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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Is The Plan Of Helping Us Now?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | What Is The Plan Of Helping Us Now?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning pulses in 1998. Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. Today, we’re going to be talking about suction, cleaning the filter, the length of your hose, everything that goes into making sure that your carpet gets clean and dry. A carpet cleaning tells us 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road. You’re having fresh new clean carpet. Again, a suction matters a lot because get it wet. But if you don’t get it dry, then you’ll actually cause a lot more problems, a wet carpet or water damaged carpet that stays wet for more than 24 hours. We’ll start to slowly degrade and break down. It’s difficult when you’re dealing with a situation you want to get the water out, that you make sure that you’re being careful, that you’re, uh, providing the right amount of suction. So on a break for you on a simple level, that suction capacity possible within your a carpet cleaning unit, or let’s just use the shot back to make easy comparison.

The shot back that you have a, you get from home Depot, you go to home Depot, you go to Lowe’s. When you start looking at the shop backs, they got a 20 gallon shop vac. They got a 10 gallon soft back. They got a little five gallon shop vac. I recommend our customers get a $5 shop box because you want it move all of your data points of something that’s difficult and more difficult to, to lug a 20 gallon shop back into your house. There’s a chance that it’s dirty. It. Kansas got a lot of debris in it and you’re not able to get anything out of that, uh, unit. So what is supposed to happen is you’re able to use it right away. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Your carpet is one that are spot cleaning your carpet or things you want to do right away, right.

As something happen. But it’s difficult because if there’s not something there, but not that these quickly get active too. We are creatures of habit. We do things because we find that they’re easy or simple to do. It’s not a difficult thing or a hard thing. It’s something that you just do because it is what is normal to you. That’s very difficult. For example, to ask somebody, to sit down and talk about it, like for say five to 10 minutes. Typically they get in there and after five minutes after probably 50 seconds in about 60 seconds before we start running out of things to say, we say, what is it that I was talking about again? Well, I’ve exhausted everything on that topic. It’s also the same reason when they have children. It’s good for you to take the time, to make sure that you give them a call on the phone, teach them how to, how to occupy or to converse on the phone so that when they have a, as they get older, have the capacity to talk to people that they will be better at it.

It’s difficult for people to, uh, communicate at first because we’ve yet to learn the skill of communication. The you’ll ask them a question like how was your day to day? And instead of giving you an articulate response or breaking down everything that happened today, they will give you a feeling. It was good. It was bad. I was happy. I was sad. I was, uh, uh, it, it, nothing exciting happened, which every day always has a list. Always has a list of things that I could have happen that day. Very few days is ever turned into something that is just well not. They happen today. So you could, you want to get gritty and detailed this morning Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I heard my alarm. And when I heard my alarm, I reached over to push the button and I thought, well, I’m glad I’ve got carpet in my room today.

Because if I got down on the floor without carpet in my room, my feet would be really cold. And so as I put the covers back and I had woken up to my alarm, which had gone off three times before and I hit the snooze button already. And now I realize I’ve got to mentally make a decision. This is, this is a big thing. You do what you’ve told your body to do. Your body will respond to what it is. If you’ve got a meet a girlfriend for the first time, and you’ve got to be at her house, you’re going to be there early because you’re not going to be like, Oh, I overslept, I’m sorry. I forgot. No, it’s the first time you get to meet the most beautiful girls at school Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And you’re going to make sure that not only are you there on time, you’re probably going to be a little early and beyond that.

You probably have woken up before then to take a shower, to do your hair just right. You make sure you pick out the cleanest clothes that you have to which for a guy that’s, that’s actually how we do it. Girls. They pick out of all of the clean clothes. They have, they pick out the most beautiful and the lovely things that there were guys on the other hand, typically go in there and start sniffing the clothes that they’ve got to make sure which of the things are the cleanest cause guys, won’t, I’ll tell you this, but if we wore something and we didn’t feel like we really wore it quite enough, we’ll snip it. And it passes the first sip desk. We’ll put it back on. The hanger is a good chance to think. Hanging in a closet of a guy’s house have been potentially worn.

One, two to five times, we treat all of our clothes similar to the way that the average person treats the jacket. You put the jacket on, you go outside, you come back inside and you put the jacket back on the hanger. You rarely do. You wash that jacket unless it gets to where it doesn’t pass the sniff test, you come up and be like, well, you really got a lot of gunk on the sleeve. I probably should get a car wash, but I don’t know where to take it to get a wash. I’ll just put it on the hanger. And uh, I’ll just wait until next time and see what happened. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning is this 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to a joint. Your carpet again, carpet diem, seize your clean carpet today.

Uh, we’ve been in business serving Tulsa for over 20 years. We’d love to come and help. You do get on the road to joint your home. It’s your castle. So enjoy coming home. Don’t dread coming back home. Don’t be afraid of sitting on the floor, be happy, lay on the floor and watch TV. Just sit on the floor and play with your grandkids Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Enjoy the life that you’ve been given because each life and each day is I guess. And we should just take advantage of it. Or today is the only day that we know that we’re going to have.