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Carpet Cleaner | Do You Need Help From Us?

Carpet Cleaner | Do You Need Help From Us?

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. I wanted to talk to you today about follow-through Carpet Cleaner. Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet, so call us today at (918) 494-7093 following through, uh, this could be both, uh, committing and finishing. What you started. Also for following up on what it is that is going to happen a lot of times follow-through is the very thing that we don’t finish or follow through on. We want to try to heal, called us up. They want to get something done, but there’s a, I wanted to go over to, let’s go over actually three main reasons fall through does not happen. Okay. First is that we don’t want to have the accountability. We didn’t actually want to accomplish this to begin with.

A lot of our life we spend trying to lessen the load of things that we’re going to do and this is not because we want to do it later. The reality is we’re hoping that we won’t have to do it at all. Uh, the reason that I do not, uh Carpet Cleaner, if I am the one to put, you know, you get to go into the kitchen and there’s the trash or you see the trash, you, you picked up the trash so you at least you’re trying to get something to call. You take the trash, you take it over to the trash bag and you’re going to put it in there because you are trying to do something good for your area. Make sure that that trash does not end up just making a home on the counter. It should bake it into the trash basket. But then you realize as you open up the lid to the trash, that that trash is actually already full.

So it does not have space in there. And now you’re set with the dilemma of what do I do? Do I then sneakily, as most men probably do, rely upon our strike to just shove that trash into there. We may do the, uh, the sneaky Ninja move where you kind of open it just enough and kind of sneak the trash into there and close it right back. So hopefully it won’t go through where you put it in and the lid shuts halfway because now it’s now the trash kind of propping the lid open. Or you do the manly side of like, well, obviously this trash, what it needs is a trash compactor. And so you take your physical manly strength and your trash can pack that trash and down into a smaller container size so that it can now fit the trash that you need to add to it.

So you’re going to create the space needed to add the trash hit. So this is where you run into this Carpet Cleaner, um, dichotomy of where you’re saying, okay, what is it that I’m wanting to accomplish? Why? And would you want to do was to make sure that the room that you’re in is, it does not have trash, is not a, a hoarder’s nest of trash, but you didn’t finish what it is that you want it to do. You instead just transfer the trash. I’m going to move the trash from the here on the counter over to down there next to the counter. She didn’t really actually solve the problem. You just moved the problem over. And in looking at that, um, wastebasket realize, okay, I’m presented with another one. Do I take the collection of everybody else’s, moving their problems to the waste basket and actually do something about the problem by taking the trash out, put a new lighter in, taking the trash dump it in, which takes a summation of probably, let’s say that you slow walk it all the way out there.

So we’re talking two minutes, three minutes max because you pull it bag out Carpet Cleaner, that takes 60 seconds. You walk out, put it in the trash, that takes another 60 seconds. You take another 60 seconds to put a new bag in because you’re a slow slog and it does not make and you’re, you know, you have to examine the bag thoroughly to make sure there’s no holes or nothing, you know, like take 60 seconds, put a big trash bag in, requires you to sit down. And so far this entire conversation we’ve had so far is only three minutes. So this entire compensation would encapsulate the entirety of taking that trash out. And so we are putting off a couple of minutes of work, but we are instead guaranteeing that we’ll go through. So the question isn’t do you want to take the trash out? The question is if you skip or you don’t take the trash out, what is actually going to happen?

What will actually happen is you’re hoping somebody else will take the two minutes to take the trash out or the three minutes to take the trash out. Because obviously if you don’t do it, the idea is someone else will cause if you were going to do it, you just do it. And somebody else did the same thing. They went over, put the trash and they look at it and say, well not it. That’s where we play the nodded game where somebody in the area, somebody around has made a smell. They have added to the smell of the room and somebody else notices this smell but they’re not quite sure who was the culprit. Who designed or who instigated the smell. So in a very scientific and well thought out method we use the nodded method and this is where you take and you say not it so to to confirm to the world that you are not the one who did it.

And so then somebody else hears it. You said not it not wanting to be, it’d be blamed as the last person to say not it and then being blamed for what it is we, they also say not, it’s somebody else who’s paying no attention at all cause they’ve got headphones on is the last person to not say not it. And thus they are the one who made the smell. This is deeply scientific, special ways how we all honestly treat our trash. They’ll walk up to it if we just say not it and I say, why? What do you mean not it not it. What if it’s not, it didn’t tag me. I didn’t get tagged that somebody else is going to get tagged to take this trash out. It wasn’t me. And so I challenged you as you go throughout your life instead of saying not it say it.

Say I meant I’m going to be the one. I see the problem Carpet Cleaner. It’s like seeing a kid getting picked on and you don’t look and say why somebody should stand up that kid. Somebody should say something about this. No, you’re there. You saw it. You are the person that was tasked with making the solution. You are the person that was tasked with saying, Hey, I see an injustice. I’m going to make it right. I see somebody who could use a hand. I’m going to help them out. I see someone fall and drop all their stuff. I’m gonna run over there. And I know I helped him. Why? Because I saw it. I saw it happen and I saw it for a reason. When you see something, you were there on purpose. You were there for a reason. You were there for such a time as this to quote, uh, Esther in the Bible.

You know, you were placed for just this, uh, time as this so that you could help so that you could be there and cause not everybody notices what’s going on. Not everybody pays attention to what’s going on. A lot of times we don’t notice that we don’t pay attention. It’s not because we’re not good people, it’s just because we are not cognizant. We’re not aware. And sometimes if you are being made aware, I truly believe that is because somebody has come to you in that time will say it’s the Holy spirit, God, your spirit, your inner man, something comes to you, it quickens you. It brings to your attention that Hey, there is something in the world that I’ve brought you here for just such a time as this. And you have the capacity to make a difference and that we should make a difference because we are there in that moment, in that time, perfectly. And in Tulsa since 1998 we are complete Carpet Cleaner. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.