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Carpet Cleaner | Don’t Wait Any Longer, Call Complete Carpet Today!

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s and today we will talk about um, form versus functionality. Thank you for reaching us. We are complete carpet, Carpet Cleaner Tulsa since 1998 week. Um, we’d love to get you on the road to taking care of and enjoying your carpets today. So, uh, find us on the web at complete carpet, and see what we can do for you. Also, we have a selection there to be able to schedule your own job online or we can also check out all of our testimonials and some of our services that we can do for you. We have lots of different services that may be patching your carpet, cleaning your carpet, repairing your carpet. We also have a tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning. I would clean a staircase. Also pretty much all of your flooring needs after your carpet’s been installed, we can take care of it to help you to maintain it and enjoy your castle.

Your house is your castle, so make sure that you maintain it in a way that makes you excited about coming home. We’ve all had that friend in high school or college that when they came over you just couldn’t get them to go home Carpet Cleaner. Uh, yes, they were a great friend. Yes, they liked to hang out, but you could tell after a while that they would like to your house better than their house. They didn’t want to, I think to a degree we all had that friend some at some point where you said, Hey, I want to go over to their house because they have XYZ thing. They Bob that you don’t have it, that you enjoyed it. Or maybe you would just join to their houses, generally clean or they have a cute sister and you wanted to kind of be in around hanging out.

If you’re hoping that she might be interested in you or you had a, uh, a good, uh, a dad that was lots of fun or let you play with cool stuff for that Carpet Cleaner. A lot of cool toys, like a four Wheeler, maybe they had an arcade machine or a game system that you enjoyed playing games on and they had something that you didn’t have at your house. Of course I just, the grass is always green on the other side. Sometimes we only like things just because they are limited. That’s why we pay more money for the certain things that are more scarce or more limited and we pay less money for things that are readily available. I mean a pen is a pen or pencil. You don’t pay a huge amount of money for those two things. But when I was a kid, they used to have these really nice fountain pens and they were very expensive to get because they were very detailed.

Very interesting. Now you buy a G a G two or a big pen and they are, you know, cents per each or you buy a huge pack for multiple dollars because they are ubiquitous. There’s nothing unique or special about them that just a regular standard paint, they can make something unique and stand a special so it stands out. Then all of a sudden you have more value in it. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpets and give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 so your Carpet Cleaner does need to have its form, its function, its purpose, but also you need to figure out what that form and function and is. Um, if I had a leopard print carpet, I might have that in more of a study. An office of library type of an area. More than likely is not going to be in your kitchen.

But if I have a a level loop Berber and it’s white, that’s probably going to be like a formal living room area or something that’s a little bit more luxurious or more posh. You wanting to make it more like a museum piece. You may have it in your um, Oh let’s say a a guest room, but he had a dark chocolate Brown or black carpet. You’d be like, Oh, I’m probably in an office or a theater room because you want the Carpet Cleaner to not reflect light. So it makes the whole room look darker. So that movie experience is accentuated. If you go into a movie theater, you’ll notice that everything there is carpeted the walls, the floors, the side things, the ceiling everywhere has some type of carpet on it. So it works as in sound deadener. But the most unique parts about carpet is that it has a plushness which makes it both soft and give you a little bit better traction.

But also that plushness absorbs sounds. So, uh, noises and things happen in the home. They don’t leave a, an echoey sound to them. This can really be a positive or a negative in a cathedral if you want to try to sing natural reverb, if the place is set up right so that the hard surfaces reflect the sound back or create a natural amphitheater sound, which they had to do a lot in a, say a thousand, a hundred to a thousand Ady you had a lot of situations or places set up just specifically do reflect the sound and amphitheater settings. So that person in the theater could talk to multiple people at one time and not have to yell or scream or talk very loudly. We’ve got quite a few stories of Jesus getting out of the boat, do then face back into the Cove. He created a few amphitheater type area because there was no speaker, there was no microphone, there’s no way to amplify the sound so you could talk to thousands of people at one time.

So you’d have to find it natural space where the land created its own sound, X, uh, sound expanding area. And so you’d have a cathedral which has higher ceilings round the areas, rounded corners. So the sound bounces around nicely. It’s great. A bigger volume of sound. Reverse side. Do you have a studio where they actually have padded walls, Carpet Cleaner or cloth on the walls to absorb the sound so the sound doesn’t bounce around. So you hear the sound the first time, but not a second or third time with no echo, reverb or vibration coming back. You want to be able to just say what is you want to say without that sound bouncing back and being heard again to muddy up the sound, you want the sound to stay clean, so to speak. Also, if you’re recording it, then you can alter the sound of sound already has a lot of extra sound to it. It’s difficult for that to be clarified perfectly, and he tells us since 1998 we are complete carpets, so give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again.