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Carpet Cleaner | Do You Know How You Got Those Stains?

Carpet Cleaner | Do You Know How You Got Those Stains?

Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s, and today we are going to talk about something that’s just going to light up your brain. You’re going to think this is the reason I woke up today because I wanted to hear this. This is the thing that I’ve been waiting to hear and before we get to that thing or I’ll let you know that you also can get quite clean carpets too. You think? Surely, surely I am not able to partake of the greatness of clean, fresh Carpet Cleaner. It’s like having fresh sheets on your bed. Having fresh carpets means you can walk around the house without any shoes on or socks on if you care to do so. You could lay on the floor if you wanted to. You could. You could have a baby over and actually lay on the floor with the baby and play with the baby and not think, Oh no, that baby’s gonna take its hands that it just touched the floor with it.

It’s going to put it in its mouth. And if it puts it in his mouth, I think that baby’s going to get sick. And we’ve, we’ve all been at that person’s not, not your house, but you’ve already been at your friend’s house. That friend’s house, who you went over there and you set your baby down. As soon as you set your baby down, you look down at your baby’s hands, you realized that’s odd. Maybe these hands are kind of a chocolate Brown color now. And you kind of give that sniff test. You snipped down a little bit just to kind of get a little closer and you’re like, Oh, Oh wow. There is, um, there’s a culture that is growing in this Carpet Cleaner. This carpet is, has new. And then we’ll just call it ODA carpet. It has now created a new perfume, a new, a new, uh, ambiance for the house to enjoy carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Uh, what are some of the sense that you have picked up from people’s homes that you believe their carpet may be giving to the rest of the house? Destiny,


And what and what type of smells your pets give to the carpet? What are a couple of different example?

Any sort of liquid that can come out of a patch?

Well that seems really vague. I feel like you may know more specifically you say random liquid evidence. Like what do you mean by that? Urine possibly or throw up, um, or even poop maybe. Whew. Oh no. I hope the Pope is not liquidy that that does. That’s a catastrophe right there. I actually, destiny, there was one job that actually has more than one job, multiple jobs I’ve done where you, you know the, you know that thing. It’s like a little circle disk and it, and it kind of travels across Carpet Cleaner and it does its best to try to zoom, zoom, rough, rough United. It kind of cleaned up the carpet. Have you ever heard of these little machines?

A vacuum?

Oh yes. Hold on. There’s the one with the stick. Yes. That you hold around with these. This is the one that actually is intelligent and it figures this stuff out all by itself. I don’t remember it. Roomba. Yes. Roomba. And I robot. There’s quite a few different ones like that and you will never know that there is a, there’s a pile, there’s a pile in the room and the room, but it’s on autopilot, right, so everybody’s gone. They’re at work and while they’re at work, guess what their pet was doing. Oh, this is truth that has left a present. It has left a present for the homeowners, but guess who didn’t know? There was a president of the room, the room that did not realize there’s no sensors that say poop detectors and so it went over and it decided, guess what? That Roomba decided is going to do destiny.

This actually is not that you’re not wrong. I believe it probably did die, but it’s first thought before it decided to die. As it said, there is a mountain, there’s a mountain in this room and I have yet had an opportunity to go mountain climbing. This is what the room has said to itself. Well, I, robot said I have not gone mountain climbing and there is a mountain in this room. Maybe just maybe I can climb that mountain and I will be able to suck that mountain up inside of me and the customer comes home. Just what do you think the customer noticed when they came home? What do you think was the first thing that hit them as they walked through that door?

Yes, there was a dead room, but, but see that’s so what you would see. This is a special situation because before you would see it, they were able to tell this that there was a problem in their home all over the floor. I guess that is another visual thing there. There were these long streaks that went across the Carpet Cleaner and yes, they’re at about four inches wide and it was, it was almost as something with a brush had brushed up a lot of mountain climbing debris and it decided to to to clean its brushes across all the rest of the flooring. And so as it did, it went across and here it is, it has done all of this and is spread. It just spread the joy across the whole home, leaving a fragrance pattern that as soon as they opened the door, they’re able to instantly identify that fragrance pattern being one of, of a, um, of a poor doggies nature.

Oh, we’re, we’re joined with Isaac. Have you ever run into any customers that have had unfortunately found that their Roomba decided to climb the mountain of dog poo and to spread the joy of what amount of dog food could smell like as like, like a popery we’ll call it poop Perry as it, as it kind of finished its path of cleaning the house technically not cleaning, I think it was dirty. And the rest of the house, I mean if you consider all of your Carpet Cleaner then I guess so I guess some people have different levels of, um, acceptable behavior that is not always, always properly communicated. What I will say is I’ve seen many Roombas no Roombas have done.

I feel like there is a, uh, there’s a, uh, soon like a bed bath and beyond, maybe a home place, a little short visit. We should go just to introduce you to the world of Roomba. I know it is, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Well and these little guys, they get around and unfortunately do not have a poo detector and so if they do decide to conquer the mountain, a pu, um, the reason you’ve never seen this is because once that happens, I have had very, I’ve only had one customer ever brave the task of actually disassembling it and disinfecting it to a point he could use it again. Because the problem is once it gets the poo really wound up inside there, that doesn’t get back out. So that’s really worth your $700. It’s, that’s a tough decision. That’s a very difficult decision because the problem is the next time you use the Roomba, your $700 Roomba is now spreading an odor. It is fragrancing the rest of your carpet again. And so you realize I just had the carpets cleaned. I don’t know how many Carpet Cleaner I can go through before I get this thing properly done. Well, thank you for joining us on this carpet DM podcast. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.