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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Are You Looking To Find?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Are You Looking To Find?

Perfect cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. Welcome to the Tulsa Carpet Cleaning diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. I wanted to talk to you about our furry friends and what they can do and what you can do to help to them, to be both a pleasant experience with your carpet and what things are the things to look at. Do a boy, if you have knowledge, knowledge is the a destroyer of here. You could be afraid that there is a lion outside, but if you physically know that there is no lion, there is no point for fear because once you have knowledge, you cannot have fear. Uh, you know that there is a lion outside. You’re not afraid you are, uh, appropriately cautious. There’s a line outside. So when I go outside, I’m not afraid that I’ll be attacked by line cause I’m inside. I know I have the knowledge that I’m safe, but if I don’t know that there’s a line outside, it could be afraid of going outside because there might be a lion.

Then I have fear kick in. I have the unknown. It’s something that I don’t know about or not sure about. And once I know for sure there is a line outside and just leave the door shut and I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of the lion attacking me and getting me if I know exactly where he’s at, but if I don’t, but then everywhere I go, I’m living in fear. And so, uh, having the knowledge of how to interact in best use your pets can alleviate some of that fear of the damage they may do and what you might be stuck with. So, uh, we’ll go over the top three things that Pence do to carpets that are issues or points. So obviously problem number one is keeping on the habit. They, you know, especially when they’re puppies or small dog breeds, they kind of turtle piece.

And they have times where they just aren’t able to get out when they barked so hard that they didn’t go, I call it turtle Dean or pregnant Dean it’s when you are small. And those force of your Mark Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, um, creates a little bit of a drought drizzle or drip, typically chihuahuas and maybe Maltese. And some of those smaller dog breathe. They’re the ones that have this problem. Yeah. Other dogs that bark, but uh, the marking of the dogs, this is where you’ll take it. We have two male dogs and they’ll bark competitively against each other. Or you have a dog that you’ve had for a long time. No problem whatsoever. Then they start marking. And this is typically caused because your neighbor got a new dog and your neighbor’s dog starts marking his territory because he’s new to the neighborhood. And once he starts marking his territory, your dog who has had Belfair and didn’t feel like you needed to Mark anything, smells, the other dogs marking and says, Whoa, hold on Buckaroo.

This is my territory also. And so he’ll start marketing to make sure that he doesn’t get run off of the land because he believes that the other one is trying to encroach, um, or you’ll have two dogs that it would be against each other to try and do Mark their territory. And so it’s difficult to train them and stop it Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. But it’s definitely, typically you can tell, because it’s done on corners, it’s done on, on items is typically on an item because he’s marked in that item and that place is his females can Mark. Also the males typically Mark and they say, here is a line, do not cross. This is mine. And whereas girls kind of plant a flag and say, Hey buddy, there’s a cute little girl in the neighborhood. Or you can, you know, I’m here. You know that, you know, I am here.

Whereas the boys, they do not cross that line. And you know, to a degree, uh, men and women are the kind of the same in, uh, in an aspect because we, men typically will want to take possession of things. Whereas women want to experience something with you guys, we’ll show you something and be like, Hey, go get your own and do it. Whereas a woman wants to share what she has and share an experience with you, as opposed to just telling you about something and let you do it on your own perfectly. And in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, carpet DMCs, your clean carpets today. So the next part we’ve got the PPN part, which is just an issue. If you’ve got a hard trouble with that, you can do our three main tips that we give to people with pet problems is tip number one. You can try to control them.

Well, no tip number one. We’re going to go back

Before all the poor. We give you the three tips. Try to train your dog Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Obviously these come after trying new train, you first put the training. Then you try to train your dog, do your best to try and get them to naturally learn not to pee anymore. So if that doesn’t work, then here are three tips that come in after that effect, one is, um, control the water. Like if you just leave an open dish of water all the time, you’re going to have them have a puppy or a dog. Who’s going to need a pee all the time because he’s drinking. So if you have an open dish of water all night long, he’s going to have to pee all night long because he drank and the water’s got to eventually come back out. It’s a lot like our children, that if you give them a big glass of water before they go to bed, then they are going to pee the bed. Uh, secondarily, uh, control the areas that they are at so that they, you can be able to keep them out of the area that they want to pee in. Dogs do not look at an area and say, this is my bathroom. They smell an area. They Mark an area and they claim it as bathroom. So they’ll all we go back to that, smell to that area, to do their business. They don’t just look for grass. They look for an area that’s been marked as bathroom, a number

Three. So block off the area Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. So it would keep them away from the air closed doors and block off areas. Number three would be to, um, you can actually go all the way to the step of diapering them. They make these puppy diapers. They look like kind of like a little best and you put them on and they will be able to capture the piece of it. They can’t accidentally pee in the house. As they’re going around using the combination of these three, typically has helped our customers do, um, either reduce or eliminate all the problems they have with their pets by that they have yet to be able to come into control with, by just controlling the pet, reducing the water two times where they know that they can pee or take a take care of them or, or blocking off areas or giving them diapers to block it. The Tulsa Carpet Cleaning tells us it’s 90, 98. We are complete carpet.