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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find Our Advice

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Can You Find Our Advice

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I want to talk about the way that we clean carpets and the way that we price. Uh, we do it differently than all of these, the companies out there, all the other companies out there are going to nickel and dime me. They’re going to come out with some type of a low intro special and say that this is for a basic clean. I had one customer come up to me and asked me, as I walked up to the door, he, he met me out in the driveway before he even got up to the door. He said, he came up to me and he was a very tall, older gentlemen came up to me and said, son. I said, yes, sir. He said, son, I want to know, do you use soap to clean my carpets?

There’s a part of you that when you get asked a question that feels really obvious, or you think is one of those common sense, things like that’d be like, ask someone to come up to you and asking you, excuse me, do you drink water? And you’re thinking, okay, it’s gotta be a trick question. Like there’s some other, cause it seems so obvious to it. Or, you know, excuse me. Do you drive a car to get here? No, I walked the entire way Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. You know, you feel like you should give the sarcastic answer. Like, no, we don’t use soap to clean your carpets. We use magic pixie dust. You feel like there’s, it’s a question that you shouldn’t have to even ask. It shouldn’t be something that just so simple. It’s right there. He was like, so did you use heat to cook my burger? No, actually I just sat on it and he use body warmth.

You know? Like this feels like that’s one of those questions that doesn’t make it a, it makes sense as to what it should have been, because it seems so blatantly obvious. It’s like somebody coming up and, you know, asking you, do you know, did you, uh, did you use paint to paint the walls? And you’re like, no, I used a crayon hoods. Obviously I put on a really thick layer of fray. I don’t they’re like, Oh, who would use you? Like no, no one would ever do that Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. I mean, you’d have to come in and ask the opposite question. You’d be like, did you use crayon? All of my walls. You use crown instead of paint, because then you could add, then it would make sense because now you’re asking a question that you’re like, Hey, it’s different than what it should have been. So that’s it, you know, did you put, did you put bales of hay instead of tires on my car?

He’d be like, wow. It’s, you know, did you use rubber on the tire that you put on my car? Like, well, yeah, because tires are made of rubber. So he came out to me, he greeted me on the outside. He said, excuse me, sir, I need to know his son. And I said, yes, sir. He said, are you going to use soap to clean my carpets and then a positive head of the table for a second? Because I was trying to figure out cause my first natural response, I mean, did you work responses? Uh, no. I just use pixie dust. I mean, I would have a, a joke, a conversational joke because it seems absurd that you wouldn’t use so, but I realized he was, he didn’t have that joking jovial type of expression had more of that series. Yes. Um, you know, tell it to me straight.

And so I said, well, I, I said, you know, not wanting to insulting the intelligence, but at the same time, not wanting to dignify the question with an answer as if you know yes. Because you’ve asked me now, I guess I will use so as if it’s some type of a gotcha question Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Yeah. Is it well, I mean, I don’t, I don’t know how I could get the carpets cleaned if we didn’t use, so is that, so we always, you know, we’ve definitely got a process where we go through a pre spray at first and I told him our whole process of how we did a site instead of directly answering your question. I just explained to him the way that we do carpet so that if there was some gotcha or trick question in there, I made sure that I tried to cover it.

It’s always like, okay, well, good son. I just got to tell you a story. And I’m like, okay, please. I’m really curious as to how we ended up on the topic of why of, if we use soap. I mean, should it be maybe WhatsApp, let me have that quick customer ask us what soap we use. What type of chemicals do we use? Or how do we use ourselves? But I’ve never asked if we used soap because you know, I get it. Sometimes you could ask your kid, you get your child and you come in and you say, did you brush your teeth? And you’re like, okay. Yeah, it didn’t. Did you use toothpaste when you brush your teeth? Cause you know, you’re smelling their breath. Their breath is stinky. And you realize that they ran in there. They spent like 16 seconds inside the bathroom.

Total from opening the door, closing the door, opening the door again. You’re like, I don’t be alike. You brushed your teeth long enough to truly clean your teeth or to truly clean your breath. So you started asking the questions to get them, to give them the opportunity to tell you the truth. And I could get, maybe if you asked after the job was done, did you use so, but before I even, I started the job, will you use soap? It seems presumptive Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. And so he tells me the story about how he had another carpet cleaner came out there and he came in with their special. And when he was telling him about the special, he, uh, yeah, I asked him, okay, now that now you’re going to get your carpets clean. Would you like to add the soap package? And he said, well, if I don’t have the soap package to the perfect, what are you going to do?

And he said, well, I’m going to clean your carpets. He says, okay, so we’d already had soap. Then he goes, well, no, you would need to add the soap package. If you want the sell package, he said, well then what are you going to do? Do my carpets. If I don’t have the soap package, if I’m going to clean your carpets without soap, will that, if you want to sell package, we can add the sell package Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. He said, is this like circular logic that he kept going around? He was okay. Tell me, are you just going to get my carpets wet? Oh yes, we will clean your carpets. No, no. Are you going to get my carpets wet? Or you could use anything to clean the carpets with. Are you just getting a wet or you just going to rinse my carpet with water? Cause I can do that all by myself.

I can just get a wet rag and wipe my carpets off. And then I wanted you to clean them. And a cleaning requires you to use some type of a Sargent soap, something to physically clean the fiber with. And so he found out at the end that, yes, they’re not going to use any soap unless he pays for the soap because it’s not included in the cheapo clean. And I said, Oh no, no, all of our cleans always have a full wallet. Well pre spray that we put down, we can’t get it clean if we don’t get it pre-sprayed.