve been trained. We did the same thing with our sports teams. The championship teams win. Not because of the best team is because they are stable under fire. They are steady under pressure. You put the pressure on them. They become more focused.

Other people, you put the pressure on, they become more audit. And so you need to learn how to become more focused with the pressure is applied so that you can beat back the things that we’re trying to destroy you. And instead, they will define me into somebody even better, even a stronger, a more focused version of yourself. The second part is that sometimes you get a warning because you need to get cautious. My son gets a warning for me that I’m going to see if he can take a punch. And so he prepares and is able to take the hit because he’s prepared cause he knows what is coming. So he’s not looking to help those around. He’s looking to survive. What is about to happen. And sometimes that’s what the still small voice does. It gives us an alert, a warnings that we can survive in a situation that other people would cave or not be able to make it through.

So I believe the two things, when you get these sense of dread, you get the sense of urgency. You get something that comes on is there to inspire you into two different ways. And I believe that those two ways is one that you should be prepared so you can survive or make it through something or two Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, you can immediately put your attendance up and start thinking, how can I thrive? How can I help? What can I do? It’s sort of like walking by and seeing a kid fall down. The immediate reaction that most people have is boy, somebody should help that kid. And as soon as he say that out loud, you almost instantly realize, well that somebody is me. I’m the one that just saw him, saw the kid fall. I will go help that kid. But sometimes in life we don’t, it’s not that clear.

We look at situations that somebody should help in that situation. But you want to say nodded, you want to say, not me though. I mean, I mean, I’m not going to help, but somebody definitely should help just, I’m not going to help. And so we gotta make sure that we are making good choices and we’re responding to those pings that our gut do, we need to help the kid because he’s hit his head and he’s bleeding out, which means I need to run and find a doctor or a call an ambulance, or has he fallen Tulsa Carpet Cleaning And he’s scared and I need to go over and comfort him and help him back up or somebody that just simply dropped their books the first and they can’t bend over to pick it up and you reach over and pick it up for them. Be that item of kindness, the world.