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Carpet Cleaner | Did You Know What Color Your Carpet Actually Is?

Carpet Cleaner | Did You Know What Color Your Carpet Actually Is?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas and today we are going to talk about a effective Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your carpets. Again, we believe that everyone can have a great and successful event and we will be able to help you to be able to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet, enjoy your home again. So maintaining that health, that barrier, that connection. A house in a really be wonderful or horrible or terrible based upon the condition of the carpet. I call it the white suit theory. If you have a white suit on, would you sit on the carpet? Uh, many times, most people that should, the answer should be yes. You know, your carpets are nice, they’re clean, they’re fluffy, people vacuum, they stay in good shape, but a lot of the times there’s points where we, it’s the point where we decide to get them cleaned.

That should be eventually at a point where you’d say, you know what, I’m getting the Carpet Cleaner because my socks don’t stay white or because I put my baby down, but it comes up with with dark hands or a, it was crawling around on the floor. If knees come up dark or I wouldn’t sit on the floor and kneel on the floor and my white jeans because they’ll not be white anymore, you’ll end up with a brown smudge on your knees, a Brown smudge on your heinie and you ended up having to clean your clothes because you touched your carpet. A carpet cleaning told us this is 1998 this buildup, this debris that’s down in the carpet can cause some problems with for everybody. They get down, they see the different things. This, um, this cake, this dirt, this dust, the debris that sits down in your carpet also has the capacity to trap smells.

Now carpet in and of itself typically does not hold smells. It’s a synthetic fiber. It’s nylon is the normally one. It’s an NCO. Nylon is your standard type of fiber, but it can attract things. You can get oils on it like a smoke oil or pet oil. You could put urine on it with like a pet that’s gone bathroom on the carpet night. That urine is making a smell there. You can get just dust and too much dust generic and really make something smell. If you rubber, uh, visiting grandma. A lot of times it wasn’t the grandma’s smelled, you know, grandma’s older, late. People have like a smell in their house with most of the time they smell their houses, not because of them is that they use one small area and the rest of the areas just sit and are stagnant and they have dust that just sitting there.

So you have this nice thick layer of just, or the air inside of it was, it changed because they stayed inside him and opened up the doors and swap stuff out and you come in and just open up the doors. Dustin cleaned the house and the house smells fresh and clean again. And so it’s not that they are not caring, it’s just that they’re not doing as much. Uh, the more active you are in your house, the more you change over the air in your house. You change over the Carpet Cleaner. You would get on your vacuum. You notice it’s dirty, you vacuum cleaned it up, the front door, back door gets opened up to the air. Inside the house keeps changing. If you take a house, close it up and put it for sale and nobody goes in there for a month or six months.

It’s smells old and stale just because nothing’s happened. It’s got old air in there. The dust is settled and nothing’s going on in that home. So that, that stuff that’s happening inside that home is what will eventually accumulate into a really a strong smell. Yachties odors. They get trapped in there from the cooking oils, from the pet oils, from uh, if like we did one a couple of weeks ago where the boys bedroom, the teenage boys bedroom smelled like 1880 and not like just, Oh, he’s dreamy. Or like, this is a boys’ locker room where everybody’s stinky socks and stinky underwear. I’ve been sitting for a week or a month, accumulating a, a nice moldy, fun guy, kind of a, a Roman going on around inside the room. And so you want to try to make sure that you are maintaining those spaces in a way that does not allow that type of odor to build up perfectly in Tulsa since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner.

So give us a call today at nine one eight four, nine four, seven zero nine three. Continuing our talk about the buildup and the odor and the smells. You have somebody that walks in to an area and they are immediately be aware, become cognizant of their surroundings. And part of that cognizant, some part of that awareness is that you will notice both the sight and the smell. And so when you’ve got dirt listed that you put, uh, milk spilled some milk onto something, it’s going to smell sour. The item isn’t sour. Uh, but the, uh, milk has sour, it’s organic and it’s creating a, um, an extra smell. Two things because the moisture in the air or activating it. Uh, if you have, um, a stinky towel or a dog, then the dog has a, uh, a smell problem or an issue there. Then that also can leave, um, problems onto the Carpet Cleaner or into the different sources that it’s on or it’s engaging with.

And this will in turn make the whole environment. So you, the reason we tell all this stuff, the reason to bring us all up is the effectiveness that carpet cleaning can have in changing the environment both on a visual side but more on an odor or on a smell side. Carpet cleaning tells us since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at nine one eight four, nine, four, seven zero nine three, get on the road to enjoying your castle again. And part of what will happen during that timeframe is that when we go through, if you looked at the water that we suck out, it looks a bit like a, um, a watered down chocolate milk. It’s because you’re taking a mixing and breaking up the dirt that’s in the carpet. And then you’re rinsing it out with water. And so now that water is thoroughly mixed up into the dirt, otherwise the carpet wouldn’t get cleaned.

Uh, now that you’ve thoroughly mixed that dirt up into the water, you now suck that dirt dirty water out of the carpet and you collect it in the waste tank in the van. And that if you pour it out and you’d see it, you’d get a nice glass of really more like a chocolate water as opposed to chocolate milk. It’s not like thick. It’s regular water, but it’s dirty water just like you would if you had water running down the street and you collect a glass of it. It’s going to look dusty and dirty because it’s run through the grass and through the sides and through everything else. Carpet Cleaner Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.