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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find Additional Information?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find Additional Information?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Sabrina’s complete carpet dry there along the road here. And I see on the side of the road, she’s sitting in the grass is a couch Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Obviously there in the glass is not the space that it’s supposed to be in, but it did remind me that sometimes there is situations that, Hey, our furniture gets into that. We’ll need to be able to be cleaned. I know I would probably not take your indoor furniture and just leave it outdoor on the sidewalk. But obviously if I was to guess somebody to drive it along and unfortunately it bounced off the back of the trailer, they weren’t sure where it bounced off. Somebody grabbed it, pulled it off the road and just left it on the side of the road in the grass, trying to keep hitting it. But I guess it could become lawn furniture.

Now work. One part that you do want to try to address is if you buy used furniture, a lot of times people don’t think about this part of it, but if you’re buying used furniture, you’re buying it kind of like buying a bed with sheets still on it. The furniture in its core is just, you know, wood and stuffing and it’s framed up and it’s got, you know, cushions with their pills, but then they’re all covered with fabric and people sit on couches and people sit in all kinds of different configurations. Sometimes they are dressed to the hilt, they’re in their suit and tuxedo and they’re all snagged up. They’re ready to go somewhere. So they’re just sitting on the couch, waiting to go on a, a really, uh, elegant date. They’re going to go on this elegant date and the gone later, and then that’s maybe winter time Tulsa Carpet Cleaning.

And so they’re bundled up in snow gear and they’re just sitting there on the couch. Sometimes they have pets and those pets come and sit with them on the couch. So you’ve got a dog or a cat just sitting there on their couch with them as they’re getting their body oils. And, uh, Paul is about to, on a bone or they might have just finished drinking some water and they’ve rubbed their face along the corner of the couch to try to wipe their face off Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Or you might have a teenage boy who just got finished with a three hour football practice. And he comes in hot, sweaty, all, all geared out, sits down with the couch and starts slowly taking all of his gear off. Kind of stripped down to just his shorts to cool off with confer, the hot sweaty lays down on the couch to kind of help to cool off.

So all of that teenage boy, sweat from working hard at sports is kind of just soaks into the covers of the couch. He might have a, a little kid who comes in and they’re not feeling good that week in there. They’re kind of sick. And so they wrap up with a blanket and they lay there on the edge of the couch and every now and then you’ll have someone. And if you had this happened quite a few times where we’re cleaning the couch, because, uh, uh, somebody got sick on the couch while they’re sitting on it, or you’ll have another one where, uh, it’s a, uh, just a, a bachelor, right. A young man’s couch. And this is so unfortunate, but sometimes young men, when they’re all alone, they do, they stripped out to very little clothing, if any clothing at all, sometimes, and they’ll just lay there on their couch.

And so you don’t know at what state of dress that all of the different people that have been on that couch when you’re buying it used have been in, if it’s my couch Tulsa Carpet Cleaning and I’m sitting on it, then I don’t really care because it’s, you know, it’s my clothes. It’s my, my smell, my, my body oils by experiences that I’ve had. And I’m okay with the experience that I’ve had because I had the experience. So it’s not something odd or different, but if it’s someone else’s experience, it’s sort of like a, uh, smokers. Most smokers have, uh, no problem being in his car that they have smoked it, but they don’t particularly care for somebody else’s smoke. Even though they do smoke themselves, they don’t really want to nonsmokers the same in the sense that each smoke that somebody does is unique to them. And that if you’re going to buy a car, you don’t really want to have a car that smells like the previous person’s smoke, because maybe they smoke a pack of cigarettes that you don’t care that much about, or they, uh, smoke this type of scar that you don’t like, the send up of the smell of.

And so you want to do you want in a Tulsa Carpet Cleaning, fresh experience, so you can do this with your furniture, get in there, get yourself a clean and fresh experience so that you don’t have an issue going forward running into something, whether it be smells that you are now, how smell smells like, because everything does kind of bring with it. An odor. If I take young boys and socks, athletic, are they the brood, those socks into your home after he’s finished playing a entire game of football or entire game of basketball, those socks are going to have a smell to them, very strong smell. Or if I take the bed of a pet, I say, you’ve got a large Labrador or a golden retriever. And they take their bed. That means sleeping on for a month. And I brought it and set it in your room.

If you don’t have a dog, you now are going to smell like you do have a dog because every house has some type of a smell, an odor to it. So some, yeah, we should think about what it is that we are wanting now that yours and your smells, then that’s awesome. Good. That’s what you’re looking for. But if you’re buying a home or you’re buying a used couch, you’re buying something where someone else has been there. It’s always nice to restart back to square one and get things as clean as possible, back to where it’s now, any dirt that’s going to be there as dirt. You’ve put it in there, not mystery dirt of what was there before we did one job where we were going in there to clean the tile. And they had lived there for six months and it was just a, just a couple, it was just the two of them.

And they thought that the grout in the kitchen was black grout Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. It was black Brown with these gray tiles. And they thought, well, it matches. You’ve got great tiles, black ground. Well, it turns out that while we’re there, we cleaned a little area. Cause we just kind of went over the edge where the carpet comes on there and it cleaned off. So well, I said, Hey, do you want us to clean the tile so you can get white grout again? I said, no, no, it’s black and Brown. I said, Nope, it’s actually white ground with finished cleaning. And it was white ground. They realized that black was just all the dirt from the previous person.