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Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Should We Clean Deeper?

Tulsa Carpet Cleaning | Where Should We Clean Deeper?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. And this episode, I want to talk about your furniture Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Since 1998, we are complete Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Your furniture is part of your home. It is also one of similar to the floor you want to have. I mean, you could have metal folding chairs, you could have a metal, uh, uh, folding table. You could have a, um, iron bench that you come in to see it on. You could have steel floors or concrete floors throughout your whole home. He could make sure that everything is made out of wood, like a park bench, or you could, you know, at some point you’re going to realize it’s really noisy. It’s really stiff. It’s really hard. And you want to take it, peel it back and say, okay, what can I do?

That’s going to give me some more comfort, something that is not going to be quite so stiff. So hard, so abrasive. And so you then start switching over to things that are fabric covered, or maybe leather. And then you read a leather on your skin, really kind of sticks. So you switch over to something maybe a little bit softer, a little bit more, a malleable you get into maybe the microfibers and persuade, but all of these things typically will eventually Kobe club pack with your skin. Your skin naturally is oily. It has to be so it can stay soft and supple. If you don’t have oily skin, you have dry, flaky, crusty skin that gets really hard and crunchy because the skin cells themselves need to stay on. Well-hydrated thus, we have lotions and we have a lot of other things to help with that entire process.

But as you’re going through the different areas in your home, anything that’s soft has the capacity for something to rub off on it. We’ve seen a place where a bed is rubbing up against the wall or couches and right against the wall. And the cat likes to get up and sit on the back of it. Now, if you move the couch later only to reveal a big Brown streak across a wall where the Katz has been laid in his coat has rubbed up against the wall, transferring the oils and the dirt off of his skin on or off of its hair, onto the thing under the wall. There also you’ll have the same issues. Ain’t problem is as they’re going through and sitting in their chair and lay their head back and fall asleep in it, their hair, their own hair oils that gel the hairspray or whatever it is you’ve had, or hair will then rub off onto the chair.

And then you’ll end up getting this kind of Brown greasy spot. This halo around your head, where you’ve been sitting Tulsa Carpet Cleaning since 1998, we are complete carpet, or you may have somebody who is always working outside the yard or working in the grass field in the mud, or maybe their mechanic. And so they come home and they don’t take their shoes off. So they’re sitting there with their shoes on trying to, uh, address or mess with different things. And when that happens, we end up with issues because their, uh, their shoes get clean, their areas, it gets played off on the chair and stance you want to get in and get those things cleaned on a regular basis. That three tips that we have, but we’re trying to deal with that. As one, if you’ve got pets using the lip, roller really helps to get the cat hair and the pet hair off of the furniture by doing that, you also reduce or change and the length that it sits there.

So it’s not getting out of your own clothing or getting out into the fabric Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. In other ways, there is you’re sitting there rubbing it in with your clothing. It’ll start to grind in the, uh, on the furniture in a way that’s more difficult to get back out. Um, every now and then you’ll do have a drink, spill a spot. Something happens to it. You take a damp rag and a dry rag and use the damn brag to, to buff the furniture and use the dry rag to rub to dry it off. One gets a wet one, dries it out. You need to have this at your reason, you use a rag, a wet rag, and a dry rag at that. If you pour water or spray water directly on it, I run the risk that I liquid will sow into the cushion that’s causing it.

Keep reoccurring for quite a long time. Do you want a port wipe it off the fiber to try to keep it as dry as possible while rinsing it out without having some type of suction to go immediately, suck it in bullet, pull it all back out Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Each time you get it wet, you know, spreading it and pushing deeper. Instead of writing it back off, the next part would be a use a slip cover. We’ve got pets who want to get up on your furniture all the time, or you’ve got teenage boys or just a teenage boys are just 30. It just, they don’t really need any reasoning or excuses. They’re just a dirty part of humanity. They love them. They eventually be turned into men, but as teenage boy, they are not getting, and they are definitely a, a source of catabolism dirt. And so you’ll pull a slip cover over that couch or put it over the cushions.

And then you can take that slipcover off every week, every month, every six months, I’m still at the washing machine and wash it and put it back on again. So it gives you a, a sheet just like your bed. Imagine your sofa is your bed. And then the step cover would be the sheets you put on the beds. You can wash the shoes to remove your own body oils, or you might have somebody who is sick in your home and they sleep on the couch for a while. So they’re going to have all of their nighttime body. Sweat will be there as they lay on the couch for six to eight or 12 hours at a time. And it really turns into a bed. And then it needs to be cleaned up to that. Another part that people do is to just have throat blankets and just toss them over it, especially if you’ve got people who were outside swimming and they were, uh, or they went out to do some sunbathing they’re outside and they come inside, they sit down and something, they’ve got all of those suntan lotions on them, or they’re outside and there’s bug spray.

And I got the bug spray on them Tulsa Carpet Cleaning. Now the couch smells like bug spray. So there’s a lot of different reasons why you might get your couch fabric cleaned and say, want to try to maintain it. Use our quick three steps. One is to just keep from those types of items, getting all the couch to begin with avoidance two is rinse scenes or use a clean rag and a dry rag to try to rough it. And the third is protected, but something over it to that, can people wash it instead? Sort of like you do rugs in your apartment perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet.